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ThePoet Aug 2016
In the softness
of my heart
In the hardness
of my mind
I'm searching
for my hate of
you, but love
is all I find

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
Cné Mar 2017
i am your pet, cherished, you bet
from the very first moment, we met

you are my master, tried and true
my job in life is to always, please you

i wander aimlessly alone
when you're gone, so long, on your own

forgive me, if i chew your shoe
i was nervous and i missed you

if i snack some food from the trash
it smelled so good, how could i pass

bark, bark, bark, i cry out alarm
the mailman has come here to harm

when you get home, i'm so happy
wagging my tail with my whole body

when we go for a walk together
if a cat threatens, away i chase her

don't be upset with me, please sir
i promise to protect you from all danger

i greet other dogs, on our way
smelling their butts to just say, hey

i lift my leg marking my place
to find my way back, just in case

i'm not too crazy about the rain
but i'll keep you company and not complain

laying belly up is a sign
scratch me, rub me and i'll be fine

if I lick my area, because i can
please don't be jealous of me, man

sleeping here, my chin on your foot
obediently, my faith in you, i put

though my purpose, i may reach in a flash
compared to your life, my longevity won't last

my loyalty to you, will never sever
unconditionally, i love you, forever
Another artist's statement for a series
of pet portraits I've painted
Shang Apr 2015
If the thought ever did
cross your mind
that nobody cares
about you-
then baby,
you can
call me
© Shang
Harshada Kavi Mar 2018
Learn to love
like the sun loves the moon.
He gives her his light
that she will eclipse him
once in a while.
For love,
is not strawberries with cream
it is roses with thorns.
and together, they light up the sky.
You know what hurts the most?

To be just friend with someone whom you truly love.
Kyle Esplin Jan 2015
Ode to the shower head, so sparkly and fair
Whose warm words seep through her mouth
To encompass my heart and hair
Such unconditional love and caring leaves her lips
I cannot help extend my arm
Just to feel the drips

But if I in her chamber choose to prolong my stay
Icy reproving hits my spine casting me away
Stinging chemicals blind me as I struggle to the door
Having already decided to soon come back for more

Ode to the shower head, losing sleep but it seems
The memories of your embrace are better than my dreams
You wake me in the morning and comfort me at night
Clear my thought and always, help me see the light
Debbie Brindley Aug 2017
They say it's better
to have loved
and lost
Then to never have loved at all
But sometimes
I do wonder
as I watch you
crumble and fall
To see you vanish
before me
and not able to do a thing
I feel little pockets of madness
starting to creep in
To terrified to look 
to far ahead
Life without you
fills me with dread
So I deal with life
one day at a time
Feeling my way through
as if I am blind
But to NEVER know
what it is to love
Really would be sad
And what we had was
unconditional love
And to have experienced that
I'm truly glad
So it is better to have
loved and lost
Then never to have loved at all
Even if that means that everyday
I have to watch you
crumble and fall
My heart breaks every day
Nonsense Poet Sep 2018
Unconditional love
Amazing journey above
Truth or Lie?
Or just one more catchphrase?
Freedom or the Cage
Freedom in a cage
Hard decision  
We have to make
Complexity and fluidity
Loving without condition
Behavior versus a feeling
No more restriction
No chains or anchors.
Spread your wings
Start to fly above
I have no idea why I´m writing it.
Monet Echo Jul 2018
A love that does not compare
One to another
Is a love that will outlast and outlive
Any other
Tanya Feb 5
It is a furry dog
that makes love
bark in another language,
that makes my heart
run wild on four

Oscar the labradoodle.
All within my hands: I carry the aura.
All within my hands: I carry the gift.
All within my hands: I carry the essence.

A soothing, dark red.

Is it crimson? No...
Is it scarlet? No...
Is it burgundy? No...

It is carmine.
Carmine is in me.
And I am within her.

She is pleasant.
She adores all.
She loves unconditionally.

I will look after her well, Lord.
I will not let anyone quench her.
I will not silence her beauty.

I will nourish her;
she will become a radiant brilliance.

A shining sun.
A peaceful presence.
A soothing seraph.
A gift..? Empathy. Empathy as a gift.. I am thankful. I see the colour of the aura in me. It is carmine. We all have a gift.. I have found mine..
Johnny walker Nov 2018
All that you did for me
I'll never forget, all the
times you were there for me
so much do I owe to you for the kindness you showed
me, when we first met the
You left me to cherish that'
will last me for the rest of my
days, for I'll never forget
you and all the love that
you gave me
unconditional love, not In
the time that I knew you
did you ask anything for
My darling left me so many wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of my days
mannley collins Jan 2016
Lies are lies
they deny you the truth.
Truth is truth
it denies you the lie.
when examined closely both are exactly the same.
They are interchangeable.
People that tell the "truth" to you are denying you lies.
How boring and dangerous and malevolent are people full of truth.
Choose your religious truth---
Christian truth.
Islamic truth.
Judaic truth.
Vedic Hindoo truth.
Buddist truth.
Capitalist truth.
Socialist truth.
Free market truth.
Managed market truth.
Monarchist truth.
Democratic truth.
Militarist truth.
Liberal truth.
Fascist truth.

People that tell lies to you are denying you truthfulness.
How boring and dangerous and malevolent are people full of lies.
Choose your lies.
Christian lies.
Islamic lies.
Judaic lies.
Vedic Hindoo lies.
Buddist lies.
Capitalist lies.
Socialist lies.
Free market lies.
Managed market lies.
Monarchist lies.
Democratic lies.
Militarist lies.
Liberal lies.
Fascist lies.
Truthfulness is neither truth nor lies.
It exists on its own.
Truthfulness is free of the Duality of Truth and Lies..
The individual Isness exists in the state of Separate and Merged with the Isness of the Universe.
Permanent Mindlessness is unconditional love--just ask any Dog or Cat.
The Mind separates us from the Isness of the Universe.
The Mind creates Duality which is governed by Conditional Love.
The individual Isness creates Unconditional Love(Consciousness) which is outside Duality.
Mind cannot create Unconditional Love.
The individual Isness cannot create Conditional Love.
If you have Mind/Conditioned Identity in your head you cannot love Unconditionally.
If you do not have Mind/Conditioned Identity then you can only love Unconditionally.
If you have Mind and Conditioned Identity  you cannot be Merged with the Isness of the Universe.
If you are Mindless and Conditioned Identityless you are merged with the Isness of the Universe.
Conditional Love says I love you on Condition I can hate you.
Unconditional Love says I will never stop loving you but I may dissapprove of your actions but I will never hate you because I cannot hate..
Conditional Love is selective--it only applies to Family and Friends and fellow GroupMind members.
Unconditional Love is not selective--it applies to every living being--human or otherwise.
Unconditional Love does not see people as Friends and Enemies.
Unconditional Love sees people as individual Isness incarnated in bodies.
Humans are deceived by the Mind into believing that the Conditioned Identity is their true Identity and deceived by the Mind into believing that they should leave the running of their brains and therefore their lives to the Mind.
The individual Isness is a small but equal individual independent,
nameless,formless,genderless,autonomous portion of the Isness of the Universe that people controlled by Mind are taught to call a Soul.
The Soul is just another Mind created Conditioned Identity.
The Atman is just another Mind created Conditioned Identity.
The individual  Isness is formed from a small but equal portion of the essence of the Isness of the Universe and incarnated in a Human Body of either Gender-_male or female of any skin colour.
gabrielle Jan 8
Love is infinite,

or it isn't ?

I feel unconditional,

I feel love.

It spoke end,

You spoke none.

For mine is unrequited,

For my love is for eternity.

For you do not love me -

For that being said,

I knew it was temporary.
love unconditionally,
cherish it,
'cause you'll learn that it is only temporary.
Philomena Jan 28
I am finding it harder and harder to tell
If in the story of your life
I'm just a chapter
Or the binding to the book.

And I'm hoping more every day
That I can find a way
To make it onto the next page
And make you a part of my story too.
I don't think he can even begin to comprehend how much I love that idiot.
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