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Heather Valvano May 2021
I ran and asked the ghost woods
How much to be free
Tell me what is
And what was

Hurt me with dead words
Make a prison without love

How much to be free

There is no sacrifice
No limbs for shelter
Show them what is
And what was
Show them how to surrender

I ran and asked the ghost woods
How much to be free
Heather Valvano Feb 2021
Let’s all just fight
About nothing and everything
Use words that make us feel smart
And shout so loud we look stupid
But all we hear is our own voice
Drowning out reason because
Our brains are soaked in self indulgence
Self inflicted destruction
Heather Valvano Feb 2021
Rose colored lenses
Half hearted defenses
Selfish dreams
Bitter lies
There are no words
I’ll ride into another world
If only in my mind
Color blind
I’ve been this way for such a long time
I’m tired of waiting for the rest to catch up
Heather Valvano Jul 2020
No words
For over a year
There is no feeling
Numb to hate
Numb to anger
Numb to fear
Darkness descends
My mind fades and disappears
None of it matters
Time repeats
The mind deletes
The masses rise
Like the tides ebb and flow
The moon phases
The earth shakes
The cancer grows
Faith dwindles
Hearts break
And no one knows
No one knows
Heather Valvano Jul 2019
You try to steal happiness
like money from a bank
You don’t hide your face
You have no shame
I’m a pin cushion
You keep sticking those needles
Trying to find the mine
That is my heart
So you can squeeze it in your hands
Or rip it apart
Do whatever you want to me
You’ve already done the worst to yourself
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