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anu 1d
Better to be cloud
Than to be a beautiful rainbow !

Better to be a scribble
Than to be a beautiful paint !

Better to be a human
Than to be a beautiful girl !
Better to live with smile
Than to live with happiness !
anu 3d
Like u
So much
Nobody can find
Why I lv u
So much
Still I  will like u
So much !
I thought to write my anaaa.....
anu 6d
I beg you Lord
I want to  be mad !
anu Apr 17
The best place to live happily

Memories .....
I am just learning to live it
anu Apr 16
My last wish ...........
I should get a heart
Which knows only
How much love it gets

Y God ??
U told to give more
Hope I have given enough

Even now
I long ......
As I am too week

My only hope
Is your human form
My anaaaaa .....

As He will say
Have positive mind

Wish to be positive
At least to have that positivity ....
Tired enough my Lord !
anu Apr 11
What's is love ??
What actually defines it ??

Got an answer
A minute back
Nothing but
And thats loving

Yes me and my Elsa akka
Haven't seen even
Haven't even heard
But she understood me
She cares and shares
And a moment back
Saw her love

Its Not just a message
But a purest of love

God replied me today
Through you
And my anaaaaa
Ka .....
Love is nothing but UCS

God love you so much
Love you my anaaaaa (Bala) and akka ( Elsa ka )

Anaaa -- Brother
Akkaa -- Sister
anu Apr 6
Feel like as if I was in a fire
I long  for u
Am I not sister na ?
Soon wish to get better days
Only I decided
Not to hurt you
I know
My anaaaaa
Will come to me
Missing every second
Missing everydrop
God I should be strong
I should be strongest !
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