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No words
For over a year
There is no feeling
Numb to hate
Numb to anger
Numb to fear
Darkness descends
My mind fades and disappears
None of it matters
Time repeats
The mind deletes
The masses rise
Like the tides ebb and flow
The moon phases
The earth shakes
The cancer grows
Faith dwindles
Hearts break
And no one knows
No one knows
Heather Valvano Jul 2019
You try to steal happiness
like money from a bank
You don’t hide your face
You have no shame
I’m a pin cushion
You keep sticking those needles
Trying to find the mine
That is my heart
So you can squeeze it in your hands
Or rip it apart
Do whatever you want to me
You’ve already done the worst to yourself
Heather Valvano Jun 2019
You let your demons be known
You gave them names
And made them your home
I stared while most looked away
I dove in so deep
I nearly drowned
And when I caught my breath
Heartache was all I found
I had to send my demons away
But sometimes they whisper
Come out and play
You don’t understand who I’ve become
We’re on different levels
Though neither has won
I could sit next to you
And still know what to say
I visit you in my mind
But I never stay
Heather Valvano May 2019
Without meaning
It’s all really just a bunch of chaos
Are we all science projects designed to hurt each other?
Little ecosystems with layers of hurt
Revenge, rage and dirt
Our history repeats itself
and we deserve our demise
We fight for the right to ******
our mistakes for a reality that is easier
The creature comforts make us beasts
that squabble and squander
I have been given a heart
A mind
A conscious
I have feelings, dreams
We are all beings with beginnings
Hardships grow like roots from a seed
And flowers can bloom along with the weeds
But I cannot control the hearts of others
Is life easier without meaning?
I refuse to believe it’s all just the toss of a coin
Heather Valvano Apr 2019
My mind has gone off the beaten path
And I’m not sure I can get it back
My heart wants to live where souls meet
But my body passes time in living sleep
I exist where dreams dwell
Flowers bloom and song birds swell
I am the ocean’s roar
I am the storm
Raindrops race to the shore
I am a thousand summer days with no end
I am the heat from the fire
Words and thoughts and time transcends
Heather Valvano Jan 2019
Give me little pieces of laughter
and stained glass hearts
We are mosaics of color
hurt by broken shards
that we glue together
Like bits of tiny stars
Give me pieces of patience
and hope measured in yards
Give me the fire that transforms
us into what we are
Heather Valvano Nov 2018
I am beautiful but I am broken
The truest words are left unspoken
Some hearts flutter but do not open
I can choose but am not chosen
I am marked but I am muted
In my belief I am rooted
Some hearts are pure but yet polluted
Red and black and transmuted
I am dormant but I am dreaming
The theory alive but soul sleeping
Some hearts cannot stop the bleeding
The willow grows but remains weeping
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