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You see the link of all things
The connection
Between us and them
And everything else
How the flowers of life are in every shape and space
And how the ceaseless spirals
Make us end up in the same place
The stones speak to you
They move through you
With tiny waves and quiet murmurs
Why can't I hear them
When they share their carbon force with you
You see sound move sand
With each frequency shifting every grain to it's will,
while I've laid dormant in my shell
and watched my cells die and feel my bones bend
But you've died a thousand tiny deaths
With each one blurring the veil
And opening that furrowed brow
That sees the link in all things
stargazer Feb 10
Your Local Grocery Store
so much to offer
and always around the corner
giving and giving

he lays out everything
on shelves
for you to see

some take without giving
anything back
saying to themselves
that they take only
what he doesn't need

most, though
gather their things
take them to the counter
and offer empty
slips of paper

he takes them
without complaint
knowing that
they don't have
anything else to give

people think of him
when they need something
and he's always so happy
to oblige

always giving and giving
so much to offer
just around the corner
dedicated to Evan, known as the poet, Your Local Grocery Store. may he get better customers.
I can pour tears,
I can raise mountains,
I can draw the forces, but I could keep you,
For you were my pride and hero,
My fortress and Star,
Even do you left abridge the year,
I still miss you.
Everyday I close my eyes  I still see you,

I still dream of your words,
You never stop pushing me,
I felt you had the world,
I felt you had prime for time,

I still stand to you the general,
A legend with a thousand army,
You live on in my heart,
I love you,even as you watch over me,

I am joyed for you kept your home glittering,
I am proud of your accomplishments,
I am doomed to succeed,
You live on my general..
Ode to OJ Ududua
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2019
To those
Who are the infinite
To those
Who senses everyday magic
To those
Who dreams
To those
Who are like home

To my own shadow
Who believed
The power of ink

Yesterday and always
Genre: Autobiography
Theme: The trails and the traveller || A brief history of the examined Life

It was God's cruel gift
he gave unto me

the ability ,

to look into someone
through their heart

(and see)

The eyes are a portal
through which light flees

(be it)

white or dark

it's all revealed
to me

The words they say
or in silence be

(unto my eye)

there is all to see

Sometimes the overload . . .

the thousands touched
looking for gold

not finding much
Unreal Society Dec 2018
The true meaning of being an Artist is not just to captivate, or capture someones attention. It is to create art that inspires others to be creative.  -KL
Poems By:Kloyal EST-11-2018
Rich Oct 2018
You are my ginseng

another ingredient in my antidote:
this conjuring of awakenings and borrowed wisdom that I brew at night

In the cauldron I keep under the bed
next to the mug with your name

No one knows about it
except for you, me and whatever spirits may inhabit the room,

you loom
over me when … naught but a shadow befriends me

You see these sorrows of mine have me speaking in past tongues
back to times so historic, I need to be at the present with you at a time so euphoric

If only you could feel in a moment
what you make me feel daily
could your body even contain the glee?

You’d need 2 or 3 clones

AS I’ve said, you are my ginseng

a treatment prescribed to me by Karma herself
because the beatings and betrayals I’ve endured
ensured that my reward would be a love that made every nanosecond worth it

And I will make sure to take a dose





Dedicated to my love.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
to the art I create,
I know I should go out,
but would rather stay in,

on pace to become a legend,
already are even though I’m still livin’,
it’s interesting when you witness your self,
in all the glory of your own bestowed blessings,

no priest but lots of confessions,
no niece but lots of relations,
no family tree no fresh air to breathe,
but lots of friends that’re all refreshing,

and speaking,
of them,
I should probably be out,
being sociable,

but I can’t pull myself away from these words,
as I write them out of me compulsively,
acting like it matters at all,
like maybe these words will help change our society,

because right now,
it all feels fckt up,
either we’re regretting Last Night’s ending,
or we’re too anxious and awkward to touch,

what the fck,

would rather not curse,
but it’s hard to hold back the verses when it hurts,
so bad sometimes I’d rather leave this place I’m in,
but I don’t because suicide is worse than any day on this earth,

so no matter what I do,
I don’t **** myself,
so no matter what you do,
don’t **** yourself,

we need us here,
the most beautiful souls always seem to leave the soonest,
and that’s honestly a shame my dear,

so instead of picking up the gun,
pick up the pen,
instead of picking up the pills,
pick up a mic and set a trend,

switch your addictions up,
go from giving in to giving a fck,
see we’re all addicted it’s just a matter of what to,
some are addicted to hate other’s are addicted to love,

to the art I create,
I know I should go out,
but would rather stay in,

on pace to become a legend,
already are even though I’m still livin’,
it’s interesting when you witness your self,
in all the glory of your own bestowed blessings…

∆ LaLux ∆

Venice, CA.
October 10th, 2018
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