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Conversations can occur in many ways.
Many the conception of one thing, used to justify another.
It tends to happen more commonly if not at all.
A certain honesty revealed.
In the consideration of intimacy
Without coming across as too overbearing.
Yet we place blame on ourselves for not revealing how we truly feel,
Sometimes trapping ourself in the thought of someone else's happiness.
Obvious truths overlooked when the normal reaction is the total opposite.
The latter, already knowing how we'd like to be valued, received.
We express ourselves the same way.
Not truly knowing how it's to be received.
Obvious truths automatically assumed when true intention is revealed.
Instead we seek validation through a smile, a laugh.
Part of ourself hidden.
A habit of not wanting to project what we feel we lack.
Overvalued on whether or not happiness is then assumed,
Instead of saying how we truly feel.
We normally put ourselves on hold.
Fearing that our mouths may differ in opinion,
that how we truly feel.
May not be what the other person expects, or wants to hear.
Further putting ourselves at confrontation with what we truly feel.
Not truly knowing the risk that comes with how much we truly love
And how much sacrifice is required.
How often we express our likes and dislikes
How often do they go ignored
Yet we place blame on ourselves for not revealing how we truly feel
James Oct 2018
They say it could be the Bible; the manual on dealing with defeat. Composed on top of Calvary, where they often let me sleep. But they ****** me and kicked me out, at around book thirteen;
- “You’ll never understand, until you’ve fought in World War Three”
My heart is no good, and my hands are tired from fighting; I tricked myself into thinking I was worth something
Chicken Oct 2018
If I’ve got nothin’ except for me,
and You’ve got nothin’ except for you

What have we got to lose

What have we got to lose

There's nothing to think through
The cap fits
Props glitch
Everything else is old news
old news.
Song about  getting it together
Louisa Coller Jun 2018
left forgotten
undervalued today
what would I give to have patience
cared for
Patience is a cinquain poem themed around the concept of patience in life. I am quite impatient and I am learning to appreciate it a little more.

Many people really don’t realise that, their skills aren’t to blame, they aren’t to blame, they just need to be patient to let their talents unfold or be picked upon.

Patience can often give you moments of self-analysing and self-love that you need. It can also make you appreciate the world around you a lot more. Simply being alone outside itself, can make you feel a little better in yourself – especially around sunset, because then you can watch the colours changing in the sky too!

I know that we are all impatient in getting what we need done, because for some of us, we’re scared we might never finish it before, you know, we ‘go’.  It makes sense, people want to do the best they can in life, others might get frustrated and give up, thinking because they’ve reached a certain age, a certain point there is no point in attempting to mend the broken road. I can’t exaggerate enough, how utterly wrong they are. I used to be like that, I too thought because I couldn’t socialise properly by a certain age, because I confessed to my mental issues later in life, that I, too, myself, would be in a struggle forever. It’s not like that.

You can still fight back for your life.
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2018
It's true though.
Any happiness you felt began with you first.
You didn't wait, you rephrased it as a smile.
Straightforward really.
You felt a way because my passion could never justify.
Only reinforce what you felt to begin with.
You felt a way because you respect yourself to be yourself.
The emotional boundaries of your well being.
Thus I awaited your permission before taking the first step.
Initially paraphrasing your smile.
The importance of being treated the way I'd like to be treated.
Holding your stare to create a sense of security.
A safety that went without ill-intention.
Not because you fill your jeans or the fact that your well put together.
What's meant to be is what's meant to be.
What's the rush.
Although true, you felt a way because I never crossed any of your boundaries.
A generational gap between "hey lets chill." and "I'd love to take you out."
The honesty of eyebrows highlighting life goals in full view of the sun.
Fully dressed.
Well groomed.
While the sky attends it's breakfast.
Reservation in the clouds.
The embodiment of grace
Andrew Ewen Feb 2018
Has anybody ever asked you, how can you be tired?
You haven't done anything.
Well imagine your mind beating itself up all day.
Doing constant routine after routine, wondering if you're going crazy.
Fearing you may not make it through the day.
Stress and anxiety tightening up your muscles, making it hard to breathe.
Feeling like you've run many miles.
No day is easy for a person with a mental illness.
We have to fight to get through each and every day.
I just wish more people would take that into consideration before opening their mouth.
Rhianecdote Jul 2015
It's high time some people realise
That putting others down
Doesn't elevate you in any way,
shape or form

So before you take issue with me
How about you take issue
with your own insecurity?

Cause it's not a justification
for being ******
We all ***** from time to time but some people take it to another level. I've never quite understood the need for the hate or ****** comments some make about others, particularly those they don't know or even worse they're own supposed friends! I don't like being around that bad vibe, I don't like how you can be dragged into it. To say it makes me feel uncomfortable would be an understatement. For a long time I have learnt to extend patience and consideration when I understand that others "bad vibes" are coming from a place of either hurt or a low in themselves but I don't think it's always good to pander to people's low self esteem especially if they're in the wrong. In fact being blunt can do them some favours
Rhianecdote Jun 2015
When they ask how you are





Some more
It's sad how I think this way of dealing with life is encouraged. People don't really open up to each other and I think it's cause they don't believe others will listen or help but I hope we will all keep the faith and tell people how we really feel if we need to
A big smile helps to chase the blues away
A phone call lets a person know that you love them
A warm meal for the *homeless
makes them feel human
A helping hand with the shopping lets one know that you care.
letting someone go first on a bus is being polite
listening offering an shoulder to cry on.
visiting the sick
and housebound helps them to engage socially
would't the world be a better place if everyone took a moment
to do all of these things
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