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i hate couples in the pubs,
because i'm always drinking alone,
and i hate posts of couples,
because i'm always ***** on my own,
i can not be happy seeing you happy,
because i want to be with him and that's nearly impossible,
love is stupid anyways.
I'm a hopeless romantic, and an incredible paranoic, i'm in this pool of daffodils and all I think about is you,
Lover you should've told me the truth, it'd be easier on me,
as it'd be easier on you,
now I can't forget, I've made so many plans, and you're all I see,
this pool of daffodils keeps getting deeper every second,
and you're turning into a stranger, as I'm losing sight of you.
If it really wasn't meant to be, I'm okay to make it so,
I hate the cold of your words when you seem to realize we should've been done for quite the long while,
and I hate that I can't stop thinking, I want to drown inside of your blue eyes,
instead of this endless pool of daffodils
it's what you do to me, and you don't even know,
oh, if only you'd join me in this daffodils pool,
because I know that,
you're the one,
with the embracing giggles,
and the silly ways,
the only one I want to be held,
floating in this pool, of daffodils.
Miss me, miss me like you said you would,
Love me as you promised you did,
I'll hate you, but,
Miss me, now that you lost me,
Miss me and suffocate without me'
Now I'm just someone, anyone,
The one you can not fool anymore,
Miss me, because sometimes,
I still miss you playing with my feelings'
Sometimes I read online, the things he used to tell me,
And I cry, I cry like a newborn,
I melt, and disappear in the middle of the puddle,
Because I miss him so much,
But he's now so far away from me,
And I hate that he is gone, even more than I hate to admit it.
dear heart of mine,
why do you get lost in my mind?
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