We are always running away from something
Either our past or our future
Present life or rapture
Burning fire or soft heavenly clouds
Heavy guns with loaded rounds or angels singing angelic songs
Fearing death but afraid of living
Asking for time but waste it doing nothing
Oh I get it now
He was your go to
While I was your addiction
You were stuck between two lovers
Pleasing both of us undercovers
A secret agent playing under cover

You comforted our egos
While sharing your heart
No wonder why your heart was torn apart
I need peace more than I need my next breath
For if I leave this world better than I found it
Then I have done my duty
Giving up my life for freed and liberty
Freeing those in captivity
This is the cry of a soldier
Whose heart is bolder
Sacrificing everything
Feasting on pain while starving for world peace
If you love her fight for her

If not, then please leave her

For she deserves a better lover

One that can truly adore her
If you going to hate anything

Hate your ego

Because it has forced you to let go

Of the greatest gift you have ever had

I miss writing

As much as I miss your love

Because you gave my heart

Something to write about

Without you around

I am without
I wrote this when I was angry - I hate you
I wrote this when I was sad - I miss you
I wrote this when I was happy - I love you

Of all the feelings I had the only constant was - you

You make me feel things
I never knew I could feel
So trust me when I say I am truly feeling you  

You got the keys to my emotions
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