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Elizabeth Frost Aug 2014
While the crickets chirps
And the owls hoot,
The bees buzz and
The flowers bloom.

While the stream flows
And the wind whispers,
The sun shines and
The clouds flow.

Every minute of every day,
There is life.
There is life in the world, in me
and in you. So why would I ever leave?

Every minute of every day, I am here.
And I love you.
Elizabeth Frost Jul 2014
Who are you? A princess?
How about a cowgirl?
Maybe even a vampire?

What are you? Kind?
Sort of angry?
Full of love?

You are you. And unless you let others know.
You may never show who you are.
You will be their judgement,
Their rude remarks, you will be the empty comments,
You will be whatever they make you into.
Be you and don't let other people sculpt who you are.
It was the biggest mistake of my life.

I'm a princess, waiting in a tower to be swept away by my prince.
I'm a girl, wishing for sleepovers, manicures and movie nights with friends.
I'm a mother, looking for my children who I will love with my whole being.
I'm more than they think. I'm more than they say I am.
They are not me and I'm done with this life.
I want to be happy.
Elizabeth Frost Jul 2014
I still miss you so much,
but you know I won't say anything.
It's like this love, or magic touch
that you have. It just makes the world
vanish and everything is okay
While the worries and all whirled
through the wind. I guess you've gown from me,
but that's not at all true on my end.
and so, with my whole  being, I plea...
come back, don't turn off the light
cause that's as sad as a sparrow
who has lost his gift of flight.
I guess my friends are drifting away. I sit alone at lunches, I am not invited to other people's houses anymore and I just feel like I am alone.  They were the one that made me always feel as if I had one friend.... and it feels like she's gone.
Elizabeth Frost Jul 2014
I feel like I've lost her. he won, and
Every else is in on it.

It's sweet, that they are so in love,
But I didn't want to lose her.

We were already drifting,
And now it's official.
I've lost my best friend to the love,
Of her life.
Elizabeth Frost Jul 2014
I really wish my best friends were like batman.
I would just throw up a signal and they would come rushing to my side when I need them.
This is the signal.

I need you now, but you won't know.
You won't ever know.
Maybe months from now.

I cant just pick up a phone and call.
"hey, its been a bad day."
That's imposing on their life and that's so rude.
Tell me what to do before I let myself.
Elizabeth Frost Jul 2014
The wind whispers in my ear
As the trees beckon for my presence.
I need out and I have no one to take me.

Mom's getting loud
My sister is throwing a fit.
I need out but I have no one to help me.

Loneliness leads to bad
My thoughts eat away at my soul.
I need out cause it's getting to me.

He's on the phone,
She's on the phone.
They all are getting people out.
I need out. And nobody knows but me.
Elizabeth Frost Jul 2014
I guess I just do it out of

I just love too much...
My psychologist even told me.

They hurt me when they break promises,
but I don't know what to think.
I just put on my brave face and do what is best.

This poem isn't poetic.
No metaphors or some deep meaning.
It's just my guilt.
I love too much.
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