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Refusing to accept
stupid initiation, failing 
to stand by stupid techies
till perpetuity and this 

stupid tap-to-talk still webs
hardware and software of 
lame and naive stupid
buttons and clicks

that were resonating 
but blinded by denseness of 
the insight and out of sight, 
of foolish solace.

somehow stupid techie, 
slithered, release sweetly,
uttered senselessly,
creating sensuous

© Feelings Coated
Creation of iconography : Mr Siri revealing Ms Alexa
Sam Po Sep 2014
Every blink of the screen,
she sees his affection
through pix elated font forming
into I Love You.

She can feel the radiation
keeping their relationship, alive and electrifying.
The satellites are always on their side.

Her heart beats so fast
to the ringtone of his high-tech heart.
Every keypad pressed
are thousand sweet words expressed.

The radiation won't keep us apart,
signals will bridge our undying love.
Cause, as long we have this electronic gadgets,
I know we are in love.
Aizzur Festejo May 2014
Oh! Smart Bro. How convenient of you
Cool, fast, smooth, everything is in you
So much that even gadgets love you
And the reason for us choosing you.

The reason why my assignments made it through
The reason why I can watch movies and new
The reason for my techie life's blue
Is because of me relying to you.

Too bad, it didn't last a year or two
Being quick and smooth stopped too
Now, I had enough of you
Shall we buy another and discard you?
Random ones from January 29, 2012

— The End —