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ThePoet Aug 2016
In the softness
of my heart
In the hardness
of my mind
I'm searching
for my hate of
you, but love
is all I find
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
The world is small even heaven isn't big.
But an uncreated Word is,
an expression of love and promise!

The tale of the beginning
the tale of the end without the ending.
Soon God said it 'Qun' be
Bang it couldn't be bigger indeed.

Everything small and big the complete
creations panache came to be so big!
Body is small the soul came in the front.
Every soul banged explored at once.
All heard the same Word it was only one
that sets the tone for the first to the last.
So sweet it took everyone’s heart!

The death wouldn’t touch the soul
that already died but couldn’t die.
Revived there and then instantly,
hearing the 'Qun' the uncreated melody!
Crooned up even through the dead-end
surged up to the other side of the black hole.
Like a waxing Moon passed over, crossing
the asleep body in the shadow, yet in the making!

Adam was yet to be in the body.
It wasn’t in the physical element
that by no means could hear it!
Unlike the abyss soul there
the sea can take a dip.
The cloud spills and rains
but only to revert back to the sea
showering the shallow body.

Unable to resist it, the first big bang
didn’t take place in a physical body!
Not in the star, milky way or in the galaxy
nor an orb is as scientific as the human body!

He said ‘Qun’ again and the first big bang
on the matter takes place in Fathima’s joint
interlacing her live soul and pre-design body!
It cut through the irrational pi in between
the soul and body now gel in melody!
So that the grand manifestation in bloom
shall continue to resonate perpetuating the body.
With pure love without a condition without a boundary.

Nature that was yet to be, gets a mirror in its entirety.
and bang big upon hearing ‘Qun’ be, says the Almighty.
It comes to be and shall perish only to be an eternal body!
Shang Apr 2015
If the thought ever did
cross your mind
that nobody cares
about you-
then baby,
you can
call me
© Shang
B L Costello Oct 2016
I did not bring you into the world,
But I was happy that you came,
I took you home one afternoon,
Took pictures…..and gave you a name,
And you where my baby,
Dayenu……that was enough,
And like all things God gives you,
Someday…You must give up,
How blessed I was to have you,
To love and watch to you grow,
I did not bring you into the world,
But, I was there to watch you go.
© B L Costello 2016
For the friend and mother of who lost a wonderful daughter. can pick your family.  We were so fortunate that she picked you.  RIP SRS
Karisa Brown Aug 2018
I want to believe in my
OWN truth
The many times I've come
Through on my own
Did what needed to be done
Without being told how

By using my own intuition
I was brought here with
To forge a place around
my Own tree of life
My surrender
My sovereign
My light

And the best thing is there are others
In my life that show up and stay
From time to time
To wake me up into this
To help me grow
Into the Meet me

First of all those
Who see that best me rise
And to compliment
Not control
Who endure through
Not who back down

Who drown inside themselves
To get to this unconditional love
Which they Know
From lives thousand
Before them

To make this time
Ours to shine in
And do more than
Just march on
To become a
Revolution in their own
You know what hurts the most?

To be just friend with someone whom you truly love.
Kyle Esplin Jan 2015
Ode to the shower head, so sparkly and fair
Whose warm words seep through her mouth
To encompass my heart and hair
Such unconditional love and caring leaves her lips
I cannot help extend my arm
Just to feel the drips

But if I in her chamber choose to prolong my stay
Icy reproving hits my spine casting me away
Stinging chemicals blind me as I struggle to the door
Having already decided to soon come back for more

Ode to the shower head, losing sleep but it seems
The memories of your embrace are better than my dreams
You wake me in the morning and comfort me at night
Clear my thought and always, help me see the light
Debbie Brindley Aug 2017
They say it's better
to have loved
and lost
Then to never have loved at all
But sometimes
I do wonder
as I watch you
crumble and fall
To see you vanish
before me
and not able to do a thing
I feel little pockets of madness
starting to creep in
To terrified to look 
to far ahead
Life without you
fills me with dread
So I deal with life
one day at a time
Feeling my way through
as if I am blind
But to NEVER know
what it is to love
Really would be sad
And what we had was
unconditional love
And to have experienced that
I'm truly glad
So it is better to have
loved and lost
Then never to have loved at all
Even if that means that everyday
I have to watch you
crumble and fall
My heart breaks every day
Nonsense Poet Sep 2018
Unconditional love
Amazing journey above
Truth or Lie?
Or just one more catchphrase?
Freedom or the Cage
Freedom in a cage
Hard decision  
We have to make
Complexity and fluidity
Loving without condition
Behavior versus a feeling
No more restriction
No chains or anchors.
Spread your wings
Start to fly above
I have no idea why I´m writing it.
RKJ Legend Apr 1
Falling in love with you was easy
Everything about you
Your smile, your kindness
Your caring heart
Eased any doubts I had, not about you
But about love and giving my heart away

There are times
when I feel your presence
at my side.
There are times
when I see
your face in a crowd
and I turn around

But that moment when I looked into your eyes
you smiled as wide as the skies.
Yup you did, just like how you are smiling
as you are reading this.
I love you is eight letters long
and so is your name, so think about it.

My patience has no end
when it comes to loving you
and I will wait a lifetime
for you to see the truth

No matter how much time
there is in this life
I’ll think of you
from time to time
and remember you with a smile.
So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet

Your smile does so many things
it brightens up my day
Your smile is like a promise
that things will be okay

If my heart could talk,
You would understand how deeply I love you.
But you already know that, don't you?
I see my future in your eyes
And I have faith in what I see

I know that you want  a sign.
For I've already seen the signs,
So  all I ask  is that when you do see the signs,
Would you see the signs as they are?
or would you change your perspective to see the signs differently?

//starfishdiaries #2
Tanya Feb 5
It is a furry dog
that makes love
bark in another language,
that makes my heart
run wild on four

Oscar the labradoodle.
marrion Sep 15
Mahal ko ang Pilipinas
pero hindi ng walang kapintasan
Mahal ko sya kahit
traffic ay di nababawasan
Mahal ko sya kahit
talamak pa rin ang kahirapan
At patuloy kong mamahalin
Pagkat siya ang bayan ko
na sinilangan

Kahit problema nya sa droga
ay hindi nalulunasan
Kahit mga teritoryo pa nya
ay unti-unti nang nababawasan
Kahit mas marami pa sa tama
ang mali sa aking bayan
Mahal pa rin kita, Pilipinas
Hinding-hindi kita iiwan
Monet Echo Jul 2018
A love that does not compare
One to another
Is a love that will outlast and outlive
Any other
Planejane2 Jan 25
Why do I see signs? Why do I miss you? Why am I crying?
Do I know what I had?
Was what I had good enough for me?
Or do I just feel lonely at this moment.
Do I long for companionship?
Or were you my true best friend?
I don't know, but I miss you.
If we were never to see each other again, I love you.
under the conditions that we will never meet again.


But I see you in the signs.
I went to take J* to get her hair done at T's,
she told me she from off Candler Road, just like your G
From the southside, but I was up North, so why not go your way.
Sometimes I feel guilty for leaving you but I know I couldn't stay.
My battery almost died.
I remember when yours would never charge,
You would ask for my help and I'd passively aggressively say no
I used to pay 650,
I still pay 650.
I always felt like you were never trying to elevate with me.
I got J**
a Red Bull, her favorite.
I always tell her it's not good for her, but I still got it.
The can had PAC-MAN on it.
You'd always play that game.
We always played games with each other.
I realized there are no signs.
I was just having memories.
I love you conditionally.
If we are never meant to be together again.
But I unconditionally (If you ever call me) will always be your friend.
unconditional friendship companionship relationship love moving on condtional
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