She scared him when she told him to unplug his heart from hers
She touched and played with her open scars
Bleeding, while she visited her past
He tried to repair her
But she was not willing to let him touch her scars
So her heart went far
He ran after her
Only to find her hiding behind her insecurity
Changing her character
seeking a different identity  
It was easier to run away from love
than face her reality
She overdosed on fantasy
And died to the sound of misery

Her love was nothing but a mystery
She burned with passion as I sacrificed my heart for her to use as a canvas
She drew art only my soul appreciated
It thirsted for her existence
Holding on to hope
while burning with a passion
If anything know that this heart beats
Creating instrumentals, that have rthyms to your heart beat
Synchronized we swim to satisfaction
While multiplying genuine affection
As it Clogs our imagination
Thoughts so deep they drown in the ocean
you had 7 billion choices to love
But me is who you picked above
If anything know that my love for you will never die
Like a ghost I will hunt your thoughts, dreams and imagination
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2017
I remember cold nights
Crazy fights
Deep thoughts
Scary moments
I remember speaking to deaf ears
Expressing my deepest fears
Shading these cold tears
Just to be told I wasn’t enough
I was just a moment
I was just someone to occupy your space
Something to embrace your presence
It’s evident that now that you are writing a new chapter, my name won’t be mentioned
But please remember to give me credit for at least taking your class on love
Even though I failed it
I learned a lot from it
I grew from it
If I was to take it again I.....
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2017
Comfort Me
Hold me, touch me
Restore me, heal me
Fill me to feel me
Don’t leave me feeling empty
Alone and lonely
Comfort me in the storm
Keep me warm
Hold me like the womb I came in from
Comfort me today
so I don’t seek comfort in what pleases the eyes
Let me get lost In your heart
Glue my emotions to yours
And pray that they never get torn apart
Comfort my soul
for it knows nothing but the feeling of your love
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2017
I saw fear in you as he hugged you
You begged him not to let you go
Holding him closer so he could touch your soul
He smiled and wished you well
Not knowing that he was the cause
of your tears in the well

Drowning in emotions you were
But you painted a smile so good
He thought you were doing well

What he didn’t know
was that he was the one who belt the well
Ilunga Mutombo Dec 2017
Crossing roads with no stop signs
Even danger fears me
Love scares me
Risks bore me
Love confessed to be my enemy
For many years it fought me
Till it won me and now it abuses every part of me
I gave it hope but it’s still wants more from me
With every piece of my being it forces me to be vulnerable, show emotions that are relatable
So now every time I say “I love you” I take risks not knowing if that will be the first or last time I say that to you
It was risks that got me this far
It will be risks that will expose my hearts scars
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