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Ferns Oct 2018
I hardly tried to survive
Trying to erase every single bit
I barely made it out alive
Tearing these useless letters bit by bit

I've done the things that I haven't done before
Just to forget your innocent, angelic face
I indeed want to see you no more
For there are many fireflies to chase

I know I have not been yours
but you left my heart scattered to piece by piece
There have never been open doors
and my plans make fate to crease

There are plenty of reasons
why I fell deep in to your hole
With leaves falling, from dry seasons
I'm Alice, the rabbit is your role

Foolishness and desperation
got me entirely blindfolded
You barely even gave me recognition
Forgive me for being lightheaded

I've woken up from an absurd dream
For now, all I can see is reality
Where the sky is blue and the sun shows beam
And just see the kids playing under the tree

There behind a door, a person knocks
It left me wonder...who could it be?
I carefully unleash and open the locks
It's the faces of my chums, seemingly be happy
Ferns Jul 2018
Is it not easy 
 to greet to someone
whom you never spoke
for a very long time?

Among all people,
I am the only one
you've always bypass
to talk to

I know the hindrance
why we ward off each other
just to make ourselves
escape the stigma

Curiosity gets bigger
Each time I look at you
Should I wait patiently
Or take the wheel further

One thing I could do...
All what I wanted to say,
all my thoughts about you,
are profoundly veiled

You and me
are the only ones
to know what's in...
where people shouldn't know

A storage box
of unspoken words
a birthday bag
of sweets

If you are reading this
do not assume
that I did them
Ferns Jul 2018
Mahirap ikalimot
mahirap tigilin
mahirap pigilin
ang pagiging hangal

ang taong tulad mo
ay ang dahilan
ng paghila ko
sa tali ng pag-asa
subalit ako lamang
ang dakilang tagahila
sa sobrang kapal
ako'y nakabitaw
Ferns Jul 2018
The pile of books
The array of papers
They long-await
that ink will pour
on their vacuous
void of emptiness
For the deadline
draws near
Yet I'm still here
Sitting on my windowsill
Lackadaisically waiting
Certainly expecting
For water to descend
From the firmament
surrounded by dullness
where a mass of clouds
are there to be seen
Ferns Jul 2018
Words cannot just escape
Out of her thoroughly sealed mouth
Everything in time changes shape
So she finds a way to let it out

The gate is almost shut
With only two keys left
The other’s lost suddenly
Swallowed accidentally
while hiding from a hostile

The only thing left to do
Is to give a parchment
There lies a cue
Its goal is to leave someone
Whose mood is in need of enhancement

The keeper of the key sprints to the gate
Before everything is too late

Every day, in front of it, lies a letter
Often to make him feel better

— The End —