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Aug 2013
The tears of love in my heart can neither human nor spirit understand,
for my heart is bruised in grief.

The pains of love in my soul can neither words nor speech utter,
for my soul is soiled in sorrow.

The wounds of love in my spirit can neither care nor treatment heal,
for my spirit is sealed in distress.

My heart desires you though you have refused to change your mind.
My soul seeks your love though you have refused to come back.
My spirit cherishes your love though we can't be together forever as lovers.

lf we are not meant to be together as lovers,
why then does this feeling hurt so much?
If we are not designed for each other as one,
why then does my heart cleave to yours?
If we are not destined for one another as soul mates,
why then does my spirit cherish your love?

It hurts to know that we can't always be with the ones we love.

Seeing that we can't be together forever as lovers,
for my inability to change the destined destiny;
and my inability to change your mind.

My prayer is that you find the love of your heart.
My desire is that you find the desires of your heart.
My passion is that you find the love of your life,
someone who will love and cherish you.

The tears of love in my heart, you alone can clean.
The pains of love in my soul, you alone can stop.
The wounds of love in my spirit,
you alone can heal.

With tears in my heart will your love be seeked,
though am bruised in grief.

With pains in my soul will your love be cherished,
though am soiled in sorrow.

With wounds in my spirit will your love be desired;
though am sealed in distress.

My life was lived in loving you, now you leave to love another.
My heart beats for yours, knowing you alone can clean my tears.
My spirit seeks your heart, knowing we shared so much.

Oh! The days of sorrow and loneliness has caught up with me.

A broken and wounded heart you leave me with.
A new path you are treading without me.
A new life you are moving to, without me.

my heart frees you without any guilt.

But remember it hurts to love and not be loved in return.

We promised each other to live together forever as lovers,
you assured me of dying by my side.
All these promises are now forgotten.

Goodbye my friend.

As you leave me to groan in tears of loneliness for love,
remember my tears are ceaselessly running;

wailing and waiting for who will clean my tears of love.
Valentine Mbagu
Written by
Valentine Mbagu  F.c.t. Abuja. Nigeria
(F.c.t. Abuja. Nigeria)   
   IJustWannaLetItOut and River Raras
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