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You are beautiful
Not because I see you
But because my soul feels every part of you

I am a product of your strongest and weakest emotion

I go as your heart beat goes, I flow like a stream of blood through your veins,
you have captivated my heart and brain for you my soul will go insane,
love me now and tomorrow
through love, pain and all of life’s sorrow

Be my light and shinning amour, let this light always shine even in our darkest hour
The scariest part about all of this
Is that there is an empty tomb waiting for all of us

In a womb we came
in a tomb we Leave

Time ticks, aging hits
Pain sleeps with our broken hearts

From a womb to a tomb we go
Not knowing what life holds
As we get old

Only to find out that death is the only obsolute
If you knew your worth
You wouldn’t keep begging him to stay
You would find a way
To be happy
Find beauty in being alone
Remember you lived before you knew him
You will live after you forget him
Stop feeding his ego and remember your emotions need attention too
I am not worried about the past
Because I don’t live there anymore
I invested in the future
That’s where my heart wants to go
I have seen scars honey and yours are too deep

I fear I might not have the remedy to help stop the bleeding

Your emotions scream for love but your heart has seen it’s fair share of pain

open scars showing your battle wounds, a history of pain lives in your veins

Insecure within

A victim of repeated mental abuse
Heart misused, body destroyed

I have seen scars honey and your scars are too deep to love, I myself am a product of a few broken promises

I can’t promise you forever

But I can love you now
because tomorrow is not in the picture
If you look for my flaws you will find many
If you are looking to judge me
you will find me guilty

If you look at my scars you will find plenty
If you look at my fear you will find out that I face them daily

If you are looking to love me
just know that you will always have all of me
Absolute abomination is abortion
Betraying baby bodies ending up brutally Buried
Concluding a life currently forming
Death all up in your stomach
Energy draining decision, a life ending before a beginning
Fetus fates determined by lawmakers lacking empathy
God crying at the death of his creation
How will you feel when you face the face of those you aborted
Ignorance made you feel important
Judges slam hammers making decisions to determine the value of a fetus
Killing innocent humans not thinking about their futures
Life feels pain as those we let go still live within  
Mistakes made should never end up in blood
No one will know you tell yourselves, but God knows all
Opportunities oppressed, always end up leaving you depressed  
Pain within makes you go insane, nightmares of old scars
Quite homes, cold hearts, broken souls of bodies that were torn apart
Raw emotions of killers live in their insecurity, just listen closely  
Silence entertains the minds which live in regret from taking lives
Tomorrows full of sorrows
Unmatched emotions with lovers that went astray
Value life and life will value you
Weapons forged in your feeble mind tell you to fight for your rights
X-rays of broken hearts hidden behind broken bones
You played God, you killed to avoid pain, now your soul dies hard  
Zest for life diminished as sorrow takes charge
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