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A writer writes to hide his pain.
And a reader reads to find someone who feels the same.
Nonsense Poet Mar 20
In the middle of the night
I want to do it right
Twist feelings
Delete it one more time

Open your mind
The end will be the same
Breaking Bones
******* game

Hard to recognize
Subtle behaviour
A strange situation
Passive aggressive manipulation

You know the way
Escape: **** tree root
Or It can continue
Causing some issues
Nonsense Poet Dec 2018
A bundle of contradictions
A nonsense battleground
Victorious or defeated
No matter what happens
Death comes as the End...
  Dec 2018 Nonsense Poet
What does it mean to be human?
Does it mean that your body is flesh and bone?
My body is made of plastic.
What are you made of?
What makes a person whole?
Is it fulfillment? Happiness? Soul?
Whatever the case, I am not whole.
Are you?
Are humans intelligent or ignorant?
I am both.
Which one are you?
Are humans kind or wicked?
I do not know which one I am.
Do you know?
Do humans get to choose who they are?
I have tried to mould myself as best I can, into the person I want to be
Have you?
Are you human?
I am, decidedly, not human.
I am that which I do not know of
I am that which I do not wish to discover
I hope never to know who I am.
Who are you?
Uhhh **** my man
Nonsense Poet Sep 2018
Unconditional love
Amazing journey above
Truth or Lie?
Or just one more catchphrase?
Freedom or the Cage
Freedom in a cage
Hard decision  
We have to make
Complexity and fluidity
Loving without condition
Behavior versus a feeling
No more restriction
No chains or anchors.
Spread your wings
Start to fly above
I have no idea why I´m writing it.
  Aug 2018 Nonsense Poet
Life is a miracle.
The day you understand it,
You'll start to live.

  Aug 2018 Nonsense Poet
Ishan Kumar
Many books you might have read. 
But, did you ever read the reader? 

Many songs you might have listened.
But, did you ever listen to the listener? 

Many places you might have explored.
But, did you ever explore the explorer? 

Many events you might have experienced. 
But, did you ever experience the experiencer? 

Many journeys you might have voyaged.
But, did you ever voyage to the voyager?

Many facts you might have known. 
But, did you ever know the knower?
This poem is inspired by ancient spiritual texts which emphasize on knowing oneself.
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