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JAY Mar 2017
i plunge into the water again,
it's cold against my skin
thrashing against my throat
something all too familiar
something i deny missing

your nails dragged themselves down my back
now i reminisce of serrated metal against my skin
that's how it feels
that's how you felt
back when old habits died hard
and i hated my name

you said you loved me
and i believed it
you were making changes
for the good
for the better

you left so many things
i just didn't think i'd be one of them
JAY Feb 2014
is limitless when I speak with you
no matter how long of a pause we take between words
whether hours, weeks, or months.
I've trained myself
far too well
in the months we've known each other
to never expect anything more
than your presence.
I view it as a gift,
that each one worded reply, every good morning and goodbye,
a simple sentence that you give me
is doing me a favor.
(I don't even get that anymore!)

is prominent when you speak to me.
with a voice sweet enough to lure a confused traveler close,
but firm enough to tame the savage beast
have lassoed my emotions
and pulled them into a choke hold;
restricting airways
and turning them a sickly shade of blue.
I am scared,
scared to tell you anything.
I over-think every word I'm about to say,
and dissect each one you've already spoken
without the slightest hint of hesitation.
(God, am I envious!)

is ever-present
when I think about myself
instead of you
and contemplate leaving you
only in my memories,
when you never had to think twice about leaving me.
(Why did you go again?)
JAY Oct 2013
In autumn,
all the leaves fall
creating a pastel monsoon
vibrant reds and illustrious oranges
that would make
the busiest of people
take a moment of their time
to glance up
and admire
the last pure thing
to coexist with the modern human race.
In winter,
the trees become bare,
as am I.
What I used to enjoy
so much
now pains me to even look at on a calendar.
I was bare
I was vulnerable
and you striked.
Pulling back the string,
you brought the arrowhead to your lips
giving it a small kiss
for me,
and let go.
It struck me right in the heart,
but you were hunting
for all the wrong reasons
you were hunting
for the ****.
The pain quickly spread through every nerve ending ever to exist
as my head pounded
kind of like the alarm
you give an ungrateful smack to
every morning.
There was no snooze button,
no matter how hard I hit,
and clawed at
the plastic surrounding
my alarm clock
the pain did not stop.
And here we are,
a year later.
Still buzzing,
still attempting,
still hurting.
In Spring,
the leaves grow back.
They grow back new skin
and new bodies,
any lacerations
nowhere to be found.
Yet, their colors
are more dull
because in nature
the more innocent you are
the less you shine.
JAY Oct 2013
a few months ago,
you asked me: "What is love?"
As you can see,
it had taken me a long time to understand the question myself,
but I think I've finally come up with an answer.
the English language
has only one word to describe something that has limitless interpretations.
In Greek,
there are three words for the three basic types of love.
This type of love
is when you find yourself doodling their name
on the inside of your history textbook,
dotting the I's with hearts
as if you are 13 again and you were just asked on your first date.
You chose that textbook
because it will be the only place no one would ever think to look.
You think about everything you would be far too shy to say or act in person,
making out in the back of a movie theatre
not caring who would walk past,
sneaking off away from your friends just to have two measly moments of what you both call "peace."
Most often,
this type of love is encased in "I love you"
only to obtain a certain goal.
a picture,
or even just one more night
of having them in your arms.
Eros is not authentic,
it is emphemeral.
Brotherly Love.
The friend you would drop anything for in a heartbeat to make sure of their wellbeing,
but also the neighbor you see from time to time watering their garden.
They ask you
to tend to their garden while they are away,
and you do it
even though you've never spoken more than a paragraph to the man
because it is what you believe is right.
This type of love is the devotion of time and energy without any promise of compensation in return,
purely out of the good of heart.
Phileo lasts as long as the people do.
The final type of love
is Agape;
unconditional love.
In religion,
we are guided
or pushed
towards showing this type of love towards the diety.
Yet, very rarely
it is shown towards a human being.
Unconditional love
is the ability to say so much with only uttering a single word.
I have experienced this love,
it is great pain
and great sadness
but the feelings of pain will never leave my lips
in case they are transferred to the person i wish to have the least pain.
This kind of love
is when it is not only enough that you think about them every waking moment but every slumber-filled one as well. You have hung up your needs at the front door along with the key to your heart and devoted yourself entirely to them,
even if they don't reciprocate.
They have been adopted by your body and taken the form of a vital *****.
If you do not
pay absolute attention
to them at all times
you will run into many problems.
You need to keep them running smoothly in order to stay alive and healthy,
because without them you are nothing.
You are a sorry sack of bones with a beating heart with no purpose.
Unconditional love is taking all the lessons you have ever learned
all the rights and wrongs you have finally learned the difference between and throwing them out the window.
It is the thin line between sanity and insanity,
heaven and hell,
and safety and danger.
You walk the rope
from building to building
without the promise of a net.
Unconditional love
is authentic,
but not emphemeral.
((Love *****, don't do it.))

— The End —