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I am black like the lack of light
but shine bright like the lack of darkness
I am your worst fear
wealth to a darker shade
I illuminate your misconception
Full of transparency I don't believe in deception
I was told never to seek validation
because I was born superior
no matter why others express fear
and shade oceans full of tears
Now you see me

Why Do I have to be aggressive for you to hear me!!!
I rule like King Tut
young wild and untaught
I learned that man only lives two days
one day he is born
the next he dies
so why should I lie inside my own lies
tell lies to my own eyes
who am I deceiving?
Now you see me

It took George Floyd's Life for you to hear me
still wake up to sounds of you telling me you hate me
Its never been about one's occupation
Its always been about that dream Dr. King dreamt
I hope my children, children experience it
Because I missed it, never felt it, just hatred, and unjust court cases
if not now then when will you see me  
would you rather I disappear, or return to my motherland
Or would you rather I sacrifice my neck to gain justice
Now you see me
I am afraid that you are falling in love with the expectations you have of me

While you ignore the toxic version of me
The loud, broken, desperate version of me

You don’t really see me, you see job offers
a few kids, a wedding ring, new homes, new cars  
While you ignore my deep scars

I am afraid you are falling in love with who you want me to be

While ignoring the real me, the trauma suffering, addict struggling, broken soul, who is afraid to love

You are ignoring the angry man who needs therapy but decides it’s better to feed his anger and throw his emotions at the end of liquor bottles

The man who your mother warned you would break your heart.
I am a victim of my pain, but you ignore that because you see something within. You want me to be that perfect man of your dreams, that you forget to face your nightmares

You hide my scars, feed me compliments while preaching to me about your biological timeline, lying and telling me everything will turn out fine if I find a job that makes a lot of money, bought a new car, a new home with a picket fence, change my accent, dress and act a certain way   

Please don’t try to save me
Save your imagination for thinking it can transform me to meet your expectations
Sometimes those we love to forget to love the real version of us. They think about all the great things and forget to address the warning signs early due to their need to make you their "one and only". Expectations destroy relationships and **** any hope for change. We need to do better at truly loving each other.
Early morning birds chirping
Singing melody’s of peace
Looking out into the forest
I see beauty in your face
Africa has a smell that no one can erase
A smell that echos love into your soul  
Life so simple, life so inspiring and incredible
Don’t believe what the discovery channel told you about a land that existed before any other
Africa the mother of the earth
Birthing billions of souls
who left it but still live in it
It’s blood runs deep in our souls
Skin shades might change
but our roots are deep Within
When Africa cries we feel it’s pain  
When Africa smiles we rejoice with pure joy
Colonizers tried to change it but it changed them
They stole its music, passion, material good, it’s minerals, traditions, and norms
Taking even its greatest queens and kings
Tribal men and women
They tried to **** its joy but it still smiled through the pain
Enslaving it’s people still couldn’t **** it existence
Birthed in resistance and molded by resilience, inspired by diligence, fueled by consistence
We are strong, powerful, and courageous  
Africa the birthplace of the human race
With our palms pressed let’s say Grace
As we pray for peace
Her: Hey how are you
Me: I am still a fool
Her: Why
Me: Because I am still willing to fall for you
Her: I just called to check up on you
Her: Heard you been facing a tough time
Me: Yes I have been facing a tough time
Me: I have been feeling empty inside
Me: I been feeling like a hole has been ripped in my heart
Me: Even though my heart beats,
Me: It still beats to the soundtrack of your voice
Her: I am confused
Her: I gave you my heart and you decided to break it
Her: Now you crying and facing regret
Her: I gave you my all, and you gave me just enough of you
Her: Enough to keep me interested
Her: While loving me from a distance
Her: As you fought the resistance, you never gave us a chance
Her: You ignored love when it came knocking
Me: I know, I was wrong for thinking you would stay forever
Me: I took you for granted, I took what we had and destroyed it
Me: You calling me shows me that we still stand a chance
Her: Some chapters are better left closed
Her: I am just keeping my promise
Her: I told you I would be there for you
Her: Even if it meant loving you from a distance
Her: I see the good in you
Her: But I can't be with you if you don't see it too
Me: I see what you mean, I still have a lot to learn
Me: I tried to find you in the last person who claimed to love me
Me: But failed to realize that a love that you gave could never be duplicated, a love full of compassion, desire, a love so deep the soul can feel it. Now I get it, I was numb at the moment because I was afraid to feel loved, afraid to lose myself in you, afraid to face my darkest fears
Me: I was afraid to let you hold my insecurities, thinking it would destroy me.  So I never gave you all of me. Because I thought it was impossible to love me
Her: Impossible is a word cowards use to ignore life's greatest opportunities. I believed in you and saw all that you could be
Her: I saw past your insecurities, I just hoped you saw me for me and stopped running away from me
Her: Your fear introduced countless hours of tears to me
Her: You left me outside your heart as I knocked for you to let me in
Her: Now that I healed from the pain and hurt you caused me, you want me to open up those old scars, those old memories
Me: I am sorry, that I hurt you so badly. I hurt myself too along the way for being ignorant of your love
Me: Your words were the closure I was looking for
Me: The piece to my peace I was missing
Me: I now undersatnd what it means to have had and lost
Her: I am sorry too... I wish you luck as you search for the real you
Her: When you find him please tell him next time to love instead of run, tell him its ok to feel too. Tell him true love comes to those who seek it with all of their heart and soul. Tell him its ok to fall
Me: Thank you for everything
Me: I now understand
Her: You are welcome, I will be here until the end
walk with me through the valley
show me that it's possible to love me
i might not know the best part of me
but with you, i see more than i ever dreamed of seeing
walk with me through the good and the bad
through the worst and the best
i pray to one day see you walk down the aisle
coming to publicly give your heart to me
walk with me through it all
and i will make sure to fall a million times for your soul
walk with me because i know you are all of me
this love we have is fueled by serendipity
protected by God almighty
promise to never leave me
and i will promise to always love you
I wanted to write you this piece
But thought that these words
would rob you of your peace

This paper would ran out of space
As it flows with emotional ink

Numb emotions hug me like a mother hugs her young child
These thoughts run wild
Like the tracks on a black queens head
Outside I smile but inside I’m dead
Feeding on false hope
That one day you will return back to me like an addict relapsing back to their deadly drug
Hoping you inhale my presence
And remember the love as you forget the mistakes

We walked on clouds just to fall asleep in loveless coffins
When you trust me with your future
I am a man at last
You inspire me to work harder
Hold on just a little longer
Let’s invest in our hearts
And hope they forever last
You are the thoughts I think
The eyes I see
The beat to my heart
Without you I would fall apart
If roses make you smile
I promise to build you two gardens
One in the backyard and one in my heart
With your fingers your build
With your heart you heal
You are the medicine to my sickness
I wrote these vows five years
before I kissed your tears
And touched your fears

To my future wife
I am the reason why your ex’s became ex’s
I guess my prayers told God to hit next
And now I’m in your presence
Hoping to be your forever
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