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anu Oct 6
Just tired of things
Jesus i love you
I trust you
Love you Lord
anu Oct 6
Prayers to thee
Amen !
anu Oct 5
When I thought
It was dead
But a tear proved that
It was eternal

Never eyes met
Hands holded tight
Lips blabbered not
It lives
As pure as it

Because still
I am alive
And it will

In thoughts
Nothing i wants
Newly i like to coin alove - a love live after its death........
anu Oct 4
Whatever happens life must go on
Keep going
By keep saying

Only if you go
You can
  Oct 3 anu
Jasmin Joy
She loves to be a family...
Her heart longs for it.
But fate doesn't allow her.
She had both mom and dad.
But they threw her away.
Bcoz she is a GIRL.
Tears fill her eyes as
She think of her parents.
She tried to end her life.
But the word 'Amma' stopped her.
Her heart beats for 'Amma'.
She breathes in for Amma's scent.
She yearns for Amma's touch.
But all her searches ends in darkness.
You are the reason for
She is being an orphan.
Why don't you take her home?
Why don't you give her
love,affection,food and shelter?
The word 'Amma' means 'Mother'
  Oct 3 anu
a) Don't debt for love, After love is over installments are very heavy..
anu Sep 25
Life is unpredictable

Unexpected happens every second
Expected things happens never

Couldn't act much
Want to be a witch

How long
Sad song

Will this end
And mix in the wind
Just a pour out !
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