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Claire 18h
It’s so wide and so clear
But it could also be misty or filled with tears
Tears from the clouds that held on for too long
Thunders and lightnings from the heavens who were tired of being strong
I wondered what it’s like to be in the sky
So way up there, just so high
The breathtaking view and the relaxing air
Oh how I wish, I was to be able to live there
Fearful of getting attached
The soul you carry, a chance
To feel you once
Bitter and sweet, a chunk
A taste, you see
Then we go back to be strangers
Staying away for better
Give this moment to me,
Settle the old flames
Within me
Fearful to let this go
This once please
Hold me close
For a night
Is all I plea.
I never knew promises were that hollow,
Fell for the mesh of honeyed,
Your voice was like music to my ears,
Stringed along my broken heart,
Fell harder than I thought,
Expected larger than I got,
Never knew broken heart strung that bad,
Until I was scorching in one,
Who knew hollow promises were fallacious,
Then, I tripped into one.
Again we meet
Different circumstances
I plead,

Gaze on ground
Too afraid to see
The tale you once told
A true picture to hold,

Horrors came to life
I regret ignoring your cries,

Here I am again
A trip down
Memory lane,

Still pains the same
You reflected it
All over again,

Decisions went wrong
You witnessed it all
The cries and the pain
The blue and grey
Marked this landscape,

The invisible cloak I wore
The fakeness adored
Crushed the fire
You know it all,

Restless day and night
Anxiety choked the pride
Believed the lies
Even though you creamed
The truth,

One brave step
I’m free gain
Took sometime
I’m ‘me’ again,

After all we meet gain
You reflected the smile
I in love again.
Ian Darden Jan 30
I prayed for soul like yours.
You appeared and cleansed
The rest of the **** that padded my body,
Helping me to assure that life was worth the ride
Stuck between perseverance & submission
Then you come as if a personal rapture was taking place
Coming again to lift my broken body and make use of it
That others and myself couldn’t see
You saw faith
You saw strength
So I give you the rest of my life
The rest of my blessings
For your deed of revival
My heart; this love


Ian Darden
Poem From my book : Scrutiny & Enthralled Love
Makenzie Odom Jul 2018
This pain that is inside me
Makes it hard to breathe
Don't you see?
It's not you -
It is me.
I have created a monster
In my head
Destroying my life
I can't get away,
It brings me down
Every word
Every taunt
Makes me want to scream
Get out of my head
I have had enough
I can no longer live like this
Moumita Mitra May 2018
I was the childlike girl next door for him.

He was a gentleman and the crush of almost all the neighbours.

He never spoke too much so I was never a good listener.

For him I never mattered so much.

But I, like all other neighbours, had a crush on him.

His body never got my focus, but his writings were.

Day by day I fell in love with his unspoken words.

On a rainy day I wanted to express my love,

As because it was his favourite season after all.

Yes, he loved monsoon a lot.

Many neighbours had asked him once, 

Why he love monsoon so much?

He never spoke too much, as I have mentioned above.

But he said he will narrate it on a rainy day.

When I went and knocked his door, 

His roommate said he had went upstairs.

Greeting him a smiley bye, I went to meet my guy.

Love for him or for his words, I was confused a lot.

But I had already started calling him as my guy.

Silly or stupid or again childlike girl, what he will address me now?

I was wondering and riding towards him.

He was sitting near the terrace door and was writing something.

Hey, hi, Writing some poems I guess Mr.... 

I was silent for a while.

It didn't bother me anytime, but I realised,

I do not know his name.

***! what a great lover I am,

Without knowing his name I had fallen in love with him.

My heart corrected me this time.

You have fallen in love with his writings and unspoken words and not with him.

I smiled and said to my heart,

May be I have fallen in love with his writings and unspoken words, 

But the love for him is pure and real,

And I believe the love for him is also devine.

My conversations with my heart was broken by his touch.

Seeing me lost in my own world,

He had given me a **** on my shoulder and said,

I am a writer so I want to be known by that.

He may have wanted to say something more.

I truly like a bad listener stopped him and said,

Shakespeare had once said,

"What's in a name!" 

And being a lover of your writing, 

I too want to say, 

In name there is no fame 

Because fame is there where creativity and innovation resides.

He actually smiled and kissed my forehead,

And then took me to the terrace and said,

When I had come,

The place was new, people were new,

But when I saw you, I felt something not new.

I do not knew by your name but your smile was very much known.

Your smile was like the sunshine which I knew from a time immemorial.

Then were you spoke to me for the first time,

Your words were like the breeze which inspires me to write.

I used to notice when you read my poems after coming home.

Your comments after reading my poems everyday,

Was the best gift for everytime.

And you thought you never mattered so much!

I was happy that you understood my writings more than I had expressed in words.

I am not worried about the answer, I may get now,

But after knowing about your favourite season, 

Monsoon became my favourite too.

Without any fear, I want to confess that, 

I have fallen in love with the childlike girl who stays nextdoor.

Whatever be your answer,

Just say it keeping the raindrops as our witnesses.

Drenched in rain but my tears were real.

I felt like Monsoon had gifted the best rain that day.

Without any confusion, I hugged my guy.

Many days, months and years had passed since then.

Then what! 

He continued with his Writings and unspoken words.

He now goes for world tours,
To spread his unspoken words.

And I?

Being his better half, accompany him everywhere.
A small dedication _ /\ _
Moumita Mitra May 2018
I was your best friend, 

But, one fine evening,

You surprised me by the words you said.
You, had proposed me that day,

And our relationship status got changed by words that day. 

I was quite happy because I knew, you will never take any wrong step. 
And will never break my heart,
And will never hurt me hard.

Best friends now had become boy friend and girl friend.

It was cute and different.

But that was not love, I thought. 

That was friendship from heart. 

You said, "it's love, true and pure love dear, you will also feel the same, spend some time other than being best friends."

Finally, one fine day some miracle might have had happened, 

I fell in love with you. 

It was truly a love relationship for me, by words and heart. 

From then some feelings really changed.

A few days later, you said, you want to confess something, 

I thought, you now might want to marry me. 

I was so happy, I can't share in words. 

I was waiting for your arrival.

Sayed, this was true and pure love- friendship, then lovers and then married couples.
I was awesome happy from core of my heart.

You came, but accompanied with a unknown girl,

And said, "let's be best friends again, because she is the girl for whom I have fallen in love forever."

"What about us?", I enquired.

"We! We were not made for love affair. Friendship is only ok for us."

I was shocked, surprised and shattered.

You have by then broken my heart.

It took long two years since then, 

To rise up and live again.

I, finally promised myself,

Not to fall in love again.

Then again we met on a cloudy day.

You said, you are single again.

Your words, your behaviour, your attitude,

All were strange that day.

I felt, I was talking to some stranger,
Who is not my best friend.

That night you came at my place again.

And said, "let's fall for each other again."

I was very sure with myself,
And rejected your proposal face to face.

You requested me to think over and over again.

"I am sure, I don't want to fall for you again."

Hearing my words, you left the place.

No talk, no promises, no connection since then.

And, now, after a decade, you have come again and saying,

"Tell me something so hurtful that I don't miss you forever."

Why such downmarket things you are speaking?

What I said that day, are still my words, today.

If this is not hurtful, then put yourself in my shoes,

And imagine how much hurt I have got,

Which had made the heartful girl so very heartless.

Julia Sep 2017
Sad people and dark shadows
in a multi-leveled palace of misfortune,
aversion to anything,
internal hostility towards everyone,
my mask exposed to a test of time...
Will I endure?
I do not know.
I run away to the farthest corners of my palace,
to hide from the world.
My own poem. Everyone wears a mask. I'm not good with titles so I went with "No title." Just let it be.
MarcellinaGrace Jun 2016
I lay lost on this floor
Thorns wrap my **** flesh
The throes of hurt ever more
For I have no urge to thresh

Once our bond so strong
A friendship of love
Reasons are lost among
Nor care of thereof

Wrap me tighter in these binds
For I am no longer whole
Your eyes are lost and confined
Our numb and lost souls

Bleeding wound deep within
Flame no longer ablaze
Empty heart of what has been
To carry on a haze

For we are dying my love
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