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When love echoes in your ears
Please listen to it
For it might be the last time it will ever speak to you
Otherwise You will spend a lifetime
looking for it in many people
But never find something
that was meant to be simple
Wanting so much, quickly turns to too much
Those who have much, don’t know what to do with so much
Greed and envy they invite
Long talks with eyes, that have seen too much
Hungry mouths on streets, empty bellies, cold feet, fake smiles, and sweaty palms
Street signs held by those who took too much
Left with nothing while standing for nothing
Victims of decisions
Living under a vision full of nightmares
Old scars that trace back to bad tracks
Squeezing pennies out of dollars
While others throw dollars at hurt lovers
Wanting too much but not willing to pay attention, Life is a long sentence
And meditation is study hall
We are stuck identifying classes
But lack chemistry
Quick to jump to conclusions
like mathematicians
While producing too much in biology
Knowing about the human anatomy but fail to know who we ought to be
Let’s tip the scale and see what would happen if the have nots had more
And the rich were broke would that increase global peace or is that too much to ask for
Chasing a score
looking for more
poor sucker
looking for love in a drug called time
tick tock goes the clock
egos drop, hearts melt
as she played the cards she was dealt
scars on her body from tight belts
looking for veins to hide her pain
needle in, needle out as she inhales in hell
deep breath lungs pop, low air she don't care  
feeling low to get high
getting high with an emotion called love
to only find out that it never existed in others or drugs  
feeling betrayed, her wrist she slayed
wanting a quick exit
only to end up committing accidents
failing at life and failing at death
feeling worthless, hurt, depressed and more stressed  
living with pain drove her insane
asylums kicking her out, nobody could figure her out
deep emotions she started spitting out
a victim of time and love, confused and abused
all this because she was chasing a score
My aching bones
Have walked a million steps
Touched a lot of space

They ache from the pain of life
But my mind and eyes thank them for never stopping
They walked through mountains and valleys
Through night and day facing life's darkest ally's
Just so I can write these stories
Earning life’s victories
while counting all of my tragedies
In peace I float as I sip on life’s sweet harmony

I am a product of my environment
Born and raised in the concrete jungles
Places where Kings go to find trouble
Changing my narrative has been my life’s goal
I stopped wishing for Fridays
And started loving all days
Because anyday could be the day
Anyday alive should be a good day
Because without a day
We face the reality of a bad day
The eyes that see beyond the seas are always free to see
what they want to see

I would bleed a million seas if I lost all that life meant to me

With you I could be who I want to be
Young wild and free

Words written on emotions are called poetry
Emotions felt with words are called love
They always float on seas
that only lovers could see
He cried for her to stay
She left with his heart in her hands
Drowning it in her tears
He slept with his fears
heartless he was
A savage seeking his next victim
Insecure growing up with no father
And an addict for a mother
Motherless Brooklyn
your city lights never sleep
Your heart sold for attention to the next buyer
Left alone on an island called Coney
Summer nights become cold as the heart of winter
Creating a cold killer
Oh Motherless Brooklyn she hopes you heal
But in the meantime she hopes
you spend time in hell
As you in hell
For the pain you caused her
Weak men fall victim to their insecurities
While blaming it on their passionless passion
aggressive nature, leaving prints on past lovers
While tucking Their souls under covers
Motherless Brooklyn you have not seen your sin
A fool to love you are
As you fiddle with old scars
You are a victim of a perfect crime
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