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This woman speaks in tongues
Foreign languages roll from her mouth
Like summer fog ladled over the rim
Of Candlestick Park
In the not-so-distant
Far far away of long long ago

This woman speaks in rotund sentences
Effulgent with vocabulary
That shimmers with the electrified joy
Of lights over Ghirardelli Square
In the not-so-darkness
Of the clammy and cabalistic night

This woman speaks with her hands
Impresciable, implacable, and inconsolable
As she tries to mold untranslatable words
From air that is as thin
As the promises she’d preferred
And purchased with the shards of her heart

This woman speaks in lyrics
Arpeggios of adjectives and alliteration
That tumble acrobatically with the intricacy
And grace
Of a hummingbird in spring
On the kiss of a blossom
Rich and fragrant and giving as
This woman speaking in tongues
Chantell Wild May 14
When you
Look at me
I feel electrified
Almost terrified
I know just what
Would happen
If you happened to me  
If I had to
Happen upon you
I would be utterly
Beside myself and
Somewhat intoxicated
By you.
JV Beaupre May 2016
I. Long ago and far away...

Under the bridge across the Kankakee River, Grampa found me. I was busted for truancy. First grade. 1946.

Coming home from college for Christmas. Oops, my family moved a few streets over and forgot to tell me. Peoria, 1961.

The Pabst Brewery lunchroom in Peoria, a little after dawn, "Who wants my sandwich? ****, this first beer tastes good." I won't tell you what he really said. 1962.

At grad school, when we moved into the basement with the octopus furnace, Dave, my roommate contributed a case of Chef Boyardee spaghettio's and I brought 3 cases of beer, PBRs.  Supper for a month.1962.

Sharon and I were making out in the afternoon, clothes a jumble. Walter Cronkite said, " President Kennedy has been shot…” 1963.

I stood in line, in my shorts, waiting for the clap-check. The corporal shouted:  "All right, you *******, Uncle and the Republic of Viet Nam want your sorry *****. Drop 'em".  Deferred, 1964.

He electrified the room. Every woman in the room, regardless of age, wanted him, or seemed to. The atmosphere was primeval and dripping with desire. In the presence of greatness, 1968.

US science jobs  dried up. From a mountain-top, beery conversation, I got a research job in Germany. Boulder, 1968.

The first time I saw automatic weapons at an airport. Geneva, 1970.

I toasted Rembrandt with sparkling wine at the Rijksmuseum. He said nothing. 1972.

A little drunk, but sobering fast: the guard had Khrushchev teeth.
Midnight, alone, locked in a room at the border, why?
Hours later, release. East Berlin, 1973.

She said, "You know it's remarkable that we're not having an affair." No, it wasn't. George's wife.  Germany, 1973.

I said, "May be there really are quarks, but if so, we'll never see them." Truer than I knew.  Exit to Huntsville, 1974.

II. In the present century....

And what have I learned? Here's advice for the next ones: On your desk, keep a coffee cup marked, "No Whining", that side out. Final retirement. 2015.

I quietly admired a Rembrandt portrait at the Schiphol airport. Ever inscrutable, his painting had presence, even as the bomb dogs sniffed by. Beagles. 2006.

I’ve lost two close friends that I’ve known for 50-odd years. There aren’t many more. Huntsville. 2008 and 2011.

I started painting. Old barns and such. 2004.

I occasionally kick myself for not staying with physics—I’m jealous of friends that did. But I moved on, and came back. There is still problem 12-19 in Becker's mechanics and it still needs solving. 2016 and continuing.

Honest distortions emerging from the distance of time. The thin comfort of fading memories. Thoughts on poor decisions and worse outcomes. Not often, but every now and then.
Mayah Nance Jan 2015
When I am with you
My soul is alight
My body electrified
Tu es mon autre moitié

When I am alone
I crave the feel of your skin
I hunger for the lightness of your fingers through my hair
Je ne peux pas être sans votre lumière

So, as I lie next to you
Tucked in close to your side
There is only one thing in this world I am certain of
*Mon cœur aime ton cœur
zuMee Oct 2018
She stands at the window
a fine white stream of goodevil knowledge
trickling down her chin

Lungs heaving against the pane
Lungs heaving against the pain
She longs for a killer breeze
from the die-hard fan.

The yellow-eyed seconds slither out the clock
hi S S ing in rhythm as they crawl.

On the table lies the used core of a once
juicy red delicious
hourglass figure, cyanide hearts and all

She is aware of her own nakedness.

The moon watches on
bleeding silver
from stab wounds by dagger-branches
waiting for a crack in the window
through which to enter

The Tree of Life towers menacingly overhead.

He walks in
intelligent-designer suit: businessgod attire
briefcase in hand
brief case in point

He knows.
She knows.
Time knows.

An Electrified goliath stirs in the depths

The Ego awakens
lifts its rod
beckoning to the waves of children behind it,
parts the folds of red sea
charges head on.

It rides long and hard
hooves pounding the riverbed
to pull out on the other side

But the branches find their crack.

The Enraged goliath stumbles
Ego trips
relentless walls closing in,
It goes under in a seizure
frothing at the mouth
as its children swim.

Time holds the twosome breath in its constricting grip
Tree binds Life inside a cell
at the center of the evolving prison

The pane, reflecting
The pain, reflected
Window souls mirror souls Window

Branches regain their higher dwellings.

An exhumed goliath stirs
on a distant shore.

She stands at the window
a fine white stream of goodevil knowledge
trickling down her shin.
Lora Lee Apr 13
I sit
on a canopy
of cool air
straight,  aligned
my soul afloat
heart gently graced
Lotus palms,
fingers touching
as chakras form rainbows
from my base,  
all through my spine
divinity frothing free
In prismatic pulses
my heartwaves
flushed of poisons,
energy cleansed
I am open
as the universe opens
to me
my third eye
in blossom

and even here
you reside in my
tiniest of fibers
even if I wanted to
I couldn't wash you out
you look into me
parting me,  gently
reaching into my
deepest of

I am fresh fruit,
pulled apart
My juice runs
like a godly river
without me even
parting my thighs
Time and time again
I am electrified
touching this earth
the ripe flow of you
folds me into
little earthquakes,  
seismic vibrations
Only felt by me,
shaken to subtle core

and even if I tried to
resist it
you melt into me
like breath
you rock me
from chaos
into still ponds

for now
to calm the raging
waters that flow over
and through me
I sit
I breathe
and feel
one with
the heavens
and earth
the inner magic
rushing to me

I have myself,
woman of woman
and you,
a part of
     my landscape
SilentAce Aug 2016
I believe you get only a few epic romances in your life.
I also believe you get a handful of comfortable love stories.

One is an attraction that makes you obsessive.
A love that make you go crazy immediately.
A love with more passion than practicality.
Usually rushed and never well planned.
The kind of love that makes your skin tingle when they are nearby.
Your heart pound when they kiss you.
And your  mind race with uncertainty everytime you are together.
The kind of love that if it lasts, is an grand love story.
Or the kind of love that breaks you when it ends.

The other is an admiration for one another.
A fondness that develops into something more over time.
I also believe there is a comfortable kind of love
And you'l find it quite often.
It doesn't scare you at all.
A love that seems logical and practical.
Usually well thought out and discussed.
You don't really feel electrified when you are together but you feel safe and secure.
It isn't grand
But it is stable and has a comforting certainty that you have come to love.
The kind of love that if it lasts will guarantee a happy ending.
Or the kind of love you can walk away from without utter devastation.

Unfortunately, every person experiences love differently.
For one it may be an epic love story while the other has simply settled for a simpler love for a little while.
Until one day they get bored and leave unmaimed while the other gathering the will to mend their broken heart.
And so that leaves a decision to be made.
Do we continue to fall hopelessly in love again and again until we get our Grand Love story?
Or do you chose to settle in the comfort of a mere Happy Ending?

If you’re really lucky you’ll get a combination of both. Those are the kinds of love stories novels come from. I pray for that love one day.
Samantha Cunha Dec 2018
I awoke
in a field
of lilacs
crystal visions
clouded my
my morning
for I dreamt
of your
heart of
a heart
of gold
Elizz Sep 2018
I sliced through my ring finger
Stopping at the nerve in seventh
Seeing you is kinda like that sometimes
A not so good tingly nerve pain echoes through that hand
Going to that insignificant part that still cares
You were my first love how can I not
In faerie you've got to make due with what you have
I looked into iceberg blue eyes
Deep sea blue
From electrified gray
But only when there would be a storm a brew
Just my own tears I knew there wouldn't be any gentle voice
Laced with concern knew so well that there would just be an annoyed look
But now
I wake up to a deep forest green and a voice that's drowned in concern
Like tea steeped too long coating my worries into stardew for the sun to melt
Lulling me back to sleep a molten silver when you ask how my day was
A soft blue liquidized with worry when you heard me crying last night
It blended into a glowing cobalt after I told you it was stupid
I know that if you were here you would've tilted my chin up
And told me that nothing I could ever say would be stupid to you
And when I told you
You just told me that it was the sweetest thing ever
To know that I had a soft and caring heart
It shouldn't be
With years of crusted plaster over it
You seem to be taking a hammer and ice pick
Slowly cracking through those layers
Tender sunset kissed flesh beneath
A healthy heart
That isn't entirely shattered
I tried to keep it safe for as long as I could
I think
That it worked
Because the blood is still rushing
And I wake up to you
Asking me how I slept
And my heart speeds up
So I guess I did something right
In ending up on this twisted road to you
Yenson Apr 3
entertainment for the people
interactive entertainment to displace frustration in Hades
the subhumans awaiting grilling get restless and linger in pain
give us Sky, give us distraction and lend us artificial
Let us play our loaded dice
and give enforced disappointment and scripted drama
to pull strings and holler that we can control
In our hell, we can find relief in giving hell to another

entertainment for the people
we want to salivate over manipulating emotions
we want to to throw our loaded dices, cheat and deny
mess around with sky and give vent to our helplessness
savagery of the blood thirst to us of the down syndrome
mental abuse and mental cruelty is the new black
ours is Clockwork orange from the Ghetto minded

get up and do as we want
the majority want you to be put through the  mill
emotional vandalism and we're tripping for we are more
nobody dares disobey us for now your choices is nil
we the ringmaster has the dancing bear with the electrified ****
that is power in our feeble hands and we because we are wounded
because we are sadist and cheap bullies and its a numbers game
because we are in pain and the gas chamber is now obsolete
I’ve cried a lot over you
It was a nasty break up

When I left I said
We’re through
I’m never coming back

It’s been 17 years now
And I’ve seen and heard things about you
In the meantime

And I have to say
With no ill intent
That you have really let yourself go
I wasn’t prepared for this in coming back
It’s ironic because it’s why I left you

When I washed my hands of you
I consoled myself
With thinking
In fact
That you were a *****
Who gave it up too easily
Or a monster like Frankenstein’s
Electrified on a table
Not quite dead
But not quite alive

A friend once said that you were
Always nicely coiffed
But walked about
With a long trail
of smeared toilet paper stuck
to the bottom of your superb shoe
Scraping under and behind
And unbeknownst to you

I’ve walked and walked
With a book
So as not to look
And I’ve sat waiting
For you to appear

I’ve sniffed the air
For you
On this street and on that
Stalking you really
But you were gone.
I sat in that park for a long time

Washington Square
With my little book
One short story or two I closed the book
I left
There’s nothing here.
You’re gone.

The first time you made me stop
in my tracks completely
I was bewildered on First Avenue
heading south
It was long ago
Now I realize that it
a premonition
I was suddenly lost
I stared at the sign that read
K-I-E-V in neon to my left
I told myself
“You know where you are”
“You know exactly where are you are”
And in any event, keep heading south
“You know where you are.”

Upon my return
all these years later
it happened again on Canal
I stared hard at elderly Chinese couples
Hoping for eye contact
which I never got
Looking for an answer
An explanation
Their strategy for survival
Is this Co-Existence or a Time Loop gone WRONG?
How many of us are actually ghosts?
An old boyfriend told me once that they don’t like you.
And neither do the Poles.

“Is this the real life?”

I forgot until quite recently that
Not so long
in Astor Place
I thought about you again
I thought that you must have moved over one block
But that’s just not possible.
It really is you.
This is you.

So casting you to the side
as I have done
As I had done
Will it help me at all?
Has it helped me at all!

Now I wonder if you are
a captive monster
rendered impotent
by steel and concrete?
Or a jammed low frequency
that dulls the mind
which Science won’t render mute?
Was it a healing potion
The perfect ratio
**** and **** and rage
That was
The Most Holy of Trinities?
Spurned and now this

If we made it again
A perfect batch
Could it re-start your heart and keep it
Like the Doctor in the stormy moonlight?

Do the tides help at all?
I don’t miss you if that’s what you’re thinking.
Olivia Aug 2018
Explain to me what I should do
The one person I wish to ask, I cannot
My insides are electrified with rivers of thought

Explain to me what I should do
I wish to do right by me, but also by you
My mind is constantly plagued with our silhouettes

Explain to me what I should do
You’ve done no wrong, but neither have I
My eyes are filled with dreams dying overnight

Explain to me what I should do
Perhaps I’ve done misdeeds and so’ve you
My body feels weighed down with self-imposed responsibility

Explain to me what I should do
Beseech myself, beg who?

Explain to me what I should do
Be different and stay, or let go of you?
NvrMnd Dec 2018
we've met somewhere in a magical place
a misty dream where our souls dance together
we've got drunk by our connection
electrified by in-explainable energy
that suddenly explode to nothingness
and i wonder if you got hurt like i do
got lost in a grey forest without trees and flowers  to talk to
got your eyes bleed from crying because you miss me like i miss you.
Samantha Cunha Dec 2018
I walked the crooked path

My feet got chained

Now I walk towards the light

The all encompassing

white light

Your touch electrified me

It hurt

But it propelled me

to seek higher realms
Big Virge Jan 16
Ya Know I ... HARDLY ...
Choose to ... PARTY ...
Because of THOSE Parties ...
Who DON'T Act ... Smartly ...

So Party ... DARKLY ...
Instead of ... " Calmly " ...

cos' You Can ... Party HARD ...
WITHOUT ... Drawing Cards ...
or ... Drawing GUNS ...
To PROVE Your ... " TOUGH " ... ?!?

Leave THAT Stuff ...
To The ... MILITARY Son ... !!!

And Parties ... Who ...
USE Feds' Like ... TOOLS ... !!!

I'm NO Fool ... !!!

So am part of ... NO PARTY ...
Whose Moves ... Divide Parties ... !?!

So NO ... " Party Politickin' " ...
With Parties Who Be ... TRICKIN' ...
and Robbing More Than ... " Giving " ...
Because of Their ... MISGIVINGS ... !!!!!!!!!!!

These Days ...
Parties ... DON'T LISTEN ... !!!
and CERTAINLY ... DON'T Glisten ... !!!

Or ...
Try to ... FULFIL Visions ...
They USE To Get ... " Positions " ... !!!

That Then Create ... DIVISIONS ... !!!!!!!

Because Their Visions ... MISSION ...
Appears Like ... " Apparitions " ...

YES I Said ... APPARITIONS ... !!!!!!!!!!

Or What's called YES ... " Mirages " ...
That PROVE That They Are ... HEARTLESS ...
and Merely Are The ... " Charges " ...
of Those Who Move In ... " DARKNESS " ... !!!!!

Parties Who ... Lead ...
To Feed Like Breeds ...
of ... DEVIOUS FIENDS ... !!!

VAMPIRIC Like ... " Ticks " ... !!!
Whose Party ... TRICKS ...
AREN'T Built To ... FIX ... !!!

The Enlist ... DUD Scripts ...
and SYSTEMIC ... " Eugenics " ... !!!

and Sadly ... Quite ENDEMIC ... !!!!!

Parties ... INAUTHENTIC ...
Now FILLED With ... "Euro SKEPTICS" ... !?!

TWICE In A ... WEEK ...
Their Parties ... SPEECH ...
Has Made Them SEEK ................................

A Place AWAY From ...................................................... EURO Peeps' ...
But CLEARLY NOT ... Their MONEY ... ?!!!?

These Brits Are ... TRULY FUNNY ...
Aren't They ... " European " ... ?!?

KEEP Leaking ...

So now Some Feel ...
They're ... " weakened " ...
Because The ... Party's OVER ...
cos' Icelanders ... Were COLDER ...
Than Brexit' ... British Voters ... !!!!!!

Hodgson ...
Resigned SO FAST ...
That BOLT Said ...

"Kiss me rass !
Them English Man lack class,
and play ball with no heart !
So yes them should depart,
cos' man dem' stink like **** !"

Sometime ...
You've GOTTA LAUGH ...
and Party With ... The SMART ...
Who Choose To ... Party HARD ...

But NEVER With ... " weak hearts " ... !!!!!

My Party Vibes Are FINE ...
When writing down ...

That Speak About The Times ...
Current FILLED Like Lines ...
and Move You Like ... Bass Lines ...
READY For ... " PARTY VIBES " ... !!!!!!

I'm At ... An Age ...
Where I Now RAGE ...

AGAINST The Machine ...
That Does NOT CLEAN ... !!!

By Putting Thoughts ...
From My Head To ... Page ...

My Vibe ... HEARTY ...
and Seems To Be ...
Why I ... NOW SEE ...

My Choice of Being ...

..... " Arty " .....

As My NEW Way To ...

.... " PARTY " ....
So, with Theresa Mays Historical, 230 Vote Loss in Parliament, over her Brexit Deal ! This poem, even though written, basically immediately after the Original Referendum, still holds relevance !

Listen Here ...

Acapella -
You look deep into my eyes,
It told you my all.
I thought to myself;
"Dead men don't speak"
But you got me singing on repeat.

Taking over my all
Now you the the king of ;
My heart, my body and soul.
For a second..
I'm feeling electrified.

"Diamonds are forever" they say.
I'm a bad traveler.
Finally succeeded and found,
My house of diamonds...

Samantha Cunha Nov 2018
Sporadic words

Flow out endlessly

My mind isn’t still

Your heart isn’t whole

A beautiful mind is no less

Even when broken

Into a million pieces

Those pieces still sparkle

They still shine bright

I tried the crooked path

My feet got chained

Now I walk towards the light

The all encompassing


Your touch electrified me

It hurt

But it propelled me

to seek higher realms
Everything flows
Synchronized With you
Caught in your presence

Time flys glimpsing in your eyes
My girl smiles
My sunshine

In touch with your love
Specially how you move

Your peach bottom
Beautiful regardless
My steady heart beats

Thats your rhythm
How you make me feel  

My mind races
I’m electrified
My beautiful my Buko  my Sibabalo my baby
I used to love rocking
with him in the gaudy
nightclubs, sea-green eyes
drifting into dance jams,
drunk rhythms, spinning
inside burning Mars, his
feet moonwalking through
the crowd, waiting for the
blazed beat to sound off,
as he bopped his head
to the hypnotic music,
flashy shoulders moving
in the breeze, embracing
the iridescent chemistry.
And as I hopped onto the
dance floor by his side,
electrified rhymes rumbling
through my muscles, so raw
and pounding, a bursting bomb
of atomic funk, I grooved inside his
galaxy, hips twisting and turning
into intensifying dynasties,
funky legs breaking down
to the ground, whipping it
around and around, going
downtown, spine-igniting highs,
cool consonants skyrocketing
towards Mount Olympus.  
Our bodies spun, the nightlife
shining within our souls,
faces floating in extreme fever,
knees rising in paradise,
crowned, intoxicating,
hands wild-waving,
lost in this amazing

— The End —