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This was my favorite bear Cubs alliance
      Dunston, Sandberg, and Grace
Who almost did it, but were stopped by the Giants
      Dunston, Sandberg, and Grace
Mark was so clutch, Shawon sure could throw
      And Ryno of course was the main show
Spring words that could make me forget about snow
      Dunston, Sandberg, and Grace

©  Christopher Chronister
Written in the style of Adams' "Baseball's Sad Lexicon."  Growing up a Cubs fan in the 1980s, I wanted to write my version to speak about the players I watched in the 80s.  The Cubs had the best record in the NL in 1989 but lost in the playoffs to the Giants.
Confusion is what troubles me
What I am and what I can see
Blindness sometimes is what I feel
Knowing not what is real and unreal
I no longer feel the need to belong
The will that I have is one that is strong
To forever halt the pounding
The pounding in my head
And to finally see the beauty
The beauty of my red
Fear was once an enemy
But now it is my friend
And with the cold blue of my eyes
Does the color so nicely blend
Beautiful, beautiful red

© Christopher Chronister
I wrote this a long time ago to be used as lyrics for a conceptual project my friend was working on.  I was writing the lyrics for him.
Helena means shining light
And that light was a guide when I was lost
Peacefully you lead the ones you love towards light
Purpose is the gift you keep giving those who surround you
Yearning to help the light shine so bright

Beautifully, you continually show caring
Irrevocably your love beams
Radiantly all around
Tenderness pours out glaring
Happiness through you has been found
Daily I am truly thankful to have you in my life
And proud to call you friend
Yet prouder still to have the honor to call you wife

© 02/10/20, Christopher Chronister
Chris Chronister Jan 2019
His visions are intrepid
Imagery his escape
Vanity is the mask worn
And pride is retaliation
Anger has consumed him
Hatred his solace
Revenge is what he seeks
Though his enemy is elusive
His eyes have been blinded
Illumination the latest fear
Beware the lonely one
For his tears are not revealed
In the dark

© 2019, Christopher Chronister
Chris Chronister Sep 2018
Fairness dances away elusively
The brightest lights flicker, then turn dark
You are now an idea we cannot see
Limited by time, you still made your mark

Betrayal against boyish colored blue
Tragically, evil controlled the helms
When everyone you trusted has failed you
The sadness in your story overwhelms

Left without vision of who you will be
Abandonment of care was defaulted
When counting stops at merely twenty-three
Earthly justice appears to have halted

Where does real adjudication derive
In twenty-three months of being alive

© Christopher Chronister,  09/18/2018
I wrote this after reading about a 23 month old boy who was tragically killed by his mother's boyfriend.
Chris Chronister Nov 2017
Noticing more and more distance
Observing the rift created by changes over time
Slumbering through because it is what's expected
Thinking back fondly as reminiscing paints a smile
Avoiding differences when possible
Longing for a time that was simple
Growth has me feeling small
Ignorance would truly be bliss
Attempting to have love remain unconditional

© Christopher Chronister 11-4-2017.  All rights reserved.
Chris Chronister Feb 2016
I never wanted to fix anything
Observing your essence flow endlessly
Fixated at the ways your hair will fling
Transformation has occurred mindlessly

A fierce devotion which remains unseen
Visibility not being the goal
Any motives inside my mind are clean
Emotional releases I control

Purity does not equal completion
When I witness short beautiful cycles
I feel nothing stronger than devotion
And I abandon any recitals

Experiencing wonderful magic
Unrequited love is not so tragic

© Christopher Chronister 2016
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