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Jan 2019
Most nurses are masters of unconditional love.
Most nurses are masters of unconditional love.
Of this I am sure for I know from experience
So many underrated but are devoted to a job
Trained in a most professional way to care.

Nurses have empathy with all of their patients
Understanding their every desire and need.
Rarely would they get it wrong or misdiagnose
Stressful be their drug broadcasting daily
Even in their dreams their caution carries thru
So have faith in your nurse n love her always

And that love will be returned to you tenfold
Realistically she is always reacting in the now
Extending the realms of possibilities beyond

Most nurses are masters of unconditional love
And that is a fact that I have experience of.
Simply mastering the loving care of every soul
Thereby giving the patient every chance of life
Ethereal care by sharing their skills as a nurse
Reacting in a way that’s foreign to the majority
Soul searching to cope with all of mankind.

Of every colour , creed , religion or belief.
Fake Goddesses come n go, the nurse is true.

Universal cosmic powers are in the nurses kit
Natural paths of holistic healing with all skills
Characteristic of every nurse that I’ve known.
Oh I have absolutely no doubt about this fact
No doubts at all , as I will continue to relate.
Duty dictates that I sing their constant praises.
I love all the nursing community a given.
They have been in my life since childhood.
Irish nursing staff worked alongside my mother
On many occasions nurses from West Indies
Nursing schools through the 1960’s provided
A beautiful partner for me as a dancing pal.
Liquor is often the tonic for nurses to enjoy

Loving a nurse as one of the greatest loves
On a scale of one to ten .... I give it a ten.
Victory if you ever get to marry a nurse.
Everlasting will be the happiness you will gain

Written by Philip
December 20th 2018.
Most nurses are masters of unconditional love...Share this with any nurse that you know.
Oliver Philip
Written by
Oliver Philip  76/M/Q ld Australia
(76/M/Q ld Australia)   
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