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Paul Celano Jun 2012
Feeling unparalleled
Uncomfortably disconnected
Baffled in one's own still reality

Sitting in a chill hollow theater
A sharp lit lantern glistens from above
Frying the lid of the huddled mind

Sore eyes glazed over
Watching a hushed movie called life
The characters known and their euphoria
The whole story just seems absolute
Only to one's imagination glasses

Seeing the whole kindled screen
The still beating heart can tell something is missing

Cheerless eyes start to wipe off the fake
Each drive of coral to the heart
Opens truth's glutted box

The one watching is the missing
The story was never whole
For the characters were embedded in life's credits
And the one watching was forgotten
Last year (2011), I was really disconnected from reality.  I went through a lot.  This was my thoughts.  But I am happy to say my outlook on life this year has been great and it got me to write again.
Paul Celano Jun 2012
Looking down at empty pale feet
Pure crystal water
Kissing the gaunt quivering toes
Like tiny nipping lips

An intoxicating dewy tickle
Replenishes the ulcerated legs

Thin iced glass brushes the face
Coating it in a soft chilled frost

Salty needles pinch the eyes
Making vision blurry yet refreshed

To blink would be a miss
A loss of excessive sight
An immense beauty gone

A crawling land of beryl
A saturated endless terrene
An ocean
I went on a trip to Florida for business.  I didn't get to go in the ocean, but I got to look at it.  This is what my mind was imagining.
Paul Celano Nov 2010
Bundled up and toasted
Stare to the exorbitant heavens
A dimmed electrifying spirit world
Leaving only one trifling light on

A slight single frozen tear
Rides the broad frigid air
To the glaring reality below

The silky cotton takes time
Flowing through a lingering life
Of chilled floating bliss

It taps the up turned nose
Tiny frozen feet make a stand

An intense tickle flows through the pumping veins
Leaving a feeling of pricking cherub kisses

Nervous life lungs squeeze
Releasing a single reclined breath

Concrete relaxed steam
Rubs the tufted sapped lips
Dissolving into the hazed sky

She has arrived
Mother Winter
©2010 Paul Celano
"A snowflake touched my nose"
Paul Celano Nov 2010
Stab my eyes

I don’t want to see anymore
I want a dark black canvas
Where I can paint my own world
Using my minds brush
Dipped and dripping with creativity
A clear and cool world
One that makes it easier to breath

When I close my eyes
All I have to do is be still
The only worry I have

When my eyes open
A collage of problems form
Tensing up my body

Stab my eyes

With eyes shut
You are God
You create your world
No pain
No problems
Just a dream

A dream is not a reality
A dream is a vision
A vision of what it could be
Until I am forced to open these windows
And let in the harshness of the world

Stab my eyes
©2010 Paul Celano
"Have you ever wanted to just stay in your own mind?"
Paul Celano Sep 2010
One to smile
One to frown
Mouth goes up
Mouth goes down
Emotions will make one drown

That was one crazy dream

Eyes open
Eyes are close
See the day
One arose
Both sit on top of the nose

That was one crazy dream

Body stretch
Body still
A few cracks
What a thrill
So much more time left to ****

That was one crazy dream

What’s the time
Early day
Punch the clock
One must stay
Am still tired anyway

Back to the one crazy dream
©2010 Paul Celano
"I just felt like writing something fun and short"
Paul Celano Sep 2010
My body is a place of tunes
The perfect set list
My living band


The warm blood fills my worded heart
Wrap it in the pointed wire of the treble
Embody it with the empowering bass


Breathing deep lung drums
Power grabbing
Boom Boom


Pull the strings from my lyrical soul
Flick each tiny cell I have
Create the harmony of my world



©2010 Paul Celano
"I just love music.  I let my body and soul feel it.  That is why I wrote this little piece"
Paul Celano Aug 2010
It starts with a glance
Each person stares to connect
But must be careful
Or a pure life could be wrecked

Love can feel strong
Looking into eyes not blind
They can make you melt
Or destroy your once strong mind

A hug can be tough
For tightness can be the best
For if arms are loose
Then the warmth becomes dead rest

A kiss can be sweet
Sugar cotton candy turn
Or pure dark evil
Tingle to an acid burn

To fall for ones soul
Brings the pressure to the top
So the body shakes
And the heartbeat will not stop

But take it away
The feeling will fall to death
So that one deep sigh
Becomes one person’s last breath

To play with ones heart
May seem easy at the time
But pain is not right
Back at bottom, hard to climb
©2010 Paul Celano

"about a love I once lost"
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