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Not the first, nor hundredth view inside.
Masks forgotten with departed boundaries,
Tied through inner worlds and silenced words;
Stripped. Of everything but a shadowed view of depth.

With this, a fall into bottomless fragility.
A glittering lock of unknown vulnerability;
A naked tether. Souls on show.
An illuminance playing in purity below.

Outlines blurred of who, or what, we are,
With memories brought ashore in tidal waves.
After learning to float, succumb to the intricate sway
Of days spent glimpsing our reality.
Astraea May 2016
The eyes are first to sparkle
To reveal boundless joy
The eyes shout euphoria from the very tops of every hill

The eyes are also first to glisten
Swimming in a salty pool
They blink and blink to hold them in but they won't always stay hidden

The eyes are the windows into the soul
They peer to see if it is broken
Or if it is still standing, resolutely strong and whole

The eyes can read a thousand lies
They peel back woven cloths
They offer a glimpse, a chance to check if anything is disguised

I keep my face turned away
My eyes fixed on something else
I keep my eyes averted just so I can avoid another's gaze

But when I do, when I hold
Your unwavering stare
Lightning bolts shoot through me, stirring deep and cold

A heightened awareness of every breath
Making sure to keep them steady
I keep up my end, never breaking, with all the courage I have left

Those eyes bore right into my being
A rawness fresh and apparent
Your eyes have now seen everything
I flinch, I sever the electric current
Opia is defined as the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.
I've always found eye contact between two people to be intimate and unnerving and tend to avoid it when I can.
Have you ever met someone so intense
Not in a normal way
but in a way that when they look at you
you feel such Opia when you gaze into their eyes
Such an intensity flows from just a glance
it feels as though they see right through you
they know your hopes, your fears, your pain
They’ve seen you through your own eyes
and it began with only a glance
Have you ever met someone so intense?
I have,
They were one of the most interesting people I knew
however, it seems
the most intense people
cause the most heartbreak
and the most heartbreak
is caused by
the most intense people
they can see into your soul with only a glance
and leave you wanting, one more chance.
Ophira Aug 2015
"Nobody has brown eyes like yours"
I blush for you and part with those eyes
for a view of the pebbled table
I take a sheepish sip of our tea and slide it across the rocks
You take a long drink
like I should've done
Your mouth isn't this dry.
God, I want to . . . I lick my cracked lips and go for another shot of your eyes.
They're smiling. Your mouth is still but there's a crack in the straight line of your lips. I pretend not to notice.
And a wide smile breaks across my face.
You exhale in amusement and change the song,
Skip . . . skip . . . skip . . .
Skip . . .
I laugh. Trying to set the mood?
Skip . . . skip . . . off.
Ophira Aug 2015
Just let me see you
Let me look in your eyes
Because after five minutes
Everything will be alright
Skype is bae =P
Andrew Switzer Jun 2015
Opia. Noun. The ambiguous intensity of looking into someone's eyes, which can fell simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

As you lie in my arms, watching the television, you don't notice that my undivided attention is focused on you. Something I've been dreaming of for weeks, and it's finally come true. Even better, from your angle, you can't see me staring into your eyes, so I don't feel the nervous compulsion to turn away. Whether directly or not, I could drink in your eyes with mine, for hours, and they would be among the best hours of my life.
Then there's the other hand, held tightly by trepidation. I love the prospect of your eyes staring into mine, but it's not without its fears. I'm afraid you'll see all the pain and fears that I've spent the past seven years working to overcome. I'm afraid you'll see all the insecurity and doubts I have about myself. I'm afraid you'll see all the words that I long to whisper in your ear, but can't, because I'm terrified of scaring you away. I'm afraid you won't like the fact that, behind these eyes lies only pictures and thoughts of you. But most of all, I'm afraid that, unlike me, who loves every detail, and lives for moments like these, you won't love the things you see. I long for the day when you stare happily into my eyes, but I'm frightened that you won't enjoy the secrets they reveal.

— The End —