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Tuffy Mutombo May 2022
Conflict is trauma promoting trauma
Conflict is love becoming blind to one's inner beauty
Conflict is wasting moments of growth
Conflict is hating self, and showing others how much you hate self
Conflict is aborting peace as you choose to birth evil
Tuffy Mutombo May 2022
"I had a moment and it passed," she said

even though that moment was that she found herself missing him
she found herself needing him
praying that she was close to him

he knew the tempo of her heartbeat
it beat to the sound of his voice

she would do anything to live in that moment for eternity
Tuffy Mutombo May 2022
A product of change
I morph into shapes as my heart and mind exchange
Harmonic flows electrify my broken bones
Unfinished I am
as the author rewrites my identity
over and over again, with every year given breathing, I find a new me
From the ashes of tragedy I rise
This power I gain was created to help me sustain what’s within
Only these four walls
keep my deepest secrets in
To be complete is to not compete
With a polished exterior hiding my flaws
I know that perfection is an attainable
I sit and meditate, on invisible hate for self
Loving doubt, as if faith was not programmed in my soul
Unfinished I am,
Unfinished I will stay until my birth date meets its final destination
Tuffy Mutombo May 2022
The pain you are afraid to face
Sits behind the face you paint a smile on
Tuffy Mutombo May 2022
Door swings wide open
blind eyes start searching
I  prayed for your love like an ophan
Seeking validation
wanting to be accepted  
holding on to your heart was my only remedy
I thought that you would finally get a chance to see me
Here I stand in front of an open door
Are you coming in or leaving?
I will not force you to stay or leave
I will just wait for you to see my reality
I pray you choose me over your insecurity
I pray for you to fall in love with the best and the worst of me
I pray that you realize that my days are numbered
and I would like nothing more than to spend the rest of my days
In your presence
Darling only time controls us
This door is open daily, only you choose to stay with me
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2022
We are on the brink of war, Russia ready to create new scars, NATO promises getting missed, Global leaders afraid to send aid

Families falling apart, painting ****** scenes, on tv screens. Hearing mothers screams, helpless fathers helpless, as they are force fed more stress

Missiles flying overheads like rain showers dropping towers all because a leader is hungry for more power
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2022
If I became your ex
What would you tell the world
Would you tell them a side of me that loved you
Would you tell them about the late night texts
Would you tell them about the 12 hour conversations that ended when the sun came up
Would you tell them about how I would pick you up, go on random trips
Hold you tight when fear was near
Wipe your tears
Trace all your scars
Would you tell them about the dreams I lost while trying to make your dream a reality
Would you tell them about the hours I worked just to get you the finest things
Would you tell them about the insecurity wall you helped me build over the years
Would you tell them about how toxic I became  
While your heart fed me poisoned love
Or would you tell them about an expectation you set so high, that no one could attain
Better yet to build your confidence would you  tell them how a terrible person I am  
but leave out the part in which you helped me become who I am

Let me save you the time
and just leave you with this

If you chose to love a past you couldn’t get past you shouldn’t of committed to making a worse past, a past that promoted demoralizing a broken  heart, a past that left scars a surgeon could close
Crying out for closure in a room full of hunted memories!

So please don’t read a book you not willing finish,
me and you are the authors to my insecurity
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