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just a girl Aug 2014
desperate and so lonely
i've looked for you
i left behind all that i
have ever longed for
cold wins scream through my ears
like a banskee
a freezing chill
a pain, that still will haunt me

yet i have made it here
running through all the fear
the sadness in my heart retains the pain
and if i fall i've learnt that i may not return
none of my love remains
yet i have made it here
make this pain dissapear
my one and only prince charming

that's when i wonder...
why cant i even dream?

just a girl Aug 2014
roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are you

but the roses have wilted
and the violets are dead
the sugarbowl is empty
and my wrists are stained

just a girl Aug 2014
a broken mirror a bleeding fist
a silver blade against a wrist
tears falling down to lips unkissed
ignore her and she wont exist
she's not hte kind you'll come to miss

just a girl Aug 2014
you say you really love me
but still you call me stupid *****?
i dont think you really see
how much you make my arms itch

i do love you cuz afterall you are my mom
but we argue all the time
i dont know where this anger come from
and right now im living on a really thin line

mom i hate you go away
no i need you please, please stay!
get out of my room stupid *****
your face reminds me most of a witch

i sit here alone sad and afraid
but it wont be long back anyway...
im gonna **** myself, not today
but i will cuz i know i wont stay
so... my mom is overreacting about like... everything :'( ugh i hate her
and i'm SUPER suicidal right now... i turned anorexic at dinner today idk where it came from but just been arguing all day and now i feel fat...
we all do it;

when we're in pain,
we listen to that song,
that makes our hearts mend.

when we're broken,
we cry,
until there is no more tears.

when we have no other way to express ourselves,
we put a razor blade to a skin,
and pray it will go a little deeper than planned.

when we wanna feel the beautiful numbness,
we stab needles,
with love potion,
into our veins,
waiting to feel no more pain.

and when we're heartbroken,
we smoke a lot of menthol cigarettes,
because she only smoked Marlboro.

just a girl Aug 2014
but oh...
how can you miss someone
you never actually met?
this is beacuse i miss my long distance boyfriend so much
and basically we never actually met...
just a girl Aug 2014
my daily routine is tragedy
i just want to be happy...

it's supossed to be this short ;)
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