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Words are so many,
Emotions are few.
Even with all of our words,
We can not fully express the depth of our emotions.  
As I cannot express mine now,
Nor will I ever be able to.
Sadness is the term I believe.
Or could it be turmoil?
Depression? Confusion?
I can't be certain any combination of the words can ever express,
The way I feel right now.
I can't tell you that I don't love you,
I always will.
I can't tell you, you don't matter,
You are my best friend.
I can't tell you I can live without you,
Because that would be a lie.
If I tell you I love you,
It will change everything.
When I tell you how much you matter to me,
I know you won't believe me.
I won't tell you I can't live without you,
Even though the world can see it.
I will continue to push you away,
I will continue to flirt with other boys,
I will continue to push you to date other girls,
And I will wait for the day when I know I can hold onto you forever.
I will wait for the day I know I can always call you mine.
Because at this moment in time youth and inexperience is our enemy.
And I'm hoping my decision to beat out those obstacles will help in the end.
Each step I take,
Makes me a little bit closer.
Each breath I breathe,
Makes my sanity return.
My every action,
Is fueled by the motive.
To be as happy,
As I once was.

I feel as though finally,
I'm catching up.
The world cannot,
Pass me by.
I am pounding my feet,
******* the pavement.
Spreading my wings,
Ready to take flight.

My life is getting,
Into the rhythm.
A rhythm that once,
I knew so well.
No more sadness,
Depression no pain.
And my life is now,
Falling into place.
I want to be ok,
I will be ok,
I am ok.
I will keep my chin up,
I will strap my heels on,
I will show my true strength.
I have been sad,
I have over come sadness,
I now have nothing else but contentedness.
I, I, I, I, I, I, I, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me.
Yes, I did it all without,
You, You, You, You, You, You, You.
Crashing, thunder booms,
Hiding underneath his sheets,
the boy sits and hides.

A terrible fate,
worse than the storm that’s outside,
waits for the small child.

For monsters they come,
in some forms unexpected,
Inhabiting Earth.

This small little boy,
Knows the monsters all too well,
they live in his house.
So long ago,
We two were together,
My heart ripped out by this fellow

A twist of cruel fate,
Kept us close so close,
Yet in a perpetual friend state.

So now two years past,
The opportunity rises,
To kick up the romance at last.

A peck on the lips,
And my heart starts to flutter,
My stomache jumps and flips.

Dinner, a movie, a basketball game,
Two dates in three short days,
Nice, relaxed and tame.

I like being with him,
And I've always wanted this boy,
Since the moment long ago when I met him.

But low and behold,
A new conflict arises,
For two others want my heart to hold.

One lust,
One sorrow,
One electrifying.

Together they make three,
All so different,
Nothing alike,
Yet they all intrigue me.

Lust for so long,
Forbidden temptation,
The thrill of a conquest.

Sorrow lingering,
Always there in my head,
Hindering my progress.

Electrifying capturing my thoughts,
So flirty so fun,
We are one in the same.

One plus, plus one, plus one,
Is two plus ones too many,
But what to do?

What choice should I make,
Should I,
Chose any?
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