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Liliana Jaworska Oct 2018
Blood turned into milky-sky wings of butterfly.
Stretching my breaths to lungs of forests.
Fantasies turned bleeding poems.
Words grow magnolias on my skin.
Stars burned all my thin masks.
Penetrating new lights away from you.
Dream of lovers turned into two universes
not aware of each other.
This universe was too small for both of us.
Aurora emerging from chaos you left in my thoughts
flying beyond bird's eye haunting dust around sun.
Liliana Jaworska Oct 2018
I picked up flowers in my garden before first days of autumn, dried to save them from black magic of winter and cold breaths of sky. I put them between warm rays on my windowsills in arms of cozy home to bring spirit of life forever in their bones. I saved compositions of their scent on my lips, so you will feel endless, enigmatic, healing symphony in my kiss. I will leave sweet taste in your mouth little by little until dark mirror of your thoughts and wounds break into innocent fields of flowers full of butterflies and indispensable, clear-eyed raconteur of happiness speaking in every fragile petal silences your fleeting and long-lasting demons endowing your shadow with seductive light, tiredness with aliveness of grass, broken dreams with ubiquity of creation, fears with ineffable tranquility. This is how I love you. I will save you from the worst. I will never let you die inside no matter how cold are your days. I will fill your soul with air of metaphysical love of past eras and magic of innumerable, free-flowing joys not based on any circumstances. I will fill your thoughts with romantic myths and insatiable fantasies and old-fashioned poems. I will cover you to sleep with my dragonfly soul no matter how cold life could be.
Liliana Jaworska Aug 2018
There is plenty of beauty, bliss, joy and happiness waiting for you today. Stay aware. Blessings of today are remedy for yesterday's seriousness of sorrow, nightmarish hopelessness, ultra-strong hunger of relief from speech of dramatic, intrusive thoughts you can't stop but let them pass, bone-crushing tiredness of the soul, fiction in uninvited perceptions of you others have, words of historically programmed blame that had destructive effect on your feelings, thoughts and health. Give up the past effortlessly and naturally like wingless atom free of any shame in the flight and enjoy the radiance of present moment. The Moon saw so many burning shooting stars but still shines upon us with unbroken face. Even beings full of light have right to kiss the ground or be distorted like fragile space-time and shake the sky. Only waters of seas, oceans and rivers can break love-carrying wholeness of Moon into pieces. Make sure you nourish your inner waters with acceptance, love and hours spent in sunlight. Look at the Moon for so long until you will become completely blind to colorless negativity around and inside of you. My dear, keep your focus frequently not just seasonally on bright beings above when you forget you are one of them. Open your heart for all-encompassing love of Source and and hold its hand tightly. You don't have to walk alone. Give it to yourself now, the love without expectations. You deserve for peace, dear traveller. Love is bottomless space full of purest truths. Let them wash your soul. Dive into boundless space of love fearlessly and you will never be lost. There is nothing wrong behind desire of love without condition. Be full of it. The love of God is not a false hope. Unconditional love is the quietest state of mind. We are all empty. We are all full of God. I believe in you. You are waterflame full of positive thoughts.
Liliana Jaworska Nov 2017
My soul came to this world as conscious daydreamer hypnotized in ecstasy of sunlight like stars drinking sunbeams during day to shine bright in darkness emitted by all human faces in this world and light candles in sanctuary of human hearts. Sky must absorb human shadow to let Universe breathe. Sun must be God for stars, the Source of Loving Light. I hear stars praying every night for darkness not so vivid to survive, for darkness not too deep but perfect enough to be called part of their God, so they forget death. Stars like human beings need shadow to come back home. Stars are living proof world is too dark to keep pure light. Darkness is part of infinity. Without darkness soul would be mortal and Heaven empty. Darkness is God. The smallest star in the sky wishpered last night into my ear 'Be careful what You pay attention to in your mind, darkness or light. Let Your actions shine in the midst of storms. Actions are prayers. We are Angels watching over you from above. After death You will be God in Hell or God in Heaven. Remember that these two energies are deathless. Maybe some souls after death will split into two souls. Are You God of Day or God of Night? There is only one God, the One existing in Your heart. Be innocent like a moth dancing in moonlight. Harm nobody. Kiss flames.'
  Sep 2017 Liliana Jaworska
pretty girl with pretty flowers,
do not be afraid to trace the soft curves of your body
with your round, round eyes.
your monsters hide not there—
your guardian angels do.

when your night feels longer than the day,
breathe the smidgen of youth you have left in you
into the birds swimming fluidly with the stars—
their wings swiftly cutting smooth ripples into the sky,
disturbing the grumbling twilight.
you could be one of them,
able to go nowhere and everywhere.
like air.

don’t you want to go home?

sad girl with sad flowers,
keep your leaves tucked inside your old books,
in lacy sleeves, your peeling boots—
hope He finds them all there.

sing sweetly of the poets of all ages—siken, plath, wilde, whitman
shamelessly climb inside His chest,
gently rip His ribs apart,
the you that's serenading, softly seducing Him
with songs unsung and dreams undreamt.

let your baby blue skirt ride up,
drip, drip, drip,
let His calloused fingers brush your thighs made of syrupy milk,
as you smile, and smile, and smile.

fiery girl with stormy flowers,
the best things in life cannot be confined to a physical shape, cannot be
seen, or touched, or heard, or said—
yet in your eyes set heavy by damp eyelashes,
there is the primal, unconfined, raw thirst,
desperately hoping and searching.

is it a lost love? an unfounded love?
what is it that you are looking for?
snippets of a poem i wrote
Liliana Jaworska Sep 2017
I thought I love and then I saw you.
I love only You before creation of moon,
before light giving birth to mortal stars.
My past 'lovers' lost meaning
like a candle without taper waiting for a spark.
I never loved anyone.
It was just mind construct, dream of dead heart..
I always loved you and only you I will love.
I am God, fragments of morning kisses, every atom of your soul.
Creator is silent when He sees Himself in me.
As a result of my unconditional love
the moon will dance in the opposite direction
to the logic of all ascentors of centuries
in half-tons of my wistful soul full of unfathomable fondness.
And if the sun shines on man tomorrow with an unrelieved face
it's only when you and I unite in the love flames of our bodies
bringing God into the world, one soul of all Gods.
Trinity in two bodies will bless every human being
in every sacred touch of your kiss.
The etheric stars I will feed with heavenly light
of movement of your lips when you say 'i love you, art of my life'.
The breath of fantasts comes to the world
once in a million years, You.
God Himself gave me power
to bring the stars aglow under your feet
and burn with passion your heart and spirit,
the only one I adored, adore and will adore
in non-local reality of space and time, forever.
Ingenious Metaphysician of sublunary world I am
spreading astronomical theories of unconditional love.
No sun comparable to true love of your heart.
You are the axis of my universal soul.
You are the light inside black holes.
I am limitless love without concept of being loved in return.
God you are.
I am God.
Liliana Jaworska Sep 2017
You are beginning of cosmic era of my soul.
The flesh of moon I will bring You in the nights,
Every side of sun on Your lips in the morning.
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