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Rachel Keating Apr 2017
i was wondering
i had a headache
to understand the pain
but it was right in front of me
taking up
too much space

-it was you
Rachel Keating Mar 2017
i lay awake at night
with a thought confined mind
going over
what’s already over
between us
and how
love changed
to the dust under our feet
i can’t sleep
i can’t stop
wondering why
you’re so consumed
with fitting in
within an unfit people
why can’t you realize
that in my eyes
we only have to fit each other
Rachel Keating Mar 2017
you're like a song
an endless melody
weaving words together
with just a smile
it's been awhile
but you make my heart run for miles
something about that smile
gives me butterflies inside
I swear, that smile could light up the sky
Rachel Keating Mar 2017
when i first saw you
i knew
what your smile
would do
to a mind
like mine

i waited
for you
to ask my name
to hear
your voice
for the first time
Rachel Keating Mar 2017
i always knew
there'd be an end
i guess i just
never knew when
i thought our love
would last
but then came the hurt
the words
cut deep
invisible scars
that would keep
me up at night
replaying in my head
all the hurt
you said
you'd never do to me
but there you were
hurting me
Rachel Keating Jan 2017
home isn't just a four letter word
it isn't just a house or a place
with rooms and walls and boards

home is so much more

it's seeing your sister sleeping
soundly on the couch
next to the snoring dog

it's looking at old pictures
laughing about that one time
with your family by your side

it's the look your parents
give each other across the kitchen
like they've just fallen in love for the first time

it's sitting down for dinner
and smiling at each other across the table
thinking that life couldn't get any simpler

it's holding the ones you love
so tight they might break
for fear that home will lose its true meaning

home has many faces
not just simply words or places
home is full of endless love
feeling pretty thankful for my family and my home tonight.
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