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Moumita Mitra Jan 2019
I write for my lost World

Once which had memories to cheer for

Now only footprints remain

Everything else had vanished

Very soon;

One after one.

I recall them lying down

And looking at the sky

Just in case I could see clouds are vanishing

To bring back my lost World

In reality again….
Moumita Mitra Dec 2018
Last night I dreamt of summer

And summer came today

Lots of talk

And lots of shoutout

We did together again

Summer my winter friend

Comes every year

Without any delay…
Dear readers,
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
Moumita Mitra Oct 2018
Only three months left before the year ends
I have not much money in my name
Nor a perfect job I have
I always tried to live happily
With the small happiness which makes me happy
I tried to get a suitable job
Which interests me more than anything else.
May be I tried taking life less seriously
Or maybe life never took me seriously
Or maybe life has planned some other things for me
Whatever it may be
I know or shall come to know
Very soon or later on
But this day
When I am writing this poem
I feel free to let my words speak for me…
Moumita Mitra Jul 2018
Those childhood days,
How much I miss them
Because those were the best days of life.
Paper planes, Paper boats were very part of that life.

If rain was in town,
I, with my friends made paper boats,  Wrote letters for the Rain.
Boat sailed and we watched the sailing boat with the letters written on each.
Those childhood days,
How much I miss them now.

If it was some other day,
I, with my friends played with the paper planes.
From here to there those planes flew and we enjoyed running behind them
As the pilots for them.
Those childhood days
How much I miss them
Because those were the best days of life.

Now, only memories sail and fly
Paper Boats and Paper Planes find place as bookmarks.

Hope someday in near future they will sail and fly,
May be not for me but for my junior one.
Moumita Mitra Jul 2018
Gone those days
When we waited for the perfect day
To propose
And express our feelings directed by our heart
Long plannings were made
To make the moment perfectly perfect
But we too feared and hoped
We don't hear a NO.
If it was a YES,
A smile from the other said was enough to let us know.
But if it was a NO,
Friends said, they had smelled that long time ago.
Some said you wasted so much money to buy those roses dear,
If I had known your intentions earlier
I wouldn't have let you do so.
Poor heart only felt the sorrows
It didn't bother about the financial loss
The almost empty pocket had got.
It only wished to fall in love and nothing else.
It only whispered softly and said
Let's fall in love
For all beautiful future days
Which will be happy and prosperous
If we are together forever from this day.
But no one was there to listen to our heart.
Only silent breeze and setting sun witnessed the drowning heart
Into the deep sea of sorrows and tears.
Those days love really mattered.
Those days sorrows were really heavy enough to shatter us.
But we never got demotivated Because
Loving friends were always there
To cheer us up and stand beside us.

These days everything seems so fake,
Even the words of love comes with asterisk conditions apply
That the beautiful words-
"Let's fall in love..... "
Seems less precious these days.
My latest poem
Moumita Mitra May 2018
I was the childlike girl next door for him.

He was a gentleman and the crush of almost all the neighbours.

He never spoke too much so I was never a good listener.

For him I never mattered so much.

But I, like all other neighbours, had a crush on him.

His body never got my focus, but his writings were.

Day by day I fell in love with his unspoken words.

On a rainy day I wanted to express my love,

As because it was his favourite season after all.

Yes, he loved monsoon a lot.

Many neighbours had asked him once, 

Why he love monsoon so much?

He never spoke too much, as I have mentioned above.

But he said he will narrate it on a rainy day.

When I went and knocked his door, 

His roommate said he had went upstairs.

Greeting him a smiley bye, I went to meet my guy.

Love for him or for his words, I was confused a lot.

But I had already started calling him as my guy.

Silly or stupid or again childlike girl, what he will address me now?

I was wondering and riding towards him.

He was sitting near the terrace door and was writing something.

Hey, hi, Writing some poems I guess Mr.... 

I was silent for a while.

It didn't bother me anytime, but I realised,

I do not know his name.

***! what a great lover I am,

Without knowing his name I had fallen in love with him.

My heart corrected me this time.

You have fallen in love with his writings and unspoken words and not with him.

I smiled and said to my heart,

May be I have fallen in love with his writings and unspoken words, 

But the love for him is pure and real,

And I believe the love for him is also devine.

My conversations with my heart was broken by his touch.

Seeing me lost in my own world,

He had given me a **** on my shoulder and said,

I am a writer so I want to be known by that.

He may have wanted to say something more.

I truly like a bad listener stopped him and said,

Shakespeare had once said,

"What's in a name!" 

And being a lover of your writing, 

I too want to say, 

In name there is no fame 

Because fame is there where creativity and innovation resides.

He actually smiled and kissed my forehead,

And then took me to the terrace and said,

When I had come,

The place was new, people were new,

But when I saw you, I felt something not new.

I do not knew by your name but your smile was very much known.

Your smile was like the sunshine which I knew from a time immemorial.

Then were you spoke to me for the first time,

Your words were like the breeze which inspires me to write.

I used to notice when you read my poems after coming home.

Your comments after reading my poems everyday,

Was the best gift for everytime.

And you thought you never mattered so much!

I was happy that you understood my writings more than I had expressed in words.

I am not worried about the answer, I may get now,

But after knowing about your favourite season, 

Monsoon became my favourite too.

Without any fear, I want to confess that, 

I have fallen in love with the childlike girl who stays nextdoor.

Whatever be your answer,

Just say it keeping the raindrops as our witnesses.

Drenched in rain but my tears were real.

I felt like Monsoon had gifted the best rain that day.

Without any confusion, I hugged my guy.

Many days, months and years had passed since then.

Then what! 

He continued with his Writings and unspoken words.

He now goes for world tours,
To spread his unspoken words.

And I?

Being his better half, accompany him everywhere.
A small dedication _ /\ _
Moumita Mitra May 2018
He talked, she blushed.
He muted, she understood.
He blamed, she reacted.
He betrayed, she shattered.
He spoke for patch up,
This time she broke his heart.
"But why?" He asked.
"All game of words my dear.
That was your turn, and this is mine."
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