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The wolf came upon us all
to devour the wicked and the weak
he would stare into your eyes
if he sensed you were good and true
he would walk away
leave you and yours
to live another day
So when the wolf came near
I chose to stand
next to you
I see
the power of the universe
to change
remnants of chaos
into majestic beauty
I feel
the ripples of time and space
reflected in my being
a child of the mountains
searching for gold
I dig
into my soul
to find my truth
buried in darkness
a beacon of light
I am
in the glow
of humanity awakening
to the oneness
of the universe
Joseph Miller Nov 2018
Death is a reclaiming
of Oneness
when life becomes absorbed
in the ground
in the air
in the moment
when our loved one goes
the reclaiming takes part of us
and we too become connected
to the fullness of their emptiness
it is more than the mind can understand
only the soul knows
the connection is real
Joseph Miller Sep 2018
The human heart
beats with life
so powerful
it pushes
and pulls
so precious
this life
you call your own
whether to  stay and fight
or turn and run
in a moment
you choose
everything changes
so clearly
so dearly
my love
for you
Joseph Miller Aug 2018
At the center
of my being
I am
a soul
wrapped in precious time
I am
to know
the gift of life
is spirit
that matters
in the dust of stars
I am
in the middle
of a miracle
that never stops
Joseph Miller Jun 2018
From the top of the world
ribbons of ice
etch a path to the sea
Crumbling at the shore
fragments drift
and melt
as sunlight lingers
whales sing and seals play
in blue depths unseen
the ocean floor splits apart
yielding the earths burning core
fountains of fire
hiss at the sea
in a cloud of steam
an island is born
with trees that bend
in relentless wind
the darkest storms
move on
leaving mist and light
dancing in the meadow
rainbows sparkle
on the waters surface
as golden trout dart below
the sun slips behind the mountain
filling the valley
in cool shadows
the cabin looks warm
a crackling fire inside
someone smiling by the door
Joseph Miller Mar 2018
Take me
to the place
where you get lost
and I will find you
until the end of time
we will wander
through this world
with your heart
in mine
Joseph Miller Mar 2018
all alone
on the edge of the ocean
the moon pulls upon the sea
without a choice
the tide rises ...
but alas, the moon is a million miles away
I can't hold you in my arms
so I turn my face
from the pale blue light
so no one can see
the longing in my heart
glistens on my cheek
like the spray of waves
reaching towards the night sky
only to fall
upon the silver sand
Joseph Miller Mar 2018
Whenever you're feeling down
just look up
the beauty in the sky
is always there
for you
and I
smiling bright
like the sun
above the clouds
and sky so blue
reflected in your eyes
every twinkle of the stars
I see how beautiful you are
always with me
and I
always with you
Joseph Miller Dec 2017
One glorious moment
God said to me
"I am here"

Tears of joy
washed away my fear
as he lifted the veil
revealed his face
radiating the essence
of all things
a cosmic oneness
filled with love
beyond imagining
the mystic sees
the infinite connection
of the ultimate power

But I a mortal being
consumed by form
it seems
God withdrew
left me standing there
in a world separate
where matter divides
and boundaries form
to close the mind
and hide the truth

Yet I am blessed
to seek the light
and find myself
witness to God
true story
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