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Joseph Miller Dec 2018
Meditation frees your mind
with practice
you will find
enlightenment is a glow
through the dusk
and the dawn
the soul of life
shines on
those who strive
for gentle worth
and merit won
will save the earth
by the good
they have done
Knit Personality Apr 2016
They come together in the night,
   Amid the leaves, within the bush,
   Silent inside the stilly hush,
Beneath the full moon shining bright.

Healthy and large and leafy green,
   She beckons him of smaller size,—
   A woody, twig-like male, who flies
To meet his mate, his mantis queen.

They come together and seem as one,
   As though one twig with emerald leaves
   Were moving much with little breeze
Where shade rebuffs the noonday sun.

They turn their heads to share a kiss,
   Antennae twining round like vines.
   The male ignores the warning signs,
Oblivious to what's amiss.

The kiss becomes a vicious bite.
   She chews off quickly half his face.
   He holds, despite this, his embrace,—
Holding it fast and gripping tight.

Headless in bites, he needs no head,
   Continuing the ***** deed.
   His queen discovers her no need
Either of this, nor cares he's dead.

Finished with him, herself she frees.
   He twitches yet, although a corse.
   As though a leaf swept by a force
Of wind, she leaves upon a breeze.

Robin Rose Oct 2018
Death puts silence on a sick mans tongue
And sings to sleep each laboured lung
It frees the soul of its fragile cage
Closing the curtains of an empty stage
Death is a promise we all must keep
A howling whisper of endless sleep
Umi Mar 2018
Dear life, what is it that makes you take on a journey which always leads towards an unavoidable, devestating yet resenting death ?
Since I cannot understand it fully I wander upon this world without finding any clear answers to satisfy the curiousity my heart bears.
In the realm of dreams I find rest, as my mind engages into this illusion and frees me from this reality for as long as my body pleases.
Awakened by loitering darkness, these questions are repeating themselves on a path of recurrance, without decreasing in strengh.
As my breath dies while feeling the agony, flames of hatred are seeping through my fragile, delicate existence, giving energy.
Rumbling, boiling in sadness I tell myself that anyone's forgiveness is not neccesary, losing control over this riot of pure fury without heart.
Looking back a thousand times, it remains as my very best choice.
Letting these emotions race, rage and rampage uncontrollably
Whilst losing ones self within a lunatic laughter to release pressure
I cannot stop these tears, pitying the past long gone rolling down my cheeks, moistening the very soil I am growing on, as a pure lily
Until the moment comes in which my body exhausts itself and allows me to enter the world of dreams, where despair fades into happiness.
Until the sun rises once again

~ Umi
KiraLili Aug 2016
Growing up we all sat down to dinner at our spots with one plate each.
Traditional times and meals
Heavy on the gravy and potatoes
Even at restaurants we sat in the same spots
As I travelled and saw more cultures and places
I began to experience shared plate dining
Sitting on floors surrounded by curries
At picnic tables loaded with corn and craw daddies
Pots of paella on Spainish verandas
Or mussels in seawater on the beach
Grilled coiled bratwursts with beer on long tables
There is communion to these meals leads to more open dialogue
The food in front of you isn't yours it's everyone's
You don't posses the food but share in all
You become so mindful of the expierenc since all are doing it together
Conversations begin first on all the flavours
Then spiral eccleticly and naturally
The mundane act of sustenance becomes an expierence shared
One remembers more of all this way
Stiff is the nature of  the dining table meals , even ones words and posture
But a shared platter or *** or plate is laid open for all and we open up
To pass a loaf or Naan and break off pieces while wine is poured into cups not glasses
Brings all closer and frees us from the walls we *****
Personal space limitations are gone as all interact
No divisive boundaries or ones same spot
The meal truly brings all together and closer
More relaxed , flavours are truly enjoyed and committed deeper to ones memory
You are not there just to eat
Shared Meals
I want to be a scientist.

"I am a scientist."
They laugh.
You're just a child!
They tease.
You're not a scientist!

I'm still a scientist.
Like math,
Science is wild.
It frees
So I'm a scientist.

Science is not cold.
Science holds wonders untold.

Scientists are not adults--
Are not doctors,
Scientists are thinkers--

So I am a scientist,
No matter what they say.
I'm a scientist,
And I know the way.

Everyone here is a scientist.
Stephen Leacock Jul 2018
The energy is protected and restricted from the wicked
the system is shifted and twisted parts of it omitted
The lines of codes are scripted to the listed
Chords are obstructed and rejected.
Life is lifted and gifted everything is permitted
and reflected.
The wands that frees its course way and the cups
that brings love at noon day
The star for only whom is granted committed uplifting of the acquitted
The numbers for notification and feathers for its authentication used as justification
Life brings a vacation with a positive celebration, Spiritualization!
Ineffable Feb 2
open up
first sip
its relaxing
i look out into
the dark night, it's cold
how did I get to this point again?
no, I don't care, i just take a loooong
sip, sip, sip, i like getting warmer it's
not as lonely. i recently read that drink
ing tea is a cure for loneliness because it
imitates human warmth, even though just
sip, siiip, for temporary time is'nt that just
pathetic? swallow, burn, warmth, rinse
siipp and repeat. cold air freezes, freesses
frees me! the bottle is my best friend and
sihps, now even my best friend is hollow
wat a shaym, sh amme, shame
Many fuels create the heat,
  but one temperature reigns supreme

Many fuels create the heat
  —but one temperature frees the light

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2019)
acacia Sep 3
It will roll along the waves with the rest of the men whose bodies sink to the floor whilst I stand on the shore with the shell I chose to keep in admiration, anticipating for when I will make it aware of itself as I have been made. Now, as I peel the skin of a banana, I dip into a reverie of the large ship whom I gave back to my tides.
Through the toughest sea-peaks he sailed sweetly, navigating as though he’s swam these blue bodies for aeons—I’m sure he has—yet, his wear from these waters was prominent, his ejection from these seas was eminent; his sail was now weaker than my second hand linens. I do not know if he knew—maybe—but I certainly did. I also remembered this was only a short journey. A short journey to the point of where I began. And where I began is the same place where I continue to begin. It is the same place where I breathe in new air through an old nose, where I see through the smoke, where I turn other persons lyres.
'How many more sentiments on this ship can I make?' I thought to myself as we neared the land. There was no more distinction between short and long; one, two, and three; night and day—no more. There was only the ship and I. And the ship consisted of his natal awakening and his natal sleeping; and I consisted of my start and end.

Once I’ve gotten towards sea firth, close enough to pink sand, I immediately climbed down the twine ladder zealous to bring vegetation to the rest of the land; bring a comma (never a period, it could never be a period, not materially or spiritually) to the question marks. I splashed and ran, rocks lifting from beneath my feet, droplets forming back into drops forming back into pools forming back into bodies.
I looked back to wave good-bye to the ship, then I noticed he remained a question mark. He kept his anchor close to the shores, wading in the pool, but I put a hyphen to this reverie. I put a hyphen to this reverie because he is still here. I am not getting back onto the ship. I must swim on my own, on our own, with the quests I embark with my shell, with the fragrant seeking I find when I lift the palm leaf. My shell has to see the journey I see, my shell needs to be in the drifting wings of the open conundrum. Use all senses. It is all I could need.
My reverie frees itself, my reality frees itself. My shell is harkened. The ship is harkened. I am harkened. You are watching our reflections sway in the water. I am reflecting in the water-sway.
I wear my shell on a chain. A yoga of my(Our)(I) one Soul. Marriage in the highest octave. I drift seemingly further from the ship, but I are not moving, the ship is not moving. 'Get closer to me,' Twinkles say. I are not moving.
aThe ship is separate, the only thing separate from me. I detach from him using pronouns, using things to emphasize the ships tear. I suggest everyone ride the ship, please. Once I learn to be accept the ship with my shell, with myself (and you all) then I think I will move towards the ship.

In this temporal realm I can only row one paddle at a time.
Rat-tat-tat rizza rap
Humble claps for the fab
Here's a grab, take a jab
I story essay, a sore T ese
... A time without food
Those who eat all day will not understand
A year without ***
Those who always fuel a *** romp will not understand
A life without money
The excessively wealthy will not understand because it's all been inherited and not earned

This way that, check a glance
There is a chance amass
Some things that used to happen will never happen because of time
Some things that used to happen will happen again because of rare chance
Be wise and quick to grab

A time without material things
The materialistically endowed will just not understand
A series of lifetimes in the Light, darkness they just will not understand
A man goes to prison for something he has not done, the one who always gets away with crimes will never know what it means to pay the price

When position is more important than responsibility, honour they will not understand
When killing the egoic mind frees the carefree, life after death they will not understand
When sibling rivalry takes precedence over mediating a family in shambles, peace they will never speak

When the bible is the only book they have ever read, the other side of the story they will never seek
When greatness is all you know and not that your fellow man can also be great, you will never get over yourself
When your dreams overwhelm you because they are too big, you shall remain an almost-been

When you don't know when it's time to hand over power to a worthy candidate, justice and transcendence will never be
Unaware that you are sinking into being a has-been
When political muscle is more important than empowering the subjects of that power, freedom will never sing
And souls forget who they are because they've been trapped in a dome
They are living baseless lives and don't know their way home
They will still call out the tyrannical colonisers by name and be ovlivious to the fact that it has been consistently Rome

A time in the shadows, but all they see and want is glow
A time in silence, but all they know is talking about things that change nothing for the better
This way that, who has the tag?
raven arcane Apr 2018
It is late at night again,
And you're on my mind.

A habit I've been meaning to break since then
And yet, every night this is how I find
Myself, locked in a windowless cage

Looking dazed and disengaged,
Seemingly turning blind
To ignore the key beside me
That frees me from my bounds,
From my deepest wounds,
Stopping myself to be consumed.
All of that with just a little key.

And yet again,
This is how I find myself,
Trapped in an endless cycle of you;
It is late at night
And you're on my mind.
Again and again and again.

Ken Pepiton Nov 2018
Master, this was said to me
should I be triggered or flogged?
Think Sisyphus happy.

What year is this?

Babble, babble, all around me, no
God, not this, again.

It's all in yer head, keep rollin' the rock.
keepin time, makin rime rimey rime
frees icicles on my beard
if you could see me now,

Hell, who imagined this?
I am Sisyphus happy and Sysifus sad,
now for as long as I care to recall

I roll the rock.

It was the hell I had envisioned, since
Camus at least, probably something triggered,
seventh grade, oh
cliché, except
the details, the evil, as seen in the thirteenth
year of an unwombed man's journey, womb to tomb.

I rolled the rock.
Alone as all hell, bored as hell.
food and drink, folly to think
so I stop thinking about them

as if someone thinks I can and I think I can.
Let's doit
daydream cliché, same seventh grader asks
Diane Wescott if he can kiss her
under the water
at the deep end of the public pool

Like Tarzan and Jane and she said yes,
again and again and again
like the expert's rats that are allowed
to suicide on big pharma grade *******

Wahoo, that got the rock rollin'
like I never thought she would now

yah, Jah, know what I mean,
Billie Jean, the kid coulda been mine

But I was rockin' and rollin' all night long,
notime, noo time ah tahlllll

Some minds may imagine Sisyphus happy,
but up to not too long
I fail, failed am failing to re
call member hotline
Matrix Wachowskie, bact to your box,

I am haunted by that movie, in 2018
keyphrase 2018 trigger Matrix movie 1
not the movie, the idea of endless bullets.

Who imagined that,
Hell, this is easy. Right, two persona one person sort of
story, no, too, Jekyl n Heckle

I can think any thing as long
as I roll the rock. This will go on forever,
as far as I can tell.

Rock and roll will live forever, let's take that
as a given, and just ignor the steady
up and down, resistance to punching down force goes up and release,
the rock rolls as far as Luck would have it, statically, probably

pause. breathe, read

The rhythm varies, I'm in forever, not in hell.
A page or two from a journey throu reality from a happy sisyphean POV
Lua Mar 23
I asked him why he did not travel on the roads anymore
He blamed fear and age
In my mind, I told him:
"I like the bittersweet taste of danger touching my lips"
But it was much more than that
Because you, constant and inconstant part of my body, which brings me contemplation and solitude
Let me bathe in the night and search the stars in the sky
As the midnight wind hits my body
I don't need anything else, just movement and freedom
I'm a hurricane, I'm everything and I'm nothing
My mind frees and turns itself off, to rekindle more attentively, more alive
And then take me to unfamiliar and distant places
And I will feel the breeze of the ocean,
And I will see the distance lights of the city
They shine just for me tonight
Competing with the starry sky and the moon reflecting on the sea
Just like lullabies on my mind
I don't need anyone, I am everything and I am nothing
I am a silent hurricane
Devoid of fear in its dark and tropical flavor
Climbing wet roads filled with nature
And just then
I will finally feel the bittersweet taste
Of freedom touching my lips
Burning with no reason
No change of seasons
No one really sees him
Impossibility frees him
A tree with no forest
I don't have to take more if…

The petal lost her flower
A lean in her tower
No one knows how her
Impossibilities allow her
To bloom in the winter
Songs you can't sing with her…

Earths foundations turn to dust
Mirthful sages teaching trust
No one chased after us
Impossibilities gather up
Life is all in multitude
Believe me, we're here with you too...
-Luca Ivaldi
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