When she hugged me
she took my soul with her
Soulless I am

A skeleton with a beating heart
Senseless I am

Emotions with no one to love
Loveless I am

A smile with no confidence
Insecure I am

Pain is silence covered in beauty
to comfort the lonely.

Love is not perfect
But it is worth it

Love is not always beautiful
But it will come to you, if it was meant for you
It will make you reflect on the inner you

Love is not always easy
But it will hold you gently
kiss you softly
touch you deeply
move you emotionally

For me it never had a starting point or an ending point

I just knew it had to be given
You were the chosen

I showed it by never forgetting where we were going

Goals set, in midnight conversations, early morning calls, late night walks

Never asked you to be loyal
Always talked about keeping it real
It’s like the scene never ended and you kept the reel
Never needed lights to show the actions
No amount of cameras could capture the excellence of your presence
You never left even when you were given the evidence

To you my loyalty has no expiration
Your heart is it’s intended destination

Be the hope you hope to bring into the world
Love strong love hard
Smile long
Show others what it means to hold on to hope
Trust the universe to pick up your energy
Cast out your enemies
Take out your insecurities
Feed you courage and bravery
Be the hope you hope to see in the world

Unique heart beat, beats on emotional minds
Who should I trust my soul or my mind
Left isolated, feeling Segregated
Body, mind, heart soul so separated
My emotional home invaded
Anger whispers in my ears
Stress smiles as it pierces my eyes
Looking down the hole of emotions
Sad, lonely, depressed, unimpressed
Heart bruised from being beaten
Abused now less used puking emotional expressions
What is this water leaving my eyes
Migraines knocking on my forehead
Begging me to let them in, mind feeling thin
These are my words and emotions I feel when I think of losing you

You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served
Stop force feeding yourself emotions
That don’t exist
Find the love that you deserve
Bravery is not fighting for those who left
Bravery is leaving those who hurt you
Broke you, demoralized you, and abused you
So leave that table with a tip for the next lover
Don’t hold on any longer
Any form of disconnect is a sign that you need to write your next chapter
Leaving might hurt now
but your heart will thank you later

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