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Her cheeks a'blooming
Fresh petals
Assuming a charm
All their own....

Flesh roses
In a flute of bone.

Her arms are strong wings
Ethereal beauty, poised
For her journey, as a
Tern is
On its long feathered flight
From the North
She wings her way

To the South
Only to meet
The arctic waste
Once more...

Yet the flesh roses never fade

For they are
frozen with tears.

Catherine Jarvis
Another poem for the book. This illustration done by Sarah, who has a skilled touch & wonderful imagination.
StoryTallinn Feb 20
Indigenous knowledge and unwritten tradition
Ritual dances and pagan gods
She speaks to the deads
Heals the deepest wound
Whispers to the reindeers

But one day people with skins, the colour of snow, came
Untouched by her wisdom
Nothing she could do to stop them
The land was soiled
Purity went away
Mims Nov 2018
In the wake of our love

We were both so broken

And so
"Flipping through a little book of *** tips, remember when the boys were all electric"
September Roses Oct 2018
The arctic cold has brushed my cheek once again
The skies are stained white
and the ringing in my ears
is louder than ever
I wonder what the clouds are doing, I never see them anymore
The night doesnt come but the sun doesn't shine
I have a silver notebook
I write, spearmint
Because my eyes are watering but I feel nothing
The world is dry while the air is full
And the heavens take their morning pills
Wash their face
Head off sleepily to begrudgingly watch the icy seas
The wind bites my cheeks
But moves in such silence I wonder if the feeling is not just my routine punishment
At least I'm used to my spirits
At least I have a jacket on
At least the heavens didnt take a sick day all together.
hypotheses Feb 2018
Your arctic blue eyes
Light my heart on fire
Your cold flames of ice
Burn me
Yet I only feel a slight chill
As my heart erupts into electric blue flames

Your frost-bound lips brush against mine
And my frostbitten heart
But freezes again as they leave
And forms a shell as hard as stone
And as cold as ice

Yet you leave me
Cold and unprotected
The turquoise embers still smoldering
Maybe I should fight ice with ice
But your hypnotizing gaze
Pierces into my soul and ignites it once more

The world bows to my will and power
But do you?
I am invincible from everything
But from your soul of ice
Your cold flames
And your arctic blue eyes
Eno Feb 2018
My fantasy has been dashed
Across the crimson sky
Dripping through the veins of the night
If only the Arctic circle was closer
I would blame it
For the flickers of green splashed upon my eyes

I am not where he is

By candlelight I utter prayers
For love to perish
Starve itself within an inch of a lie
I hope that it will
As magnificently
And relentlessly
As it squeezes
And empties
And champions for you now

I want you to know
     - it was never my intention to become entwined
But the evergreens of your nature
Are one of the wonders of my world
And I don’t know how to make it stop
Without blowing us all up  
Blowing it all out
And leaving
candle wax
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
A blanket of

ample rigid structures

A liquid

             the   t   cold
        frigid   o   fragments
           ­   of   h   the


Where tufts gather in the sherbet of -frozen- dust

The glistening indigo amongst
the platinum

I shiver.

The cutting

admires the empty

for I stood

Gazing at the

Cut black.

In transparent fallacy
The temple of glass amongst the cold


speaking       to                  -me-
pointing                  g
lo­oking         at     n           -me-
         in an


i t n e v e r s l e e p s

Sam Sep 2017
Hand in hand, walking fields of snow. Pail and pure, as if flake fallen from the full moon above. The way her hand fits in mine, sends my heart glissading into the idea of forever. As she turns to look at me, fresh snow clinging to her hair, the term "snow angel" takes on a whole new meaning. For the first time in a long time, my heart begins to feel... whole.
Robert Cayne Sep 2017
Death's kiss
is like
Searching for words upon
Bristled hair of a spine
Or amongst the rushes of an abandoned glacier.

As the spine of ice splits,
It hits you fourfold,
And the generosity of nature
Unfolds in the measure of
death, nature, glaciers, ice, arctic, wilderness, melting
Robert Cayne Sep 2017
The ethereal ghostly glacier
Seems to penetrate
My senses.

The green water under its cave,
Ethereal green shadows,
Amongst the deathly kiss.

But nature's kiss itself,
Is lost amongst the shadows,
Of ancient sea men
And abandoned jellies.
glacier, arctic, loss, nature, beauty, diving
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