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You came to me
Feathered steps
I turned away my eye
Ignorant being
To Ignore you, I never meant to
Busy, routine, you see
You wouldn’t, as you left, the same
Feathered steps
Why do you visit only once
And visitors you’d allow, almost none
Please answer

Dear thought :)
Oh yes, the elusive thought missed the words
dumbed down by the evening
exhausted little earthling
a simple sufferer in the dirt
darling's never been hit so badly
"little earthling, are you hurt?"
yes, and i hope it's deadly
first letters of the lines spell out "deadly"
please shut up about the moon
why won't you leave her alone?
she's busy casting silver glow
from her starry night of a throne
and weeping after you stuck
your disgusting little flag
into her skin all those years back
i love the moon, so i don't want her to just be a poetic cliche.
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