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He was on toes in his twenties
She was in tunes in her teens
He was alone, she was along
He was curious, she was cordial
She was catering to his senses:
With her ply, play and ploy
Her electrifying looks
Greeted his soul to seek
Tricked and kicked his heart
Her smiles rolled on his lips
Her face fashioned fair n’ familiar
Beauty was her boon, his moon
An intangible asset to cassette
It was one to one homely affair
Win-win scene in solitude
Her free style was explicit -
Board of her body language
Her chromatic costumes,
And cosmetic feel of touch
Enshrined in the tablet of his memory
She sang, danced n’ pounced in passion
Coupled up his thoughts  
For a couple of hours
Her smart artistic calibre,
Teeming teenage tickle,
Shook up and hooked up
His conduct and character
He could see her face to face
In her filmy on-screen display
Of moving movie telecast
He was her fan in disguise
She was his fiancée in guise
As an artist and articulate
Lo! Love is the mother of life
We are existing
You & I are but
The numerator
And denominator
Or vice versa
As per whims and fancies

Let us break
That diabolic dividing line
And multiply our lullable love
To reduce worldly woes
And add life to the yearning years
By the joy and jubilation
Embedded in our hearts
"Can't take my eyes off yours"
not withdrawing their gaze
wordlessly he and she muse
without batting an eyelid

"Ḧer eyes are a shade of blue  rarely seen ever"
he thinks, before words could charm her
she finds this" Ÿou've the eyes of a girl,
every girl that dates you, I am sure
would note it first" Isn't she right?
Öne girl knows another's heart better
then, do men stand a chance?" he wonders

"But there is a soft wave beating in the depth,
of those eyes" she softly confides
Ït arrests me,  can't take my eyes off it kindness or love, or both?"
a welling within happens, he was debating just that,
but how, just how  does she know it?

"Ẅhat would you take first ?' he puts it back
  " If I offer you both?"
she smiles saying "I know what"
Close by they sit, heat permeates
from thigh to thigh, isn't it nice?" eyes probe
"Let that beam of light I see, fall straight
in to my eyes, let's burn together"

He shuts his eyes and remember
the camphor lights, soft on eyes
and oil lamps on temple walls,
flames that dance like hooded serpents
he feels the heat of her swelled up lips,
fitful bees hovering above his mouth.
If two lovers can sit looking at each other's eyes continuously for four minutes(like this)love blossoms says new research..who knew it is that easy!
Edited a bit
Super Dad had
Has His fad
To be formless
To keep us in form
To be homeless
To stay with us
To be selfless
To keep us harmless
To be ceaseless
To besiege relentless
To be of no origin
To originate  
To be fathomless
To keep us afloat
To be unreachable
To reach us all at once
To be infinity
To carry us thru’ infinity
Essence of His absence
Is to sense His presence.
Heaven is not my home
Let my home be heaven!
You & I
are the rhyme & rhythm
song and dance
spring and fall
subject and predicate

Lung and heart
care and caution
health and wealth
strength and solace
power and peace
present and future
Life and death

Given the choice/chance,
Let us repeat the show
a milling million times,
in the pavilion of life
as Adam & Eve
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