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OnceWasAskim Sep 26
You did me a favour. Pulling the pin.
This way we both pretend to be happy.
The alternative was mutual destruction.
I’ve seen that happen and it’s worse than nasty.
You live your life. I’ll live mine.
Forever our heart will beat in time.
OnceWasAskim Sep 14
How could I possibly have something with you again?
How could I possibly trust you again?
How could I believe you won’t burn me when it suits you?

How could you possibly trust me?
I’m a ******* right?
I’m a dog.
That’s me.
OnceWasAskim Sep 14
Do you think of me when you’re out on the blue ocean?

When you look up at the stars and the moon and the sky, do you think of me?
OnceWasAskim Sep 14
I read your poems tonight until tears were steaming down my cheeks
OnceWasAskim Sep 14
My love I miss you

I’m struggling to move on

I’m still broken

I wish I could hear your voice
Oh how I dream of you calling me
Just one call...

I do wonder if I’ll ever hear your voice again

You’ve made your mind up to erase me
I don’t have any power.
I’m helpless to your choices

I saw a bunch of Iceland poppies last week
**** near cried on the spot

I just want closure

Universe? Help me
OnceWasAskim Sep 14
I don’t even know if you’re dead or alive
OnceWasAskim Sep 14
I understand why you did what you did, just not how
I knew you had a fork in the road
I knew you had a choice
I know you had to make the call

What you didn’t have to do was ghost me

How you ended it hurt more than you’ll ever know

You scarred me for life

An eye for an eye ?
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