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Did you read this honey?
We could be young again
You and I, eighteen! Right here
Back to when we began

Remember how we were
You, so full of life and so fun
I was always touching your hair
You were always on the run

Hardly a moment to spare
Never a spare moment in haste
Your eyes I could not help but stare
Your lips so soft and sweet to taste

The nights we loved till daylight
The daylight, we darkened the light
Hunger we fed, from our love of life
Love we grew for each other, so right

Now we have a way, to have it all again
We were so wonderful together
You and I, come on dear, when do we begin?
Another sixty years with one another

Well my dear,that all sounds soo wonderful
But have you thought of all the times?
The times that were not so beautiful
The day's we nearly lost our minds

The pain and suffering we have had
The pain of our children we have felt
To watch our family and friends die, so sad
To see our child die, I thought my heart would melt

So do you want me to go on and say anymore?
Do you want to hear all the reasons not to go back?
Do you want me to cry and scream and slam the door?
Is that what you want, it all to flashback?

No honey, I do not want you to do all that
I'm sorry I even brought it up
I guess it was just a crazy idea that went flat
Hope your not upset and lets makeup

Oh dear, Upset, No! Too much, too fast
I was thinking about all those good times
Like you were talking about in the past
                When do we begin?
              I Love You Soo Much
I would do it all again!                   Would you?:-]
This is something I wrote about three years ago and it is a bit of a fairy tale.
But in my heart it is so very real.
Jesus, you have saved me from much.
I know that you never had to ever save me.
But it was your perfect will to save me .
There has been many times I was unworthy.
But that did not matter to you Holy Savior.
Reveal to them , that if you can save me.
Then you can save and restore anyone God.
Because I am an nobody whom you saved.
Even though I was not worthy to be saved,
Faithful Creator , Speaking healing into each Poet.
Faithful Creator, heal all of their hurting right now.
Faithful Creator, deliver them from every addiction.
That keeps us bound , deliver Us Faithful Creator.
Faithful Creator , love upon each and every Poet God.
Show each and everyone of them your mighty love.
Rescue them from every thing that evil one throws at them.
when I think deeply


into a one poem

Conclusion: Ahhh... So many
Influencers! Thankgodtheydontchatterallthe time...

I Think I Thank
I saw a former love in the supermarket
a ghost comes to haunt me

you were all special
for a day, a month, a year
(I never met a women
who didn't want to be a model or a nun.)
now "love" a cold mournful sound
like an icy wind, scored street.
a vulture pecking at a dead body.

don't take offense
I loved all of you.

a broken nose,
a broken heart,
if there is one thing I ve learned
from boxing and love

I can take one hell of a beating

in the life of a lonely heart
the leaves run from the wind
and from love lost
there is no escape.
please do not take offense. I believe women are the better part of he human race,
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