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Twigzy Feb 2019
When I am old and frail and weak
(And my bowels empty before the seat)
And I need to be washed and dressed and tweaked
I hope you are kind and understand
That this is what happens to woman and man

When my joints are swollen with grinding pain
And my skin is wrinkled, thin and plain
I hope you will see my eyes have light
And laughter and joy are my only delight

My thinking may not always be sure
But my love is the same as it was before
I am in a completely helpless state
And rely on you for my end fate

My world gets smaller each passing day
Little by little it ebbs away
So when you draw the curtains wide
I sit and see the world outside

The sky, the trees, the grass, the flowers
All moving to my counted hours
They wave to me with final breath
And I wave back before I rest
My mother spent her last year almost imobile before she passed away at age 91. During this time I would observe her gazing outside through the large windows. I tried to capture what she was feeling. ***
when winter is saying goodbye
our nature prepares for a high
all juices start flowing
the farmers start sowing
but the snowmen are beginning to cry
Twigzy Jul 2017
10th July 2017

To My Husband

As I watch your life, slipping away
We share all the things we want to say

We have time to reflect, encourage and love
To be grateful with warmth, to look beyond and above

We remember the good and laugh at the bad
And take time to listen and embrace the sad

It is a rich time, this time that we have
What has been, what is now, is what will be had

As your strength fades, and your eyes slowly dim
We look beyond the body you are in

When death approaches and your final breath taken
We know your spirit, will soar with elation

You will look at this world and say your goodbyes
And peace will take you as you pass through the sky’s

All the best for your journey
Your loving wife
My husband was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer we only had a few months to say goodby and make peace. It was the richest time of our marriage
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I live in a world now where legend and nightmares are abound
And screeching and screaming are the only sound
Buried alive I don't think I'll survive
Please don't resuscitate don't revive
Please don't look, turn around just leave me to die
Everything in my life has gone awry
I think this my friend could be my final goodbye
Ekstyn Feb 2016
Perhaps it was easy to fall back
into what it was,
what we were...
An almost-friendship
rather than what we could be-
like an almost-lover friendship...
no, that'll be a harder fall.
Because we never really had
any memories to forget, never had,
never will.

I am seeing 'this' for what it really is,
A fragile bubble too easy to pop
with single pin *****-
and the larger it gets,
the thinner it becomes-
as it goes untouched,
it will just vanish
into nothingness without any
trace of its prior existence.

And that's what it is, was...
a something sort of nothing.
It was one sided all along, and I had to break my own reverie to wake up from a beautiful nightmare. Because you can't, you won't.
Aurora Maciel Oct 2015
fake smiles
broken hearts
our friendship turned to

— The End —