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Skyla Oct 6
The apple of my eye, I think I grabbed you from the sky
‘Cause your angel wings were soft and glistening
And your smile was bright and your eyes were glittering.

You took a hungry, broken girl and made me your goddess
You wrote me love poems and gave me your promise
You said you didn’t love any of your girls as much as me
Except for one, but she was simply just a haunting
You called me your beauty, said I set you free  

I was your little enchantress, your dancing muse
A ticking bomb, whilst you lit the fuse
You made me love, but mostly you made me cry
I was only a diamond, made to sparkle up your eye

I thought that you were heaven, where the angels dwell
But the heartbreak that you gave me, only gave me hell

My dreams were filled with images of you
I dreamt of the past and the future with you
Our love was timeless, our beauty was grace
When I gaze at the sun I picture your face

Our love was as delicate as fine China,
We were walking on shards of glass
I was slowly tiptoeing around the broken pieces
But you were running so fast

My sun, my moon, mon amour, la lune,
I danced on sharp fragments for you, cutting up my feet
The blood was dripping on the floor, but I kept thinking of how sweet, it is that you love me and I love you
And you’re always so cool, everything you do

You locked me up and threw away the key
My wrists were sore and I counted to three
But you grabbed your new love, your new bonnie
And you turned around and looked at me
And shook your head and said “sorry, baby”

You said I was too late, all I could feel was this hate
For myself and everything I didn’t have that she did
You found a new bambi, a new thumbelina
And I was nothing but your bloodied ballerina
Who let things destroy her so you could love her more
You said “too little too late” and left me sobbing and sore

I was always a diamond, your Aphrodite pearl
Your other girl was a map, but wasn’t I your whole world?

And maybe we’ll go down in history
You for notoriety, and shameless infamy
And they’ll all explore the mystery
And why you chose your mistress and threw me out to sea.
I’ll never forget this.
A mood can change in the blink of an eye.
Your texts stir up like dissolving lies.
My hands shake to the beat of my thundering heart.
My blood runs cold enough to freeze the pendulum swinging in my head.
My stomach wants to be sick, its letting me know my world is upside down.
The cold sweat consumes me.
Locks me in my head with my whirling thoughts.

When i claw myself out of this madness, i ask who am i?
Who am i to be jealous over an unrequited love?
They could make you happy, surely, i just want you to be happy?

I do want you to be happy.

This love. This hurt. This friendship. This obsession.

This nothingness is leaving no space left for sanity.
A mood can change in the blink of an eye.
I reread your text through blurry eyes.
My hands shake to the beat of my racing heart.
My blood runs cold and the red mist decends over my restraint.
The cold sweat consumes me.
Locks me in my head with my whirling thoughts.

When i claw myself out of this madness, i ask who am i?
Who am i to be jealous over an unrequited love?
They could make you happy, surely, i just want you to be happy?

This love. This hurt. This friendship. This obsession.

This nothingness is leaving no space left for sanity.
J J Aug 26
Autumn,with the force of rapid thunder
Dawns the sky, clawing the lake asunder
  Beneath our steps
As we leapt
  To,fro,and to again;

Here we burn, trapped to our limboid sojourn
Gasping for air as the Daemon sits without a care
Tracing and chasing the ends of his thinning thread
Connecting to our voodoo dolls, laments of our death
In silent whispers only existant at all by the dents
Where our mouths should be.

This dreaded haunting, this memory looped
With crimson nails the Daemon draws hoops
Pliable as a smoke ring from laughing lips,
The Daemon strings us by his fingertips—
Reminds us we alone created hell on earth—
You can taste it in the kicked up dust,
The unlexical powder that remarks our birth
In this stale heat, our skin starts to crust.

I called you my best yet, you said I was a settlement in a lost bet,
I called you a ***** and wished I drownt you in the wishing well
Where you'd only have other mute spirits left to tell; I set

Out on a ****** scheme that night--
To slit your throat as you awoke and watch you fight
Without a chance.
I watched you in your contorted dance and felt you lift,
Shiver and go stiff
Dying in my arms. But as I sighed I felt invisible red eyes
Settle on us from the willows
Behind the blindness window.

I heard a needle scrape, a scornful moan and a bat's descry.
I knew then I truly was the pawn in a wicked game
Who's evil was signatured in our name.

The devil netted your soul dear, and already had mine.
And as I sat straddled over your limpid frame, frozen in time
And feeling his nails, like worn toolbox screws, along my spine
I oddly thought pleasantly of better times:

Of our first meeting on that autumnal day, when caught in the breeze
And kissing discreetly
Amongst the trees
and along the lake we simontaniously compared to the mythical  Lethe.

I loved you then, oh how I did,
And in return, we'll love forever—
Us, the looping dead.
danahslade99 Aug 2018
Melt in lands
In an abyss of

Harm supressed;
Between two palms pressed
Remind us we are

Descending to a
Solitary fate
Where days

Glue me
To my memories
Cold cruelty and

An attempt at shadowing
The untamed.
marïama Jul 2018
I vainly sought in him a cure to the same pain he caused.
we would raise our arguments like sitting ducks just to to knock them down with reasons of logic or luck of love
Some things cannot be undone, people say we are meant for each other, but is it truly so
Maybe just a comfortable phase but will anything grow?
He whispered that there was only me, I believed all that he breathed in my ear, he pulled me in close, closer than anyone before..
I think I hate him now, a bit more every day but I've not given up yet- I want him to stay.
I wonder.. how do you fight jealously
How do you make it stop it’s constant hunger inside you.
Skin so soft that it doesn't seem real, in so deep I can’t keep it concealed, he Is all that i want and all that I need.
The doubt is consuming, the wall inside me was well-built and unyielding, my heart left too crippled from past abusers to possibly endure anymore pain
So if this love fails it will destroy everything in its wake.
I feign disinterest, pretend as if he doesn’t
engross my thoughts, as if my heart doesn’t encroach upon my stomach when he enters the room.
I become enraged from time to time when the little green bug called jealously feeds away inside of me
Love has taken control, the knowledge that i let “love” dismantle the wall,
that i spent years building and reinforcing
brick by ******* brick, piece by ******* piece
i let him gradually demolish it and now i am powerless and susceptible and now he has me by the heartstrings and he holds me in his greedy palms.
I even pray to God, the one i'm not even sure i believe in, I tell him that i would do anything,
anything just to take back control.
I can’t imagine how he could ever love a girl like me that looks upon his past with such jealousy but you wouldn't imagine
how one look in his eyes has me gravitating towards him and blindly forgiving the times when he was
with her.
Let’s end the getting-back-at-you-then-getting-back-together-with-you cycle.
Raw hope consumes me between the throbbing headache and dry tears stains after a night of crying
Aaliyah Houvener Jul 2018
i am a jealous person
if jealously was yellow
i would be as bright as the sun
shining so bright nobody could ignore
i would blind you
i am a jealous  person
if jealousy was green
i would be like the vegetable isle in the store
I would be so good for you yet nobody enjoys it
if jealousy was a flower
i would be the thorns on the rose you gave away to her
i am a jealous person
Autumn Whipple Feb 2018
blue and white
cast upon you
like rice at a wedding
they follow
but how to ward them?
when you ache
and plead
with yourself
your empty bank account,
for something you find beautiful
in another
yes, the evil eyes are always watching
they are yours.
this was for a prompt where you didn't name the seven deadly sins, so this one can have every adjective but the word envy. I chose the evil eye, because that represents the stain jealousy casts on others.
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