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Dear Myself,
It's been a long time coming,
I never wanted to have this conversation,
To admit the things I did to us after she left were wrong..
I tucked you away and treated you as a secondhand citizen in our shared mind.
I wanted to protect you, to save you, to keep you from being hurt again.

Dear myself,
I buried you and burned memories I had no write to destroy,
I did everything I could to help keep you from reliving those moments,
It is now that I realize,
I never helped move forward instead I forced you to sit in the memory of what had happened,
I denied you the ability to move forward, to grow, to become the man you will be.

Dear myself,
I believe it is time for you to come out as I take a backseat,
You will find the good in people where I couldn't,
You will see life for the adventure it is,
You will show me how happy we can be,
I've forgiven everyone else and allowed them to move forward with their lives,
Somehow I forgot to allow us to move on,

Dear myself,
I will always be here,
However you never needed me,
I needed you,
I needed you to stay in time with me because I felt alone,

Dear myself,
I pray for only the best for you, for us,
I know with time you will find what I could not,
I know now that a cold heart and a numb soul do not protect you,
Rather they keep you from love, passion, friendship.
They keep you from living and all I want for you,
Remember me?
I will always remember you and this journey we took.

Good-bye Myself.
Maybe, it's the way you smile,
Or maybe, its the way I could get lost in your eyes,
Whether it's soothing sound of your voice,
Or the way you care for so many people.
There's something about you,
About your mind,
About your soul,
There's just something that I _.

I'm not the man you deserve,
I'm not even the idea of him,
Just because I'm not something,
Does not, mean I can't become something,

Maybe, It's the way you say my name,
Maybe, It''s the way I feel ok being myself around you,
Maybe, It's the way that you are carefree
And yet always worried,

Your soul is so unique and dangerous,
I _
the idea of you,
I _ what you stand for,

Maybe, It's the fact that even she knew what you meant to me,
I can't count how many times,
She stopped me from talking to you,
Because she was afraid I'd leave for you.

I'm a fool for telling myself all that time I didn't _
When the truth is I think I've __d you since I first saw you.
Maybe, I'm being stupid,
Maybe, I'm just realizing that I don't care and I want this,
Maybe, What I'm trying to say is,

That I'm terrified to say,

N.L.K, I love you.
Call me what you will
I understand that the things you say are just words
I never understood the phrase actions speak louder than words
Until I was 19, heart broken and looking back at my life

You see I have a lot of great friends
Friends who are there for me when I need
Friends who worry even when I don't want them to

So call me what you will
Say what you want
Say that I don't care
Say I'm bad for her
Say I'm wrong

I don't care what you say
You see the problem with this world is we hang on what people say not what they do
I am not perfect in fact I am far from it

But I have one thing
One thing that most guys don't
I'm old fashioned
I make a vow or a promise and I keep it
So even after everything has gone and I am left
I will hold that promise
You see even if she calls 10 years from now
Even if I'm on the other side of the world
If I have a career
If I haven't spoken to her since that day,

The moment she calls I will be there because I promised I would be
I promised to always love her
To protect her
To be there when she needs someone
To be the thing that pushes her to do better when everyone else gives up

Call me stupid and childish but those promises mean something
They aren't words
They are actions

And your **** right I will push her
I will be there
I will love her
And I will protect her until the day I die
Doesn't matter who you are you will not hurt her without answering to me
First time I've put this much raw unadulterated power behind my words. I am truly sorry I can't read this to you, because it will be hard to capture the power in these words
Do you know what the word fine stands for
Freaked out
Neurotic and

Now I just want you to know before you read any further
I am fine

So let us begin

I am sorry
I am sorry that I was so closed
But I was only closed because I felt like if you saw my demon you'd run
Because the truth is since the day we met I have thought about suicide
You held that demon at bay without knowing it and I never wanted to put that kind of pressure on you

As it was
I was scared to lose you
To fail at a committed relationship
Before you I had never had one
I mean a true commitment not just where I say that a girl and I dating

I'm sorry that I didn't keep you happy
I'm sorry that your family lead me to believe they liked us together.
I'm sorry I wasn't the man your father would want you to marry

I am sorry that I was childish
Sorry you thought I wasn't committed enough
I am sorry that I missed my chance with you

Of all the things I could be sorry for.
And I know how long that list is

I want you to know..
I will never
Be sorry
For the fact that I love you the way I do
I will never be sorry
For that fact that I would fight for you any chance I got

And I will never be sorry
For the fact that I still hold hope for us
"Give me one last chance"
The words he will say
The words he will type
I am sure that he is not the only one to say them
Bound by this force,
This power
It draws them together
It holds them close
They are the things stories are written around.

The seemingly impossible

They have what others spend their entire lives looking for
They have love
In its purest form

Love does not mean that emotion you feel towards someone
Love is the commitment you have made to someone
It is that forever,
The until death do us parts
And the I do's

Love is not a noun
It is a verb an action that can not be anything but an action
To love someone with your entirety
To love and know that you are loved

To hear the words of hate come from their mouth and understand that they are not hate but compassion
They yell these words because they care about you because they love you

Time will pass
People will change
We will wish we lived in a fairytale

Unexplainable things happen everyday
Stories come to life in their purest form

The girl who just wants a man to chase after her gets it
The boy who wants to give the woman of his dreams the world gets to

When you love though you look past these things
When you love, material possessions mean nothing and all the chasing in the world will get you no where
Unless you truly understand this

It is not the memories that you make or the things you have
But rather people you have with you
For love there is no greater gift than the person who loves you by your side

As with all the greatest gifts in life
You must be patient and wait for love to come to you
The boy in this story, waits for the girl and when he gets her. He holds on for dear life and he never lets go, because he knows how valuable she is.
A long road
A long winding road
Ever changing and shifting
Our past is more cluttered than most people's future
Our relationship is beautiful and powerful and threatening

We failed the first time
In that time apart we grew and we matured
We became better people
Finally time drew us together again

We failed a second time
Not because we are destined to fail
But because we are destined to be better
We have yet to mature to the age where we grow as one

We still live seperate lives and we still have goals that are similar
But we are traveling through this life at different speeds
I believe in the phrase third time is the charm

So like the movie goes
I will wait
I will write
And I will hold faith that what is meant to be will be.
I have faith that this is not our ending

This is our growing
You will explore the world and make it your own
When you are ready
The white house with blue shutters will be waiting for you
For you
The smell of burning rubber
The sight of tail lights
The echo of the fading acceleration

That's what I want
I want to hit the freeway at 120
And leave it all behind

It doesn't seem to matter what I do
Because if I leave you behind
I'll be dead on arrival

Under these stars
You fall asleep
So you lay in your bed

You think about your perfect life
While I'm a hundred miles away by now
I can't leave this behind

You lay in your bed just quiet and content
Now you think I'm mad
I wish I could look in your eyes and show you how I felt
Unwrap my soul and feel the heat it once had
You'd see that I can't be mad

This soul is burning cold
Lost in a world without a light

Reality sets back in and I'm 2 minutes from your house.
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