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Alex Caldwell Sep 2017
In this day of technology and social media,
Our worst fears and flaws emerge and are ripped from us,
Displayed for the world or strangers and friends to see.
We open ourselves,
Pour out our everything,
Hoping for a like,
A comment.
A sweet and innocent compliment is mistaken as "thirst,"
Men and women are victims to it's grasp.
All creeds,
All giving in to the grasp of self doubt,
Waiting with face pressed to a screen.
Hoping to feel validated,
Or ignored.
Alex Caldwell Apr 2016
The hopeless romantic in me seems to be dead,
Gone and buried.
I used to care,
Write poems,
Make sweet gestures.
But that is all but gone,
Or just seemingly lost.
I used to carry myself with pride,
But I seem to be a shriveled husk of my former self.
I'd give anything to feel the flutter of butterflies,
The beat skipped in my heart,
Just losing my breathe,
One more time.
Alex Caldwell May 2014
I found out you were leaving today,
Going on a new adventure without me.
Then the bottom fell out of my stomach,
And my heart filled with remorse.
My insides are screaming don't go,
I've tried turning off my feelings for you but I can't.
You made me forget the world,
Forget my pain and sorrow.
If I were to bump into you tomorrow I'd break,
I feel like you are running away.
I know,
I've been trying to runaway too.
I just want to say,
Don't go
Alex Caldwell Jan 2014
She is perfection,
Wrapped in an enigma.
With passive aggressive undertones,
Shrouded by brilliance.
She is the dew on morning grass,
So thick and hard headed.
Molasses filled blood stream,
Slowing her heart to a crawl.
She is everything I want,
Hazel eyes filled with tears.
Looking for a way out,
Walking away from the world.
She is,
No longer mine
Alex Caldwell Nov 2013
I had the world on a string,
All within my hand,
But I grasped too tight,
And my love slipped through my fingers.
I thought I had it all figured out,
But I dwelled too long on my thoughts of the future,
And I lost sight of the present.
Now I stand here alone,
Tears in my eyes,
Hiding behind a mask with a smile.
No one needs to see my pain,
My broken heart.
I feel so lost,
A wandering hermit shall be all I am known as,
Feeling only like a failure,
A hero,
A prince,
No longer.
Alex Caldwell May 2012
Lust for a taken woman.
Wanting to unleash my carnal desires,
Ravaging her softly.
Willing to sin,
Corrupt a friendship.
Destroy lives.
I am no longer myself,
Giving in to the flesh.
Alex Caldwell Feb 2012
Taken from this world too soon.
A tragic end to a just flourishing life.
On your way to being a champion rider,
A cowboy.
Cut short in the screech of tires.
May you be at peace my friend,
Guard us all from the evils of the world.
Until we meet again,
I miss you.
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