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Day by day I sit in wait
In this apartment of hell that I hate
Every day I open the blinds
to let in sunlight that I hope to illuminate
this dark soul of mine
Is it me that is blind
Is this prison that I perceive real or am I the one who is blind
Ask a spiritualist and they will say it is an illusion
Ask another and they will say it is how you look at it
Either way I am sick and tired
Of this anger that burns inside of me like a fire
Day after day and night after night my soul finds a reason
to moan and complain
My heart is tired and mad I've had enough
I will break out of this soul cage
A prison is not a home
Sometimes the innocent are made captive
Am I innocent or simply ungrateful
I know not the answers to these questions
I do know that I am fed up and I will not
Live my life for other people anymore
I am a lightworker
But if I only live my life for other people
then I am not shining my light am I
Which is what I came here to do
Maybe that will help me fulfill my mission to heal others
Maxine Rosenfeld Jan 2018
I want what you have
I want your dreams; the ones that scare you shitless
I want your secrets; the ones you can’t share with anyone
I want the thoughts that keep you awake at night; the ones that excite you
I want the ideas you want to share; the ones you know you never will share

I need what you have
I need your arms around my waist; the arms that will never be there
I need your lips pressed against mine; the lips that mine will never touch
I need your ***** smile smiling at me; the smile that will never look in my direction
I need your stupid ugly khaki jacket around my shoulders; the jacket that will never be near me

I wish that I have what you have
I wish I had your idiotic confidence; the confidence that I will never get back
I wish I had your insanely smart brain; the brain that has put up barriers against me
I wish I had your annoyingly inappropriate jokes; the jokes that you stopped telling me
I wish I had your ability to captivate the world; the captivation you no longer use on me

I yearn for what we could have been
I yearn to have an unconditional love; one that will never break
I yearn to have uncontrollable kisses; ones that we are unable to stop
I yearn to have cheesy promposals; ones that make everyone jealous of us
I yearn for extravagant valentine's day gifts; ones that make me want to scream and cry

You don't want what I have
My dreams; the ones that will never happen
My secrets; the ones that will tear people apart
My thoughts that keep me up at night; the ones that can even terrify me
My ideas that I want to share; the ones that would wreak havoc on everyone

You don’t need what I have
My thick messy hair; the hair that constantly falls in my face
My ***** brown converse; the ones with the laces falling apart
My empty grey eyes; the eyes that stare straight at you watching you ignore me
My annoying voice; the voice that says ****** comments to protect herself from your friends

You don’t wish to have what I have
My brutal honesty; the honesty that burns bridges
My crazy distrust; the distrust that worries my mother
My unbelievable pessimism; the pessimism that causes people to leave
My need to control everyone; the need to control that consumes all of my thoughts

You don’t yearn for what we could have been
You don’t yearn for unconditional love; not with me
You don’t yearn for uncontrollable kisses; but with her
You don’t yearn to give cheesy promposals; you would do anything to be with her
You don’t yearn to give extravagant valentine's day gifts; you would give anything to be with her

No matter how much I want...need...wish...yearn for you
You will always be wanting, needing, wishing, and yearning for her more
She is the pulsing red dot you are moving towards
I am barely more than a blip on your radar.
Rhianecdote Jul 2015
It's high time some people realise
That putting others down
Doesn't elevate you in any way,
shape or form

So before you take issue with me
How about you take issue
with your own insecurity?

Cause it's not a justification
for being ******
We all ***** from time to time but some people take it to another level. I've never quite understood the need for the hate or ****** comments some make about others, particularly those they don't know or even worse they're own supposed friends! I don't like being around that bad vibe, I don't like how you can be dragged into it. To say it makes me feel uncomfortable would be an understatement. For a long time I have learnt to extend patience and consideration when I understand that others "bad vibes" are coming from a place of either hurt or a low in themselves but I don't think it's always good to pander to people's low self esteem especially if they're in the wrong. In fact being blunt can do them some favours
Monika Feb 2015

Tell me
how you want to survive in a world like that
when you´re not even just slightly bad?

You think it´s easy?

You just dream
before you scream.

You cry
before you even try.

Do you remember what you promised?
I thought you were honest.

You accused me of shallowness
but you never thught about my emptiness.

Being ****** isn´t easy
*But it´s better than feeling crazy.
AS Dec 2014
Hey babe,
I've heard once,
some words coming out
your **** mouth,
you were telling me,
and all the others,
how I've been everything to you.
So tell me now,
when you don't have me
does that mean:
you have
yeah,I like being ***** sometimes
cait-cait Dec 2014
i cannot hate you,
the way i hate your opinions,
but *******,
you sure are ****** for
someone so emotionless
for a friend.
Xan Abyss Oct 2014
Let's face it,
You're honestly
Pretty Basic.
Don't call this racist,
Cause that's not the case, *****.
The Issue's
Not Racial
There's a cultural Basis.
There are
'Basic White *******'
Of  any Race
you can find
in LA
(which, by the way
Is every single race).
Everyone who's not a basic white *****
can spot a basic white *****,
Caucasian or not, it's
based on Identity
not Color or Shade.
You're not an Oasis
of cultural expectations,
and you have no idea
how your Entitlement
is Enabled
but it's okay,
Cuz you see, Babe,
The rest of us still need to
Assimilate into
The Culture that made you.
And as bad as this may
Make you feel, I'll just say
there's a good chance that this
is the only form of 'Hate'
you'll experience
Basically a poem about white privilege. Inspired by something I saw someone post.
Neha D Jun 2014
We've heard of a woman's grace,
And romantic fables of her charm.
But delve beneath the surface,
And stir waters outwardly calm.

A woman, if pleased is divine
And will do plenty to prove her grace.
when angry she'll turn serpentine
And descend like a meteor from space.

She’ll be sarcasm personified,
Every sentence riddled with a taunt.
You’ll be slandered and vilified,
And derided as shabby & gaunt.

When pleased she’ll be friendly and chatty
And lure you to reveal your fears.
But soon she’ll turn vile and catty,
And delight in your failures.

She won't leave a chance to ridicule
And bring up things you’d rather forget.
She will attack with every feminine tool,
And force you to mull and regret.

And when you've had enough of her satire
And try to give her a piece of your mind,
She will breathe out tons of fire,
And to crisp she'll burn your behind.

So don't **** a woman to show
Her ****** and vindictive side
Be a gentleman if you don't want to know
That Far from being Jekyll, she's Mr. Hyde
My girlfriends and I observed, after deep introspection, that we all have a very ****** and vindictive side to us. So one of them challenged me to write about the not so 'graceful' side of a woman. So here it is ;)
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