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The softness of your voice/tone
The softness of your skin
The softness of you

The softness from your words
The softness of your touch
Just from you

The softness
By you
To me

That softness I heard
from you/of you
The softness I felt
From you/by you

How soft you
once were…
To me/towards me.

To hear that softness
from you again
To feel that softness
from you/by you again

To just have this
Just once more
that softness
that we once shared
with each other together.

Is now just a memory
of how soft
you were
but no more.
Not again –Ever
from you/by you
to me
again -Ever…

But I just wanted to
let you know
that I did
love that/this
at that time
from you/by you
when you
once was/were
to me
back then
when you showed
to me
your softness.

© By HF-Whisper
11:06AM -11:25AM-28/6/2022
Your support
Your encouragement
Your unconditional love

Your compliments
Your positive vibes
Your Presence
Your existence

Your warmth from the inside
Your smile from the outside
Your orah
Your energy

Your love
Your kindness
Your heart
Your openness

Your patience
Your acceptance
Your mind
Your understanding

You are
You can be
You were
You once were.

You were
You once were
You can be


© By HF-Whisper
You are present
Your presence
you are here
at present
with me
Being present
with both of us
just our presences
By this present time.

Because we are here
Given by the ‘fate’
of that ‘timing’
That this ‘particular’
occurrence of presence
‘allowed’ us both
to be at present.

© B HF-Whisper
This is you
This is me
This is…

This is the time
This is the place
This is…

This is the moment
This is…

This is,
what I want
to do
with you
Just this…

This journey
This adventure

This memory
This moment
Only in this time…

During this time
during this
with you
This is
This is.

this is
with you.

© HF-Whisper
‘Dedicated to JP.’
From you
Of you
By you
With you

From that time
Of that time
By that time
With you during that time.

From this time
Of this time
By this time
With you during this time

From that memory
Of that memory
By that memory
With you during that memory

From this memory
Of this memory
By this memory
With you during this memory

From that moment
Of that moment
By that moment
With you in/during that moment
I could be me
And you
Could be you

With me
Being with you
By your side/next to you
Or standing facing you
Of that/this time
From that/this time

From you
Of you
By you
With you

Because it’s that feeling
From you
The vibe I get of you
Being by you
When I’m with you.

© By HF-Whisper
'Dedicated to JP.'

When I can‘t have you
-I want you

When I want you
-I can’t have you


© By HF-Whisper
That time
That place
That feeling
When I’m with you.

That minute
That moment
That second
When I’m with you.


That, 'new beginning’
That, ‘new love’ feeling
That, excitement!
That, smile of yours
When, I’m with you./ When, I see you.

That, moment
That, memory
That, place in
That, time
When, I was with you.

That, will be stored away
In a safe place
Because, it was, with you
That, it happened
That, we shared
That, I loved
That, you loved
When, I am with you
When, I was with you.


© By HF-Whisper

Dedicated to James P.
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