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Love is best understood when actions and words are put to use
Failure speaks words that only it's victims understand
Success? It's been placed on a volume by words to be heard all through its way
Rejection is a feeling of the heart created by words to make it stronger or weaker
Words are deep
I am fine- seems like "I am fine"
But does the heart feel fine???
Words are expressions
O what a day!! - what kind of day?
Words are more than grammatical structure or locality
Words is a continuous communication that is a part of man.
I still don't know what went wrong!
I still don't know when change began a difficult task in my life
I still don't know how my dreams stayed as a dream

As a baby I had access to just a little knowledge about the world but I made sure to utilize it.
Mother's milk,
O how pleasing was its taste
I enjoyed every bit of it
And when baby food was introduced,
At first it's taste was new and different
But I got used it with time.

A year after birth, I only enjoyed being in the hands of people when I was sick or scared
I loved to be independent
The joy I derived when I felt the warmth and coldness of earth
Even though I once loved been carried by people

So I ask again,
What went wrong?
When did change suddenly become scary
When did rain become scary to a snail

As a young child, it was very easy to play so many roles
A mother yesterday, a sick child today and a doctor tomorrow
Mother's scolding wasn't enough to make me sit or stay away from sand

What exactly went wrong!!!!
The world brings forth new things everyday
But why does it seem like am going in circles
Why does progress seem so far from me

Right now I have made it
I have been promoted , but where is the celebration?
What went wrong???

After so many thinking
I found an answer that humanity avoids
See humanity is sick
It's diagnosed with a cancer
Cancer of Comfort
That's what it's called
And that's what went wrong!!!

It steals our dreams
Stunts our growth and keeps us in Disney world
But doesn't take us to Wonder land
It limits our vision and makes us only enjoy Today
And writes our vision at the river bank

So now that you know what went wrong?
And what was behind it?
Find a rescue or endure
Have heard tales about how demons came to existence.
I was made to believe demons are scary fallen angels who refuse to answer to heavenly bidden.
I was told they are evil and they only feast on those who refused to answer to the divine call.
They called them spirits and only those fortified could see them.

Am a normal girl with no extraordinary powers or charms
Neither did i refuse the divine call,
But yet,
I met a demon today.
In a human skin
Had none of the features I was told he would have
He was a demon I had known all my life
His eyes were filled with lust and hunger
His hands pinned down tightly a pure soul
He devoured every piece of flesh in this pure soul
He left feeling victorious at the new soul he had destroyed for his master.

This demon wasn't a fallen angel
He wasn't a stranger
He was a brother, a friend, a guardian.
I'm sad, depressed, angry, bitter
My faith is crushed by the supposed Messiah
My anger swallowing my sight
My bitterness overshadowing my sense of taste
My unforgiving heart ready to shatter homes
My sadness giving my face a new look
My humanity, a victim of this battered soul
Refuses to live with anger, bitterness and sadness
My heart fighting for happiness and full spirit
My mind refusing to keep record of bad memories
The smile on my loved ones face fighting with my conscience about what would happen if I let anger, un-forgiveness, bitterness and depression have its way
And now, I am at a crossroad
I have to choose which path would bring comfort to this "black soul".
Benji James Apr 2018
I need another taste of your kiss
From your soft red coloured lips
I need another touch
Of your silky smooth skin
I feel your so tight 

Rocking my heart right

Yeah you’re making me feel like

Your body is talking to me

Yeah your rubbing me the right way

Are you down to play?

Cuz I wanna do ***** things 

with you babe.

Oh Lauren, you turn me on (girl)
You know that you do
Lauren, you got it going on (girl)
I can see that you do

Oh Lauren, I see what you got
Yeah you know what I want
Every inch of you
You know that I do
I want to give it to you
(You want it, I got it)
I want to give it to you
(You want it, I got it)
I want to give it to you

It seems to me
That she seems to be
Teasing me sexually
Yeah she's explicit
In the things that she'll exhibit
It's exquisite,
her cheeky smile
her bright blue eyes
Seem to get to me every single time

Oh Lauren, you turn me on (girl)
You know that you do
Lauren, you got it going on (girl)
I can see that you do

Oh Lauren, I see what you got
Yeah you know what I want
Every inch of you
You know that I do
I want to give it to you
(You want it, I got it)
I want to give it to you
(You want it, I got it)
I want to give it to you

Yeah I'm impressed
by her sexiness
But I'm working out
How to get her out of that dress
then into the bed
She knows I want her ***
Gonna get her wet
Gonna make her sweat
Till we're both out of breath
Fall asleep in the bed
With her head on my chest.

Oh Lauren, you turn me on (girl)
You know that you do
Lauren, you got it going on (girl)
I can see that you do

Oh Lauren, I see what you got
Yeah you know what I want
Every inch of you
You know that I do
I want to give it to you
(You want it, I got it)
I want to give it to you
(You want it, I got it)
I want to give it to you

©2018 Written By Benji James
After seeing a beautiful Lauren at my work tonight, I just had to post this...
Andrew T Jun 2016

Andrew walked inside of his best friend Will's house, carrying a six pack of Stella, and moved to the beer-pong table, where Lauren and Erica were playing with Daniel and Marcus. The girls turned to face Andrew and Erica mumbled something to Lauren. Lauren laughed and nodded. Andrew hoped she wasn't laughing at him, but when he saw her smiling at him, that was when he knew he would end up falling in love with her. Well maybe not in love with her, but he hoped he would at least get to know her. He took off his jacket and set it aside on the couch next to Will and Carrie. Will looked slimmer than usual, his arms skinny, and his clothes baggy on him. He didn't like seeing his friend look like a stick-figure, but he didn't really know how to approach the subject. Instead, he hugged him and felt Will's skin and bones, wondering how long could his friend go on like this.

Will, wanna get next game?

Will considered it for a moment and shook his head.

I would man, but I'm feeling pretty tired. Going to take a dab in a minute, you want one?

Ha, not tonight man, I got to drive back home after this.

Andrew turned around and caught Lauren staring at him. She looked away and shot the ping-pong ball into one of the red solo cups. All Andrew knew about Lauren was that she moved here from Florida. She was here for the summer, perhaps longer. She was good friends with Will's girlfriend Carrie, but Carrie had told him the other day over Facebook chat, that Lauren was talking to some guy named Peter back in Florida. Good for me, he thought. He wanted to be single for a while, but there was something uncanny about Lauren that drew him in closer to the pong table. She was wearing a black cardigan and a white blouse underneath with jean shorts and flats--typical NOVA ****, but he sensed she was deeper than her appearance. She had blue eyes, blue as the sky in the current summer month of July.

Hey do you guys mind if I get next game?

Erica looked at Lauren. And she looked back at Erica and shrugged.

Are you good?

I can be.

Lauren considered him for a moment.

Great to hear. You and Erica are going to go against me and Daniel. Cool?

Yeah that's cool.

Andrew found a spot next to Erica and stood beside her, high-fiving her.

Don't worry about Lauren, she's just super competitive.

Let's show them some competition then.
shireliiy Sep 2015
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