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We consider ourselves writers
Painting pictures with our words
So others have a chance to view
A message that needs heard

We hope that we are givers
Of wonders never seen
That each new verse that we write
Is something someone needs

We try to make a difference
Give a different point of view
Hope that readers understand
Maybe change a life or two

I call myself a poet
And do all the things above
Although I do this for myself
I also do it out of love

The Love Of Poetry

Poem by; Carl Joseph Roberts  (Joe)
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Heavens Door

He visits now his mother
His father stands there by his side
His sisters and a brother
Guide him to the shinning light

His days on earth remembered
By those who still remain
We talk about the life he lived
All the love that he once gave

A man who served his country
Was a soldier in our wars
Loving husband and a father
He was a gift that was adored

He faced the end with honor
Like his father did before
Now he goes to be with Jesus
He walks through Heavens door

Poem for my Uncle.  
Michael Yates
Jan 16, 1949 to May 7, 2021

Our lives were made better by having you as a part of our family.  
I thank you sir for allowing me to be a part of your life and for sharing with me your life stories
May your Wife, Children, Brothers, Sister close friends and all of our extended family,  have peace knowing that the life lived made a positive difference in this world.
Rest in peace Uncle

Poem by; Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
How To Write A Perfect Poem

So you want to write a poem
That the world will want to view
One that is so special
It will change a life or two

You can try to make it funny
To make your readers laugh
Or maybe a love story
To bring a feeling back

You may want to bring them into it
Let them feel your pain
Or show them there's a different side
A new path they should take

You can let them see deep within
Show them something new
Have them ask a question
Or maybe answer one for you

You can write a perfect poem
If its what you want to do
Just take the time and feel the words
That are deep inside of you

Just know that many poems of the past
Get read by very few
Still each poem, your poem is just perfect
If it touches only you

Write your perfect poem

Poem by; Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
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How To Treat A Woman

Wrap your arms around her
Hold her close and tight
Take away all her fears
Make everything alright

Say I love you when you're mad
Even if you think you're right
Take her hands and kiss her
Let her win most fights

Let her see true love in your eyes
As she walks into the room
Show her that you miss her
When she is not with you

Let the memory of her fill your days
Tell the truth and never lie
Each night before you go to sleep
Keep passion on your mind

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love you'll see
Throughout the life that you will lead
Just know that there is not one day
That my love from you will go away

No matter what your age may be
I'll stand with you when you're in need
Watch over you throughout your life
Lend an ear and give advice

You can always count me on your side
But I'll tell that truth you may not like
Still I'll hold you if you ever cry
So you'll know that things will be alright

It matters not the path you choose
Pick the one that's best for you
Dont worry if I will approve
It changes not my love for you

Unconditional love you'll see
Throughout the life that you will lead
Just know that there is not one day
That my love for you will go away

Unconditional Love

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts  (Joe)
You know men are just plain better
At most things that we do
You may say wait one minute
But inside you know it's true

A man can change a tire
We can even build a house
We know when it's time to talk
And when to shut our mouth

Now some women say I'm crazy
So I've been told a time or two
If only you would listen
When I tell you what to do

As a man myself I'll tell you
Exactly what you need
I know that you will understand
For your job is just to please

Now it could be that a womans job
Is harder then I think
You do have to clean all day
Then have dinner made for me

I've heard women say they cant believe
I've stayed single for this long
Then shake their heads and walk away
I think there's something I'm doing wrong

What could it be, what could it

Poem by: Carl Joseph Robert's (Joe)
No bashing it is a pure joke.
Today I turned 55
So far its one amazing life
I give thanks now every day
For all I've learned along the way

Wouldn't want to change the past
Memories gained will forever last
Spending time with good friends
A family love that never ends

Wasn't always fun and games
There were trials along the way
Found true love a time or two
Life lessons learned guide me through

So Today I turned 55
So far it's one amazing life
Never thought I'd live this way
Im having fun now every day

Today I turned 55

Poem by: Carl Joseph Roberts (Joe)
Hope to have many more, feel 35 so I think that's a good sign..
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