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Nat Lipstadt Dec 2015
Time: 7:30 pm
Temp.: 68F

overlooking the runways,
festooned by
accidental heavenly whimsy,
or humanistic whimsical inten-sity,
all the the planes and trucks are flashing
electrifying speckles, of eclectically synced
red and green

it is not my holiday,
but no matter,
like every New Yorker this day,
I am happily celebrating its
double U,
unique, unusual

"record breaking warmth"

yes, the Fahrenheit is outtasight, and by the dawn of
early eve~night,
the Centigrade is spiraling in reverse retrograde,
as the temp eases on down, just below seventy degrees,
on this dewinterized twenty fourth day of
December, two nought and fifteen

traffic is light, the terminal, an unbusy, slim shadow of itself,
the maddening crowds gone, now all are among
the dearly departed and either/or, the newly arrived

so composition of the observational, brings cheer and smiles to my faith,
(I mean my face),
the crowning quietude of clear skies, the absence of street smart
city  bustle and hustle,
the languid atmosphere at the gates,
(where seldom is heard an encouraging word)#
makes me reconsider the true meaning of
the au courant phraseology of this day

"record breaking warmth"

for there is indeed
a calm invisible warmth suffusing all tonite,
chests glowing from fireplaces within,
contentment chamber containers in both hearth and heart,
and I am thinking
about all the human warmth
on this celebrated evening,
holy night

it is breaking records of
recorded human fusion,
the united commonality of millions warming
his and her stories world-over,
that your personal poet is
warming to record
# but not tonight, as I am
Omi Mar 8
It starts. He stares.
A ferocious beast she sees, a human he is.
He strips her
Slowly gliding his hands from her neck to its base
Electrifying each nerve, she shivers.

In her vortex of deepest waters, he goes.
Eyes locked.
She remembers to exhale.
You make me weak, she whispers
as the tension intensified with each ******.

He maddened
Pulling her in, wrapping her legs around him.  
Lost in her moans as he reaches for her peak,
he sees her; she is his clair de lune.
The river flows in her.

And as she weakens
he holds her firmly till her waters flow.
For she is his redemption.
Travis Green Aug 2018
There is a wave of basslines rotating and vibrating in the landscape, smoking vowels splashing and cracking in diamond depictions.

Heartbeats thrum in dizzy formations, lost in the beat bopping
and flow rocking.

Heads spin in faraway galaxies, further than eternal Earth,
seamless Saturn, flaming Mars.

Secret stars burst with electrifying energy and trigger blazing consonants.

Hips divide into multiple equations in a series of grinding rhythms.  
Over the top sensations spiral high in the sky across the jazzy

Muscles popping, feet hopping, arms dropping in breaking beats,
as sweet sistas and groovy fellas gyrate in timeless dimensions.
Neo Sep 2018
She begins to sing,

Voice Billowing,
Like the breeze,

As Sweet-gum tree's prepare for war; anticipating the winter-tide.
Bleeding red complexion,
like great armies retreating; petrified.

Her soft, cold, breath
canters across my crimson face,
Electrifying the skin with pipe dreams of summer fantasy.
The moon pale with pumpkin pigments in autumn twilight,
Chanting songs that bring the still night scampering to life.

She sings,

With taciturn tunes
and mindful musings
Calling to frigid spirit's softened screams for freedom

She sings

And with the breeze she freezes time
and see's
like the wind
She is free.
I wrote this the night my friend passed away. An interpretation of her transition into the beyond. To me, she became everything. The wind, the moon, the trees. Energy. She spoke to me with every gust. Flooding my brain with memories.
Alexander Oct 2018
A sudden cloud, an electrifying touch
She held the assumption that she wasn’t worth too much.
She walked down a path
And to an open road,
And raised her hands up
Like the drops would pour right down.
She screamed at the gods.
Who she thought were there to listen.
And the only thing she clung to were her old  bag of crystals.
She was a rainmaker,
She couldn’t control the events that went on close to her heart,
So she wanted to make the raindrops
Like a bolt of lightning
Shocking to my sight
Your beauty blinded and held me
As I looked into your light

I felt a familiar tingling
Passing though my *****
Electrifying and stimulating
Hair rising on my arm

We fell in love like thunder
Far away at first
Distant and faint
As it came closer
it was frightening
Sounds of stomping
From a giant’s feet

I felt it radiate through my body
Stimulating each cell
It turned to music
A sweet alluring spell

It passed as quickly as it started
A brief encounter
An afternoon’s passing rain

I knew it couldn’t last forever
To hold on would be in vain
Maybe you've had love like an afternoon's thunder storm. A brief encounter from someone you met.  A stranger, a friend... It comes on like the thunder and hits you like a bolt of lightning, and gracefully leaves you while you sleep.
Laurel Leaves Aug 2018
I thought I was dying
Crumbling of leaves
Beneath swollen knees
Respite from
Can you call it mind altering
Succumbed by disease
I devoured
Aspects, hints of true
Licking fingers
Until they were cold and blue
Full, chronological breaths
Then the infite thawing
I’d echo words spoken
Between eroding teal beams
The repition
Slight hints at recognition

I thought I was dying
Forest turned
Ash soaked air
Would have taken anyone
Yet you stood there
maureen Apr 19
i will always know you
as the boy from across my seat
with hands like fire
a touch so electrifying
rekindling every spark
that as died within me

it has always been you
with a smile so beaming
one that could chase away
clouds of misery
with broadest shoulders
on which my agony is carried

yet out of all the things
i always knew you for
it is your constant presence
that never seemed to remain
though your sunshine
would break away the rain,
it was always fleeting.
it was always in vain.

this feeling of subtle doubt
has resided with me now
has it always been you
or have i always been me
who wanted to keep to myself
the flames within your palms.
Travis Green Jan 6
The gayness inside of me was
was exploding into a heavy
spinning rise in the autumn
blue sky, marching trees
and leaves gyrating in the
cityscape, groovy pumping
beats filling the air, as huge
partygoers came hip hopping
on the scene.  There was a
spark of passion in the horizon,
a sizzling flame intensifying
within this masterpiece, while
shirtless guys boogied and
swayed their hips to the
electrifying sounds of ***
pride.  The accelerating
adrenaline amplifying
inside their astonishing
craftwork.  The smooth
flow of waving hands
and deep dropping thighs
and ankles cruising various
dimensions.  The rhythm of
bouncing shoulders and arms
lost in the wind, as I danced
and danced upon this glorious
wave.  I'm in love with this
magical place, the vibrant
beauty blowing in sight,
the laughter and happiness
swirling through the exhilarating
I dream of great mansions,
Becoming lost in a world in which I cannot understand,
Where secrets are hidden away, locked, and untouched in the treasured corners of my unconscious yet conscious mind.

I dream of large cities where I wish to escape to.
Intimidating buildings pierce the high sky, the wondrous city sounds never get old.
The soft lights and elegant music spiral about me, and
all the while I'm there sometimes I conclude it's all not a dream.

I dream of talking to strangers, having conversations like I know them but I don't.
They treat me to coffee or extravagant island resorts, and we have the most electrifying trips.
It's like they're real people, but they aren't.

I dream of tumbling freely from high buildings, diving carelessly in the bed of foamy waves of the ocean, and running from places I don't know, but I am never hurt.

I dream of strolling through wide valleys dotted with blades of overwhelmingly tall grass and a sky of white swirling clouds,
And every time I step forward in the vast maze of the valley, plants and flowers sprout from my feet and continue to grow in astonishing speeds,
And the wind caresses me gently as I slowly inhale the salty breeze it possesses.

I dream of being alone, but when I'm alone in my dreams, I'm filled with the comfort of being able to explore the thoughts of my mind.

The comfort of the large houses, the bustling cities whose towers pierce the sky, the strangers who I converse with, the heights I fall from and the waves I fall into, and the green hills, evaded me from reality.
The son of man
Jesus Christ
Headed to river Jordan
True to the prophesy,
To meet John the Baptist.

Opening the sky
Father above
Jesus in
Jordan River
The Holy Sprit
Incarnated in a dove
Were revealed
The 3-in-1 mystery
To  solve.

This as a backdrop,
Carrying replicas of the
Ark of the covenant
On their head,
Putting on
Motely religious robes
Priests go to a nearby river
By the laity
Tagged, flanked
And lead.
In white costumes attired
The laity
Who have dressed to ****
Leave no space
On the road to fill.
The colorful procession
Grabs undivided attention.

Melodies hymns
Pleasing Music
Of harps and many a drum
An electrifying
Effect is the sum.

History has it
Ethiopia has been
Keeping originality
As never before
“Ethiopia raises its
Hands to God!”
Is  witnessed
In Ethiopia’s Epiphany
Magnified manifold.

Reverberates the song
“Headed to River Jordan
The son of man! ”
Ethiopia stands out in marking Epiphany ,true to the Biblical saying Ethiopia stretches its hands out to God.
jas 6d
you are the most beautiful person i've ever accepted into my life
my heart tingles sending electrifying waves straight through my veins
drawing ever sense of mine to
your soul

the power of connection that brings two spiritual beings to collide into one is indefinite
your aura annexes the neurons traveling throughout my body

this path appeared without my knowledge of intertwining fate
in where I'd never encounter a most perfect individual
one full of the universe multiplied by years of worth

till the end of time and back, for there is no death of a soul
if I could just freeze this ripple in time where our bodies encounter
with a warm intoxicating embrace
so exhilarating,

in this life that exists today,
I'm delighted to have accompanied your presence
an aesthetically pleasing inner being

one that encourages me to have a better perception of existing
to live life vicariously with a passion

a mentor
beloved friend
one who reads my soul like an open book

you are my soul and I am your mate.
influential in every way
the words that you say
leave me crazy
but in a good way
I swear

i've been putting my actions into words
I cannot compare to observe
so if you, you know

my soulmate
i wrote this for one of my dear friends i enjoy. much love for you - p
Crown Shyness Oct 2018
When I first looked                                 into your space
I saw thorns                           climbing along
the protected         smile                 in your face,
though you smile powerful in your fragrance,
sailing over oceans,
pollinating emotions              with           wisdoms of your nature.
A scent, born                 in communicating            care of symbiotic
and all your ends,         they          are tasting so true,
sun lighted on their                  way               to ***** yellow heart.
Am admiring your cosmic opening,
your root                    connected            to all of our sky -
I think I understand the love for the lute,
it's how I'd imagine
the feeling
when your     heart moves
skin to skin.
How it would be,
kissing                     the little gap                 between
your gentle lips              and                      your chin,
touching those turning on eyebrows,
so challenging,
so telling
about the beauty of orchestra
you shine
to be looking for.
And if I ever         find my river
into this full of fear ocean,
I will water you             with my tongue,
caress your orchid blossom
to call up        your storm      of emotion.
Till then        I'll collect      these drops
to become river.
Your presence is electrifying,
please go on,
make me
Inspired by a beautiful soul. ;)
D Mar 4
The night comes,
One is to sit on the other side of the bed she calls home
But what she did not know
Was that when the phone rings,
She was one second away to hearing
The rooted and raspy voice
That unmistakably sounds like home.

Exhaustive conversation exchanged,
The night changes
Words of wisdom penetrates
Did she see it coming?
God has once again made His magic
For all of that was true when the sky is blue,
What do I have to lose?

A man and a woman is to uphold three arches in life
These were made for them to grow
And only to grow
He says,
Love, (inner) peace, faith
These echo in swift motion to the back of her head
For the man whose voice sounds in harmony to what she calls home continues,

Faith my friend,
Most often than not,
Comes last
Do believe
And believe
And believe!
For it is the only thing we can do to unlock

She sat still,
What else is there to unlock?
Is it not enough of pain which has already been unfolded?
Is it not enough of sin?
Is it not enough of misjudgment?
Of seeing the light not in the morning
But in the darkest of tunnel?

It is the freedom, my love
It is your freedom
She could hear the sound of his fingers
Teasing atop his piano—
That has already become his friend
But what she saw was his fingers atop of her body,
For how his enlightened language sounded like making love

Who are you?
They asked of each other
A man
A woman
An artist
A musician
A writer

They did not know,
That when the line hang up,
Another line is to come
And so is the jolting,
Electrifying exchange of words of wisdom
of the two smallest people who felt the biggest
Giving birth to music that once again sounds like making love
A million whispers danced in the twilight,
Dissolving and electrifying me in many ways;
If some of them made any sense,
My head wouldn't be a war zone;

I got Eliza seducing me in one ear,
My soul screaming in the other;
Most nights, I stand still and watch the party,
Tonight, I got invited too and they have me by my heart;

Times like these, pain and pleasure becomes same pale thing, I often contemplate to myself
"Is this madness or is this my normalcy?"
I rave on and on till they put me to sleep;

And I see you at the epicenter,
Your crimson fictional presence unstrings me,
You pull me in deeper, walk me out of my zone,
I've known our facade for so long, Folie à deux;
The details, the ectasy, the explosive colors, the Red;

I smile and take a bite, you call out my name,
My devil, I'm your prisoner, I surrender and die into your arms;
Together, we stitch this tapestry of travesty across my skin but Eliza still sings to my soul, there's my gratification, I chose to stay here, there's my personal apocalypse...
A scene in my head
Viktoria Feb 15
No way, no face to look at,
No touch to dive into,
No taste of sweetness,
No electrifying feelings.

No time to give to,
No one to give the time to either.
No tension, despite of illusions.
No hope, only dellusions.

Happy thoughts aren't stable, no more.
Just impulsive, in circles they go.
Chased by fear, just like every emotion,
Drowning in the cold deep ocean...

Of Loneliness, Searching and Hoping,
But senseless,
The belief is gone.
I held onto it, for too long.

The focus now is on what matters.
But isn't what should matter - love?
It's complicated. Self-love is the basis.
Is it? My way is lost and I am standing here.
Love drips down from my fingertips,
A few more seconds and I let it slip.
Tip toeing spring, hoists her electrifying colors again,
All round, with the attendent scents and sounds sublime!
I find myself mulling over the words my dad uttered,
Etched deep in my psyche, when we were still tiny tots!

"It's each one of us that makes them do it,
The birds on these trees around us, sing"

He made it mysterious, but it rang a bell, revealed things,
We realized each little deed of us, did impact the world.
I see the honeybees in the beehive are a cosmos themselves,
Their hum, cosmic  "Aum" reminds :'You are the universe'
Mom goes out and fills all water containers to the full,
She does this every now and then, very dutifully, I can see
We watch with content, birds making a bee line to each
Fly down and drink water to their fill, day in and day out.
My sister goes around the courtyard sprinkling grains,
In plenty, for all the birds regular and new to our farm.
She keeps crumbs, grains, seeds left overs in open containers
At the places they freequent, convenient for avians to partake.
What we in this farm has to offer, whenever they are here.
All for love , exept for the hope of sonorous moments they gift!
On the patio, all of us sit, together,  our inner ears open,
As if to listen a serenade, just for us,under the open skies,
The pure silence in the begining, gets sweeter by the minute,
The calves run out of the cow pen mirthfully springing
Seking their mothers' udder, as they graze out on the green.
The mynahs, together in a tone, affectionate, begin
To chat, about the delights they find in our farmsted, I guess.
The bulbuls and sparrows in a similer mood, quickly join in,
Sing aloud the paeans, perrhaps, who knows, all of us.
Nothing new to us, just routine, followed each season.
Yet we sit as if it's a first, soaking in it's incessent rain,
Moments ethereal, full of nature's soulful music!
Melting in a meditative trance we take it all in,
Oh! how sublime is your music, that envalop us like light.
Big jack fruits, ripened on  tall leafy trees,
Exude a dainty scent, most appitizing, it wafts in the air
Hoards of grey squrrirals, it attracts, noisy they descend
As dextrous they are in food finding expeditions on trees ,
Studiously they drill open the big pulpy fruit that hangs heavily,
Skillfully from all sides, as if seking a grand prize hidden in.
Happy chirps, tweets and songs of early birds becomes
More ecstatic and loud, as time goes by and more join in.
They flit around us, as if to greet and cheer us, becoming bold
As we huddle together feeling closer than ever in their presence.
Our eyes wide open, gleaming bright, hearts full of light,
Grandma who briskly walked past ninety summers,
Happy tears glistenening in her eyes,
Now starts to sing, a lark on her wings..we are overwhelmed!
Transcending joys of many kind, we felt the magic,
Beyond the limits of mind to an intense spot,
A feeling as if we all are gently  holding hands,
Floating on the air, sans wings...
Then again I hear the chant, the words my dad uttered,
Who'd never come back again to put us under his spell.
"Spread love around, you'll be fine and the world"
Every bird joined in the chorus, as if to hail his golden words.
Nathalie Jan 29
You cannot tame
a woman who is
wild with desire
in fulfilling her mission

She is with purpose
and soars with spirit
She is choosing
the path of her heart

The confidence she
wears is electrifying
and she exudes a light
and vigor like no other

She is love
in action
and answers
her call.

Her voice so sweet
And pure as Honey
My heart starts to beat,

Her soft touch its
Electrifying my soul,

He smile so bright
And warm, I'm in love tonight.

Her love so loving
It's truly perfection

As I feel her love deep
In my heart,

She's truly the beat to my heart.....
My Heart
should you be there, dreaming of me too,
i hope youre dreaming of the soft clouds of kisses we shared
and the sweet perfume of my nervousness.
i hope youre dreaming of the moments where it was just us two,
the surrounding world drowned out by the beating of our hearts and dull whispers of unwritten love stories.
should you be there, dreaming of me too,
i hope youre dreaming of the electrifying touch of our fingers, hands, minds, and souls.
i hope youre dreaming of the comfort and safety we found in one another, feeling at home as long as we were together.
please be dreaming of me, too.
To her
He's different
He's real
He's the type of a man searching for soul
Searching for someone to make him hole
To her
When hes hurting, because I know he hurts
Help him
Help him smile
Smile at him
Because when I did he looked at me in less pain gripped my hand and was okay again
To her
He's  not questioning you
Hes simply doing what we all do
He's protecting himself from getting hurt
He's making sure
To her
He wants you to lay with him every night even if his snoring is incredibly loud
He wants to feel your body next to his
To her
When he questions your choices he is just worried
He cares
He doesn't understand yet
Be patient
To her
When he cries in his sleep
Lock your fingers in his
Kiss his cheek
He will wake up and hug you
He will wrap his arms around you and make you feel protected even when he's the one who needs to feel safe
To her
He'll let you do his make up just to make you smile
Even if his man pride had to be put a side for a while
He wants real love
Please give him real love
To her
He's a bit of a mystery
He's hard to understand
He's a puzzle
But put it together and you have a piece of amazing work
Hes stubborn and he gets angry He snores so very very loud and he has a small disability
He can be rude and painfully blunt at times, but you will never have to question his love
But to her
His love is genuine
His hugs are safe and warm
His words are sweet
His touch is electrifying
When he holds you his body heat doesn't bother you
He bumps into you while hes gaming and smiles in a playful manner
He's real, but even better.
His love is one of a kind
To her

— The End —