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Andrew Switzer Jul 2019
Rubber chicken bubble bath,
greasy chicken nugget,
Never learned a lick of math
How many in this bucket?

Counting on my hands and feet,
Spilling sweet and sour,
Wolfing down this deep fried meat
By dozens every hour.

Teriyaki, honey mustard, Barbecue, Atomic,
Churning in this raging pit of lava once a stomach.
Though many hours pass, a fire immolates my mouth,
Then I feel the terror of what waits for me down south.

My body is a war zone, a broken ruin burning,
Though I may never eat again, I’m bad at lesson learning.
For if I ever do, I will forget this day,
Once more my organs pay the price, the spice will have its way.
Andrew Switzer Jul 2016
Broken down, discarded dreams,
Slipping through these splitting seams,
Seems to me these eyes can't see
A way to flee this one note scene.

Discordant dissonance of hate,
The fear and pain it propagates,
Weeping mothers, bleeding sons,
A war is waged that can't be won.

Another day, another shooting,
Another factory polluting
Drinking water, poisoned crops,
White collar crimes, when will they stop?

The future never looked so bleak,
Each suture we possess is meek.
But humankind will persevere,
And filter blackened waters clear.
Andrew Switzer Apr 2016
In the stillness of the night, my hands ache to take yours in mine, tracing lines on your palms, facing each other, in lasting calm.

I yearn for the hair that shines so bright, burns like the sun I crave in sightless dark. I run to my dreams to feel your hair, falling around my face as I play the part of your pillow.

My skin, on fire with the desire of pressing against you, caressing your back and arms. Keeping you safe from harm, no alarm creeping towards the breaking dawn.

My eyes long to fall on perfect features in the fading light, the prettiest of all Gods creatures. Locking mine with emerald pools of passion, a lasting gaze to amaze my fasting soul.

Eager for your love to fill my bowl, knowing, as the wind is blowing beyond my windowsill, thirst is a distant, fading curse.

Our hearts intertwine above the sea, parting waves to save romance, so free. No love compares to the one we share, as we celebrate our eternal dance.
Andrew Switzer Jan 2016
You're a breath of fresh air in a world of smokestack trees.
Andrew Switzer Dec 2015
One bullet. One bullet is all it would take to drain away all of the disillusionment and dishonesty, all the tears and silent screams in the middle of the night when I can't see any reason to stick around, when all I want to do is set myself on fire and throw myself off the roof, for no other reason than to actually ****** feel something before I go. But I can't. The recurring thoughts of sweet release are always soured by thoughts of the aftermath. My parents. They would never recover. They'd spent the rest of what they don't even feel like you could call a "life" wondering where they went wrong, why I didn't come to them, why they weren't able to help me. Why their baby is dead. The image of my parents weeping over my brutally disfigured corpse is something I've never seen, but it haunts my ******* dreams every night when I close my eyes. ******* it mom and dad, why the **** do you have to care about me so much. I love you two, so ******* much. It may seem like an end to the pain for us, but for parents, it's the end of their lives.
Andrew Switzer Dec 2015
It's over, I'm finished, deaths already won,
Used only my thoughts, had no need for guns.
The body still walks and the mouth still smiles,
But behind these dulled eyes lies a blank, lifeless isle.
  Dec 2015 Andrew Switzer
Free Bird
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
Money in the pocket of the biggest shareholder

Day by day, we grow older
Love is lost, hearts grow colder

So while you still can, you should hold her
Say what you feel, before you wish you'd told her

Don't stash your dreams away, in that folder
As you care less what they think, you'll get bolder

Listen to those, who need a shoulder
Let her live, don't try to mold her

Don't sell your soul, for something golder
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