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Zeleyha Mata Feb 7
Running along the precipice of joy
Clouds of seagull feathers
Stuck between my toes
Her salty blush
Flushed across my lips
Living breathing divinity
Right at my fingertips
Heart of gold crashing on the reef
Seaweed leaves swaying in her eyes
Waves lapping at her curls
Watching as her wild unfurls
Lighthouse in my storm
Stay with me
Oh untamed beauty
Stay with me
Deep sea of pearls
There are worlds
Within you.
Uncharted continents
To explore.
An untamed adventure
It is
To be yours.
Johnny Paragon Nov 2018
You say the devil can't be tamed.
You say the tornados and hurricanes can't be tamed,
You say the African lion can't be tamed.

Try taming a man.
Not just any man,
But a man with a blazing inferno inside of him.

A man whose intrisic self has the passion like fire to achieve dreams wilder than wild.
Seanathon Sep 2018
How you fire fury
How you freeze ferociously
A vein of lightning
Running ever furious
Never to be kept, but free
Could mean one thing or another. Need the original key/sight. LOL.
Rebecca Scull Aug 2018
I've seen myself in the mirror
And it looks the same as always
But the feeling deep down under
Shows that the real me is far away

I've lived in the same skin forever
And it feels the same as always
But the look of it asunder
Shows that the real me is far away

I've breathed in the same way as always
And it's always been suffocating
But to outsiders it seems normal
Nothing but brooding too long on twilight

But in my soul I feel untamed
And in my skin I feel maimed
In my breath I feel strangled
My everything yearning for freedom

Freedom from this, far away from this
You untamed,
slip through my hands,
like the Sahara sands,
you untamed like the ever growing fields of green,
as different as the untamed tides of the moon's rise!
Crashing in to the sands of the home to you roam,
Untamed like the soft whispering spirits of the wind,
like the gallop of a stallion,
riding free,
Your heart wild and free,
the way that you look at me,
untamed you see,
can I tame you now,
who you really are,
your heart like the ever growing glades,
The rhythm of this poem is made possible by the rhythm of "A thousand years" by Christina Perri
Brad French Mar 2017
I’m a zombie at heart
Viewing the screen all day
No life breaths in my heart
Staring at the screen everyday
Watching the fallout right before my eyes
Look outside, don’t you see?
You can be whatever you want to be
I’m just a zombie at heart
There isn’t much left
Medicated to the bone
Left untamed by depleting hearts
Oh so alone
Or am I?
Gabriel burnS Feb 2017
my eyes speak out a narrow street
notorious for fatal accidents
scorching everyone involved
leaving impertinent witnesses
hence silent gaze shies away

exposure, self-denied
to keep from harm
avoid collateral

and not just eyes but words
they slip they cost they hurt
the best the most
bitten tongue cannot dissolve
no, bitten lip cannot contain
boiling recklessness

come close meet walls
cruelly transparent
self-defused bomb
a self-contained woe
window shopping
a blink away from shattered showcase
teach this heart how to read
for it only knows now how to write
Denel Kessler Nov 2016
It is not enough to see
a soul will manifest
what has been sown
immortal purple flame
gnarled roots in stone
the truth of nature
an external blooming
expression of the world

a flourishing vision
voraciously spreads
animating the meadow
with honey-scented breeze
steep slopes sweetened
magnificent blossoms
open lavender wings
to conquer the sky

here the air is thin
windblown seeds
so carelessly thrown
to harsh alpine soil
become willful weeds
persistently untamed
internally unchained
forever wild flowers
Lupine are symbolically associated with imagination, inner guidance, self-reflection, and the development of wisdom that sees beyond polarizing dualities.
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