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It was God's cruel gift
he gave unto me

the ability ,

to look into someone
through their heart

(and see)

The eyes are a portal
through which light flees

(be it)

white or dark

it's all revealed
to me

The words they say
or in silence be

(unto my eye)

there is all to see

Sometimes the overload . . .

the thousands touched
looking for gold

not finding much
Unreal Society Dec 2018
The true meaning of being an Artist is not just to captivate, or capture someones attention. It is to create art that inspires others to be creative.  -KL
Poems By:Kloyal EST-11-2018
Rich Oct 2018
You are my ginseng

another ingredient in my antidote:
this conjuring of awakenings and borrowed wisdom that I brew at night

In the cauldron I keep under the bed
next to the mug with your name

No one knows about it
except for you, me and whatever spirits may inhabit the room,

you loom
over me when … naught but a shadow befriends me

You see these sorrows of mine have me speaking in past tongues
back to times so historic, I need to be at the present with you at a time so euphoric

If only you could feel in a moment
what you make me feel daily
could your body even contain the glee?

You’d need 2 or 3 clones

AS I’ve said, you are my ginseng

a treatment prescribed to me by Karma herself
because the beatings and betrayals I’ve endured
ensured that my reward would be a love that made every nanosecond worth it

And I will make sure to take a dose





Dedicated to my love.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
to the art I create,
I know I should go out,
but would rather stay in,

on pace to become a legend,
already are even though I’m still livin’,
it’s interesting when you witness your self,
in all the glory of your own bestowed blessings,

no priest but lots of confessions,
no niece but lots of relations,
no family tree no fresh air to breathe,
but lots of friends that’re all refreshing,

and speaking,
of them,
I should probably be out,
being sociable,

but I can’t pull myself away from these words,
as I write them out of me compulsively,
acting like it matters at all,
like maybe these words will help change our society,

because right now,
it all feels fckt up,
either we’re regretting Last Night’s ending,
or we’re too anxious and awkward to touch,

what the fck,

would rather not curse,
but it’s hard to hold back the verses when it hurts,
so bad sometimes I’d rather leave this place I’m in,
but I don’t because suicide is worse than any day on this earth,

so no matter what I do,
I don’t **** myself,
so no matter what you do,
don’t **** yourself,

we need us here,
the most beautiful souls always seem to leave the soonest,
and that’s honestly a shame my dear,

so instead of picking up the gun,
pick up the pen,
instead of picking up the pills,
pick up a mic and set a trend,

switch your addictions up,
go from giving in to giving a fck,
see we’re all addicted it’s just a matter of what to,
some are addicted to hate other’s are addicted to love,

to the art I create,
I know I should go out,
but would rather stay in,

on pace to become a legend,
already are even though I’m still livin’,
it’s interesting when you witness your self,
in all the glory of your own bestowed blessings…

∆ LaLux ∆

Venice, CA.
October 10th, 2018
Donna Aug 2018
Thank you for helping
me with your words of wisdom
May your forest bloom
This one is for you brother Paul :)
Inspired x
I once was lost

Through superman’s cape….I flew

Crashed Down….Overwhelming weight
A heavy Cost…Placing too much
on emotion’s plate.

Saving The world….Never Myself.
Guilt then flooded  my once clear mind…

I left my once colorful heart
Upon a dusty and barren shelf.

The views in the mirror was opposites of myself.

I threw down the cape..I am human once again.
Wanting release from this jail

lost and locked away …

This place was where the real me had been.

Peace in my mind…A real me emerged.

Flying to meet the fate…hope’s light.
Electric Lighted freedom….Strong Wisdom

My true destiny ..I’m flying to

A future in the world…it is now bright.
Dedicated To Demi Lovato
Moumita Mitra May 2018
I was the childlike girl next door for him.

He was a gentleman and the crush of almost all the neighbours.

He never spoke too much so I was never a good listener.

For him I never mattered so much.

But I, like all other neighbours, had a crush on him.

His body never got my focus, but his writings were.

Day by day I fell in love with his unspoken words.

On a rainy day I wanted to express my love,

As because it was his favourite season after all.

Yes, he loved monsoon a lot.

Many neighbours had asked him once, 

Why he love monsoon so much?

He never spoke too much, as I have mentioned above.

But he said he will narrate it on a rainy day.

When I went and knocked his door, 

His roommate said he had went upstairs.

Greeting him a smiley bye, I went to meet my guy.

Love for him or for his words, I was confused a lot.

But I had already started calling him as my guy.

Silly or stupid or again childlike girl, what he will address me now?

I was wondering and riding towards him.

He was sitting near the terrace door and was writing something.

Hey, hi, Writing some poems I guess Mr.... 

I was silent for a while.

It didn't bother me anytime, but I realised,

I do not know his name.

***! what a great lover I am,

Without knowing his name I had fallen in love with him.

My heart corrected me this time.

You have fallen in love with his writings and unspoken words and not with him.

I smiled and said to my heart,

May be I have fallen in love with his writings and unspoken words, 

But the love for him is pure and real,

And I believe the love for him is also devine.

My conversations with my heart was broken by his touch.

Seeing me lost in my own world,

He had given me a **** on my shoulder and said,

I am a writer so I want to be known by that.

He may have wanted to say something more.

I truly like a bad listener stopped him and said,

Shakespeare had once said,

"What's in a name!" 

And being a lover of your writing, 

I too want to say, 

In name there is no fame 

Because fame is there where creativity and innovation resides.

He actually smiled and kissed my forehead,

And then took me to the terrace and said,

When I had come,

The place was new, people were new,

But when I saw you, I felt something not new.

I do not knew by your name but your smile was very much known.

Your smile was like the sunshine which I knew from a time immemorial.

Then were you spoke to me for the first time,

Your words were like the breeze which inspires me to write.

I used to notice when you read my poems after coming home.

Your comments after reading my poems everyday,

Was the best gift for everytime.

And you thought you never mattered so much!

I was happy that you understood my writings more than I had expressed in words.

I am not worried about the answer, I may get now,

But after knowing about your favourite season, 

Monsoon became my favourite too.

Without any fear, I want to confess that, 

I have fallen in love with the childlike girl who stays nextdoor.

Whatever be your answer,

Just say it keeping the raindrops as our witnesses.

Drenched in rain but my tears were real.

I felt like Monsoon had gifted the best rain that day.

Without any confusion, I hugged my guy.

Many days, months and years had passed since then.

Then what! 

He continued with his Writings and unspoken words.

He now goes for world tours,
To spread his unspoken words.

And I?

Being his better half, accompany him everywhere.
A small dedication _ /\ _
Aaron LaLux May 2018
I am indebted,
to her like a samurai,
that’s why she is my girl,
and I am her guy,

she is my Mermaid,
and I am her slave,
so I always come second,
because she is first place,

at worst case,
I knew she’d get me with the right hook,
because I’m a sucker for good words,
almost as much as I’m a sucker for good looks,

I took,
the bait hook line and sinker **** it,
she got me with the right hook,
even though she’s left handed,

we take nothing for granted,
I give her the ground where I’m standing,
total opposites that’s why we fit together,
every moment spontaneous no planning,

see existence exists in every instant,
an instance of this is the existential bliss,
that her and I have when we unite,
and our unity is sealed with a kiss,

like a rose I suppose,
which is a reference,
Seal, kiss, rose,
now do you get it,

see there are similarities in my similes,
and metamorphosis in my metaphors,
and no I’m not **** about my analogies,
or allergic to verses so there’s always more in store,

topic always hot like that shop at the mall,
that’s us when we’re on fire like a phoenix,
see she saved me after I’d been crucified and burned,
not by Romans but by romance so I owe her my soul like Jesus,

I mean this,

she made spoken art light up from my broken heart of darkness,
broke apart then lit the spark so call us Spontaneous Combustion,
because when we’re together no matter whatever everything’s better,
and we light up the sky like lightening bolts see she’s where I put my trust in,

never rusting,

her mom died so on Mother’s Day we went to the beach,
where she protected me from myself and I protected her from the wind,
see we lived life grateful for every moment,
because we all know we’re all gonna go we just don’t know when,

well one day you’ll be gone and your love will be gone,
because we all get lost and then get gone like the wind,
see this is real love no counterfeit,
this is both generous and genuine all real no pretend,

with here I feel found,
my lullaby for restless nights,
is the heart in her chest and the sound it makes when it pounds,

I am,

to her like a samurai,
that’s why she is my girl,
and I am her guy…

∆ LaLux ∆

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