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Joseph Miller Jan 2023
The path ahead is unknown,
but when the path is dark
may a light shine in you.
And when the path diverges
may love be your guide.
And whatever path you choose
may joy follow you!
Joseph Miller Nov 2022
The mind ...
a wild garden
where healthy
and unhealthy thoughts
pop up out of nowhere
Discard the weeds
Gather the fruit
and harvest the rewards
of a beautiful mind!
Joseph Miller Apr 2022
There she lay
No beautiful smile
No sparkling eyes
All life's energy spent
Now peace
In eternal sleep

She is gone
Only if we forget
The love she gave
Is ours to keep

We who knew her best
Are compelled by her noble way
To heed a greater love
Beyond flesh and blood

Let us sing her song again
Love is the key
Her spirit is ours
For all eternity
In memory of my mother who passed peacefully on 3:16 2021 into everlasting life
Joseph Miller Mar 2021
You have found me
i am here
inside these glowing pixels
come with me
beyond the mystery
for just a moment now
move closer to the center
feel the power of life
transcending space and time
an infinite connection
lives forever
deep inside your mind
the essence of our being
does not fade or die
it knows the truth
and does not lie
all this i can tell
for i have seen the light
i want you to know
the spark of truth
is burning bright!
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Joseph Miller Feb 2021
The more enlightened
   you become
the more power
   you have

to create
a new mind
a new life
a new world!
Joseph Miller Mar 2020
Against all odds
the power of creation
breaks through the void
radiating energy and spirit
that matters
at the center of your being
this spark of perfection
has never been touched
by fear or failure
Aligned with your soul
love becomes your guide
believe in the magic
living enlightened
blossoms for you
in miracles unfolding
the beauty of this world
I hope this serves as more than a distraction to current events
Joseph Miller Feb 2020
Help me
find you
with an open mind

Let me
see you
proud of your design

Take me
with you
when you cross the line

Love me
for you
until the end of time
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