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Sam Clemens Oct 2019
Someday, I will hear your name without the swell of my heart,
see your face as if it were a stranger's;
but not today, not now.

Today I sidled up amongst the trees, my ear to the ground,
and heard only the echoes of the words you had meant to speak;
watched your countenance unfold in the undergrowth,
nestled between the dogwoods;
and by the riverbank, too,
your breath emergent, buoyed by the water's hushed murmurs.

Has anyone ever written you a love song?
Where they say something nice to make you smile?
Something like:

Never will I die, nor you,
as the long as the love we created remains,
floating somewhere, its toes curled and gripping the edge of eternity.

Someday I will write you a love song;
but not today, not now.
Sam Clemens Nov 2015
You never cried for me
I drowned myself in you
Sam Clemens Nov 2015
I forget the feeling of life rushing past me,
ruffled hair and stinging cheeks-
I forget the wonder of standing bare-***** in the face of overwhelming possibility,
relishing the shivers slipping down my spine,
laughing wickedly in the face of a glaring happiness,
the reflection of your essence crystallized in your eyes-
I forget the warmth of a summer wind marrying the sinking sky,
of open hands spilling the secrets of Earth, me by your side.

But I forgot to say I loved you
And you forgot to stay
Sam Clemens Mar 2015
And I said it with my softest voice
Wrapped cozy in the dusk
And she said it back
As the ocean would
Waves rolling with a hush

And I said it as a simple man
And I thought I'd stay the same
Now there's color in the blacks and whites
And nothing old remains
Sam Clemens Aug 2014
Sleep now
or wake to find the truth
That there is no man beside you
Just a boy still shedding youth
Sleep now
and forever lay in peace
I'll stand draped beneath this emptiness
You stay between my sheets
Sam Clemens Jul 2014
I never knew a song
to have eyes
Never knew a song
to look back
To sing, without a single word set free
To fill me to the brim with music
not sound
To shimmer and shake
Consumed with stories
Stumbling over one another to make themselves heard
and seen
But then again
I never knew a poem
Could be buried
In the wrinkles of a palm
I will wait
Sam Clemens Jun 2014
I think of you, early and often
When I wake you tip toe your way across my lips
I think you have unfinished business there
You twist your way into my words, rest easy in my breath
I never meant to soak you in
You tangle your life with mine, like your finger 'round your ribbons of hair
The world around me is ripe with nostalgia
Dripping sticky sweet memories of you, like syrup
You told me if we were born flying, we would spend our lives wishing we could walk
But we flew together
And walking just isnt doing it for me anymore
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