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I wanna  create the fun

Without beat or gun

I wanna  dance



Now with every one


Written by : amira Hussein alwasif

Egyptian poet
I know that each and everyone of you are Awesome
That you are truly Amazing People with Pure talent.
I want each of you to know that I Love you in Christ.
may Christ bless you more than you shall ever know.
May there be no one that ever come against you too.
May everyone who sees you love you and respect you.
May people give to you and never ever try and take.
May your day always be bright with you feeling Joy.
May Christ always shine his flavor upon your life.
Sometimes you wonder
Who loves you,
I tell you,
But you still don't seem
To have a clue......
Your darkness falls all over me;
Blackened so it's hard to see.
The only lights that shine on you is the light from the stars and moon that comes through.
The evils of this world consume you,
As they are hidden in the shadows of your darkness too.
As the sun begins to rise and begin a new day,
The darkness of the night slowly fades away.
When you return after the day is done.
Your darkness of night replaces the sun.
Eons ago, when the stars
where just learning
their place in the sky
A whisper was sent out
crossing over the centuries
I heard it through your eyes
telling me to open mine
and allow those blue swirls
to color paintings in my life
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