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Lost ones have been found;
Once in Adam, now in Christ
Covered by His blood,
Now reflecting glory bright

Who am I?
That the God who made all things
Took my crown of thorns
To bestow one fit for kings
By the Father’s will,
Christ the Savior came to save
Perfect in His life,
And His death which beat the grave

Son of Man,
He who sees You sees the Lord
Jesus, in Your name,
Ev’ry image is restored
When we chose to sin –
To be kings – to take the throne
Shattered, flawed, and marred
Was the image we had known

Falling away
From Him who held our hearts
Yet, in grace, He’d come
To remake what fell apart
From the dust of earth,
Father, You created man
In Your image, birthed;
By Your Spirit’s breath, began

Purposed to shine
Your glory all around
Of all the good things
That You made: creations crown.
Prayer 1: "Finding Jesus"

O’ Lord we sought You as our Savior,
And our King, and now we know
Your Holy Spirit is the Freer
  Of the heart to follow 
You move the soul to seek Your Kingdom
And Your glory, it is true
   We were not the ones who found You,
Jesus, we were found of You...

Prayer 2: "Choosing Jesus"
When every sin had sunk us deeper
Than the grave You came to save
   A Light into our world of darkness –
There we heard You call our name

     You then reached forth Your Sovereign hand
And, with our own, it did enfold
   It was not so much our own grasp,
It was Yours that took a hold...

Prayer 3: "Living For Jesus"
And when we fall into temptation;
And we’re burdened by our guilt
   Our eyes will always look upon the
Cross where precious blood was spilt

     You lived and died and rose to trade our
Filthy rags for Your own Robe
We’re, forever, justified by
Righteousness that’s not our own...

Prayer 4: "Loving Jesus"
O Lord, Your love is overwhelming!
Lord, no other can compare!
It is eternal, everlasting,
And it finds us everywhere!

       You loved before the world’s foundation,
And You’ll love until the end
Lord, upon Your love for us does
All the love we have depend...
He who falls
Is he who stands

All are fallen;
Few understand…

Though many fall,
Even less have stood

Today, I’m falling,
But, forever, stand

Life is like
Being in a
Dark tunnel,
With no light –
No end –
In sight

But, sometimes,

A light finally
And comes
Into view,
And hope

But, sometimes,

That light is
With a rumble
And a whistle;
And it’s
A train

But, sometimes,

Hope returns,
As that train
Veers off on
Another track
At the last

And then, sometimes,

The tunnel is
Dark again,
With no light –
No end –
In sight…
…but, at least you’re alive.
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