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bring me one step closer,
brimming loss of composure.
binge and hope I make it out,
i may be alive but not myself,
I'll die before I get closure.

swallow nothing but my pride,
feel like im passing out tonight.
is it anxiety? **** please help me.
feels like no one will ever find me,
just remember I really tried.
lol idk how good this is. I pretty much know it *****. but I tried.
I'm sorry
your brain, darling. what happened to it?
I remember when we once were fine.

but blood has left your body, boy.
you've got a broken heart and ****** up mind.

but why? what made your thoughts blank out?
and what caused each emotion to disappear?

was it mommy? you can tell me.
after all, she's not even here.

she left you, boy. she's not returning.
I know it hurts. but it's certainly true.

was it addiction? or was it her freedom?
what trapped her more? her problems, or you?

onto all of this, did you ever try?
you wake up to sadness, that's all that you give.

im so ******* sorry that everyone leaves you,
but it's no shock when you act like a kid.

moral of the story? don't ******* be you.
I hate how you act, I hate when you breathe.

just go ******* cry and tell yourself that you're nothing,
until that's all your ******* heart can perceive.
im so sorry for how depressing this is. recently my mom has... left lol. ive been moved from my home, to live with my dad, who's great although I haven't been around him much in my life. my mom has issues. she's not a good mom. im honestly scared of her, and she's made me feel like **** for years. she's recently told me in a text "boo ******* hoo" so that's why I chose that title. im not looking for pity or apologies, or attention. im just venting and giving an explanation for this poem.
all feedback is welcomed and appreciated
somehow I don't believe you,
don't go out... its harder to go through..
be a mess,
take the fight,
and hate the world.
my time is overdue,
I've done nothing to show to you.
life taught me flight,
so goodbye,
I hate the world.

if moments... could show us
a good time,
then maybe
my mind
would change.
but moments,
waste moments
of good times.
and maybe,
I've lost my mind
yeah I haven't written in a long time and I know this isn't too good but im trying.
all feedback is welcome and appreciated
I'm really not who I thought I was,
how do you move on with life
when you place it to pause?
I am the boss to my own mind,
but cower at each door it confines,
to condone the person I could be and
wrong the person I wish I was,
I'm the boss of my own mind
but a slave to what it does.
Died to a coward that
hides behind demands,
and the density of this reality is
what weighs my bones down,
some of you know what this is now.
What it means to be shackled
to what you hate,
here have a go at the scariest
things your head can make.
The thoughts that break
your heart but tell it to go
Running after something
you'll never reach,
and as I'm running forever
I can't move my feet
off this bed,
inside my head I'm growing tired,
so my eyes will never open;
and I'm hoping you know that I fear
when I get older my memories will wake
and it'll take me,
too late to save me.
Why bother even
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
The attic attacks me, won't back
me up in fights with my heart.
Dust will conclude how long I've
been afraid, cleaned for the
dusk; I don't know my name.
Wading in rivers for its own trade,
confront the buyer at higher
stakes than the owner, lower I fall.
"Tone down the pain" mediocre
control over what I am and
what I will become, my thumbs
pricked for another accusation.
I'll discuss my problems only the
world can understand, privated
and classified; I am just a man.
I am just a boy, and these passages
aren't used to show how much
better I've gotten, only if I say I do.
These words and all the strings
of things I can collect, are something
much more deep than you'll ever comprehend.
you believe I am recovering,
because that's all you're allowed to see.
Can't you sense the great dispense
that one day I'll look up from your feet?
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
I'm emotionally detached,
in twenty nine days ninety panic attacks,
I see through your eyes,
straight to your past,
the times that you meant it when you really laughed.
Your crescents hate light,
and descend through the day,
I'm deciding my mind between painful and sane,
dividing a line between not okay and opaque.
I know my life's doubtful,
more mournful than most.
Lost in translation as feeling the least,
a leash on my brain and one sense of release.
I wanna meet sharpness to puncture my breath,
rather than losses I can't reconnect-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated

This poem is about how unattached I am from myself. I hope it makes sense
I am more than physically here.
My mental plain is in a place I cannot explain.
My mind is not complex, it's deeper than depth; it's fed up with death and destruction of choice.
Detecting a voice, instructing deployment of every step, each person that's left on an edge of a cliff.
I'm floating away, there's no reason more that I have to stay.
These streets are a home, a place I can't go, a place I don't know, it calls for company, impacted in memories.
Forgotten by most of me.
Hated by all of me.
Don't open the doors, they'll hear the screams; the screen of perfection is not what it seems, it's not what it means, lean on me.
Clean your mind.
Find the time that fits you right; and make it late, just please don't die-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
Thanks for all the likes n stuff
I'm not staying,
it's my blame.
I'll leave the innocent;
I'm not the same.
I've got blood on my hands.
Pressure to understand.
You're right.
You've always been.
I tend to forget.
I won't bother you,
still my existence bothers me.
My mind smothers me.
The nights scare me;
comfort is scarce.
The dark makes things worse,
and this silence hurts.
It can be so loud,
the noise of nothing.
The sounds of your thoughts,
utterly isolated.
I love y'all;
but I don't love me.
I can't live up to what you all think of me-
all feedback is welcome and appreciated!
It's a constant battle.
I'm finding shells on my floor,
and a flood of defeat.
They got me again.
They tore up my flag;
and flattened my heart that scoped out nonsense.
I'm getting into fist fights with the mirror.
This world doesn't matter to me.
My bleeding nose and horrid mind are too naive for you to think that I am free;
breaching a shadow too small to cover me.
Mediums hover me,
and you call to connect with me.
Against my brain;
and induced will.
Against reality to assist a thrill-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
I think I lost my mind,
Between finding myself
And letting parts go that
I'm not sure of anymore.
I needed the strength to bind
My brain together, but what's left
Isn't enough, and getting it back
Is leaving my heart sore.
Friends are slipping away,
Because I do not have control
Over what I do, or if I talk
About the pressure of being myself.
Sad thing is, I'm losing more each day,
The war opened up my soul,
I knew I was not
Normal since I met this hollow desk,
And my mind worked itself away-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
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