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Spatial poem
Has varied shapes
Ancient kind of verse
With Traditional Shapes.
Many  vague symbolic themes.
From tapers lozenges eggs or spheres
The concrete spatial poem has varied shapes.
~~            ~~          ~~            ~~
the above is with a Dectina Refrain
This is so tough. ~An Acrostic
This is so tough.
Having spent another lonely day
In living without my Darling girl.
Simply I have to say “I miss you Baby”

I can not care if my words fail to rhyme
See me as I walk around our favourite park

Sitting on the bench beside the lake
Oh I can hardly write for tears in my eyes

Tough as I am. I’m emotionally involved.
Oh people say that I’ll get over it sometime
Usually folk deal with death in many ways.
God knows I did my best to keep you alive.
Heaven is your home .Wishing I could join you.

Written by Philip
November 11th 2018
Walking through the places where we used to go.
To everything there is a season.
To everything there is a season.
Oh a time for every purpose under heaven.

Exactly a time to be born and a time to die
Virtually a special time to plant and pluck
Even a time to **** and a time to heal
Renovation by breaking down n building up
You know there’s time to weep n one to laugh
There is a time to mourn and a time to dance
Heave n cast away stones n gather together
In time to embrace n a time refrain embracing
Naturally a time to get and a time to lose
Grant y’self  a time to keep n one to cast away

Then a time to read poetry and then compose
Have yourself a a time to keep your silence
Eventually finding your time to wisdoms speak
Romancing with a time to love n a time to hate
Experiencing a time of war n a time of peace

In what profit hath he that laboured for God.
Simply for the benefit of the fellowship of man

As I have seen the laborious efforts of men n

Sons of men to be exercised in t’ work they do
Everything made beautiful in God’s good time
Also He  hath set the the world in their hearts
So that no man can find out the work that God
Onward from the beginnings unto the end.
Now is the time for All Men to do good in Life.
Written by Philip.
November 11th 2018.
An Acrostic rendition of To everything there is a season.
To everything there is a season
  Nov 2018 Philip Winchester
Blue is spirit and bright
The color and light
Of a wisp
Seeking through the night

Green is life and Joy
The color
Of summer time trees
The smile when you play with a toy

Yellow is the light of the night
Caring and pure
Helps anyone without a fight
They will be be your light

Black is dark but strong
More fragile then portrayed
but do not think them wrong
They still know love
But with the help of another
To light their way

Red is the sweetness of cherries
They will stay by your side
Their heart as pretty as daises
They love more pure then any other color
Just the sight of theirs or another pain
can make their eyes rain

Orange has the spirit of fire
Much like black and yellow
They will light you through the darkness
Until their fire burns out
Then they need a friend
To help them be free
And be the light they used to be

White i think the most confusing
Their hard to see
But When you see them
Their as special as anyone can be
Their quiet but always outspoken

Purple the color of a cats eyes
So watchful and careful
Ever so wise
Dont under estimate this beautiful soul
For it can go out of control
Emotions so strong but held by a string
They might need a friend
To help them find their wings
These are the colors of the souls
Whats the color of your soul?
Tudor Royals.   (An Acrostic)
Tough times the Tudor King endures
Undecided on his bold armorers
Due to hots for miss Anne Boleyn
Ordered aside the maid of Aragon
Removed poor Anne’s head for Darling Jane

Rare son to Jane but childbirth was a pain
On death we see the shrewdest Ann o Cleaves
You know they didn’t get on or consummate
A fifth in Katherine Howard a **** for sure.
Lost her head , took Kath Parr to bed
Six was five too many for a King named Henry
Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
The six wives of Henry VIII .. Katherine of Aragon.
Anne Boleyn ,Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleaves,
Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr.
The forgotten prisoner.
Trapped for years on end.
Confounding rhyme.
Prisoners of a scan,
That won’t come right.
It’s haunted me for too long
Now it’s time.
To admit to a defeat,
May seem a crime .
While wrong,
Perhaps ?
I’ll get it right next time.
Written by Philip.
The forgotten prisoner
I think I am the cat’s pyjamas
I think I am the cat’s pyjamas

Today and each and every day I’m told.
Halos hanging in my wardrobe tell me so
I think I am the cat’s pyjamas.
Not just an ordinary pair for an alley cat.
Know that I am a modest cat. It must be true

I think I am the cat’s pyjamas

And I will explain to you the clever things I do
My mummy cat try’s to curb my vanity

Though I think I am the cat’s pyjamas
Have you ever seen a cat writing poetry ?
Extra special pedigree cat’s can do this !

Can’t you see I am the cat’s pyjamas
And writing is my forte. It is my cloak.
Though I sleep every night with my beliefs
See I believe I am the cat’s pyjamas

Pyjamas of the finest Indonesia silk.
Yes in hues of pinks and vivid purple
Justification I am the cat’s pyjamas
And my modesty is known far and wide.
My goodness I am such a splendid Tom.
And to finalise know I am the cat’s pyjamas
See she told me last night so it must be true.!!
Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
The old English saying “He thinks he is the cat’s pyjamas”. Yes he’s so vain.
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