Lost in your eyes I was
when you echoed
Those three words
My bones shimmered
As my heart skipped a million beats
As it tried to match your pace
You broke every being of my insecurity
Forcing me to step out of my comfort zone
Just to echo the words
"I love you too"

Free your mind
Let your soul unwind
Smile, remember you are beautiful
Pick up your sorrow
leave that ground
Fly to higher emotions,
feel this glorious sensation

Leaves leave tree
Tree hides inside
Leaves comeback
Tree goes wild

His biggest mistake is that he loved
his greatest choice is that he loved

She let him put his hands on her
She let him control her
She let him abuse her,
She let him misuse her, and mistreat her
She was too weak to tell love, no more pain

So she took in all the pain while she died from within

Knowing that it was my shoulder she cried on
Made me fall deeper in love with her
She trusted me with her pain and sorrow
I'm no savior, but for this one moment

I'm glad I'm here for her...

Love me as bad as you want to breath
When I am weak I pray you keep me strong
Correct me when I am wrong
Real love is not perfect
It is broken pieces of glass molded together to make a vessel full of promises and wishes
My greatest wish is for you to never stop breathing on our love

As long as you want to breath
I know you will always love me

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