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You are
There is and always will be only
One of

You are
Your own creator
Your own thinker
Your own dreamer

You are
Of value
Just as another human
Even more so
because you are so rare
And even though others may share
similar connections/interests/
Only you
Will have your way of doing things
Your way of seeing things
Your way of understanding things
Your way of connecting to things
Your way of being

You are your number one priority/ support.
You are the journey.
With yourself
Be true to yourself.
Be true to you.
Be there for yourself.
Because YOU deserve it.
Because YOU are worth it.
-Yes YOU.

© By HF-Whisper
When somethings been broken  
it’s not often been used.
When somethings used,
it’s often been broken.

© By HF-Whisper

When somethings been used
it’s often broken,  
When somethings been broken,  
it’s not often used.

© By HF-Whisper
-Not enough boxes
-Too many boxes

Small boxes
Medium boxes
Large boxes

Cardboard box
Shipped boxes
-Delivery of
-Delivered boxes

Giving a box
To receive a box
A surprise box

Locked boxes
Po Box
-Post box

Un marked box
Un claimed boxes
-From you
-By me

To be boxed up
To box yourself in


Jack in the box


Boom box

Lunch box
Takeaway box





Corporate box

To think outside the box.

© By HF-Whisper
She’s standing there on the corner,
Waiting, watching, praying
That she will be safe for the night
That she will score her next job
That she will be treated with respect
That she will not be judged.

She’s standing there on the corner.
Waiting and wondering,
Why life is so cruel to her.
Why she was drawn this card in life.
Why she is here.

She’s standing on that corner.
The people walking past her.
Thinking quietly of the situation she’s in.

As a car just pulls up
She wavers in her potential new client.
Reassuring them that it’s okay.
Making them feel at ease.
She wonders of/about places that she will go too.
And what may or may not happen.

She’s standing on that corner.
Praying silently.
Just in that corner
Away from civilization
Just on her own
Just keeping to herself

As you walk past and see her on that corner.
You may find yourself looking down on her.
You may think she’s a low life.
With no pride with no self esteem
With no respect
No goals and
no love for herself

How wrong are you/we to think of it this way.
She is a survivor.
She is stronger than you or I
She’s got street smarts.
And inner strength
Courage and bravery.

She’s making something of herself.
Slowly and eventually
Who are we to judge?
We haven’t heard of her/ their story.
We don’t know how she has ended up where she is.

She’s trying her best to make something of herself.
To pay her rent
To pay her bills
To put food in her mouth
Maybe even her kid’s mouth

She’s a woman/lady.
She’s a scared young girl.
She’s a mum.
She’s a cleaner/maid.
She’s a nurturer.
She’s a councilor.
She’s too- a person.

-Never judge a book by their/It’s cover,
Have you walked a mile in their shoes?
(You haven’t walked a mile in their shoes.’)

© By HF-Whisper -21/2/2023
For when you were here,
To when now that you’re not.

For when I/we was with you,
To when/all those times that you/I/we was/were not.

For all the special single moments that you and I/we I shared together,
To all the/of those ones that I/we have missed out on.

For all support/encouragement/words of wisdom, care and kindness that you gave to me/us,
To all that I/we gave back to you.

For the beautiful person who you are,
To the beautiful person that I/we once knew.

For the precious soul that got taken away so soon,
To the guardian angel of you, that is now watching, over me/all of us.

For you and all up above
To all the beautiful people that are still here.

For all these memories with you, I/we will treasure in our hearts and thank you,
To having you here with us all for this short duration/time.

For you will always be loved and kept in memory in our hearts,
To the hope that one day we’ll meet again.

For you this is a special debut
To you and just for you.

© By HF-Whisper
Dedicated to the loved ones we had that got away from us.
For the times that are memories,
The memories that are/become the/those times.

For when you weren’t with me then,
To when I know you/you’re with me now.

For all that hasn’t happened yet,
To all that has/is still to come.

For my time without you,
To my time being with you.

For the feeling you gave me then,
To the feelings I have for you now.

For these memories that I cherish the most from what we’ve already shared,
To the adventures/experiences/activities, and fun that we have yet to come.

For all that I have experienced in the past and on my own,
To now being able to share new adventures with you.

For all those times,
To all these times

For that exact time when you did arrive/entre in my life,
To time now where I’m/ that I’m sitting/standing here with you now.

For you,
For me,
To us both.
For what we have had,
For what has yet to still come.

Thank you,
Now and always,
Just for,
From you.

This is,
-For you.

© By HF-Whisper

Then it felt right
Then it was exciting
Then it was fresh/new
Back then.

Then you were with me
Then you were mine
Then you had the time
Then you were happy and free
Back then

Then you felt the love
Then you smiled about our special moments and all those memories we shared
Back then

Then something changed
Then the feeling disappeared
Then things felt different
Back then

Then it was just me
Then I felt lost
Then I had to pick up all the missing pieces
Back then it hurt so much.


Now it’s a distant memory.
Now it doesn’t seem to matter.
Now most of the pain has faded/vanished.
Now it’s just me and I’m happy and free.

Now I am free.
Now I feel happy on my own.
Now out of no where I have met someone new.
Now I am enjoying this new journey together with him.

Now for what the future holds
Now for our story still to be told.
Now for all the special moments that we’ve already shared had/and still to be shared.
Now with him being there.
And seeing/feeling how much he cares.
Now in the ‘now’
Just with me

© By HF-Whisper
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