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Anna 2d
We are back in the same corner,
I'm sorry and here goes another beer,
You know I always end up asking too much,
But caress and trust is all you always give,
More than that is abuse.

California feels a bit far away,
But the shake comes by and moves my toes,
I stretch and well, there goes another beer.
I could check by your window,
But you're also far anyway.
Hello inc. sunday hangover
Anna 6d
That night I had a thought in my mind,
I convinced myself that I would do it,
Sent my goodbyes between kind lines to everyone that used to be part of a life I so wanted to end,
Sat on the porch, poured a nice, fine wine in a wide glass,
Lit a cigarette, never felt like a smoker.
Sang a song to make my rabbit sleep, and told him I loved him too much,
In a note by my door, someone would read I wanted him free,
Out in the woods as he was supposed to always be,
Living a wild, brave life,
Not inside a home with a dead body assembling in the kitchen,
In my phone I would record a last voice mail, to everyone and anyone,
I'm sorry but this number no longer belongs to a living being, your message will be sent back but as appreciated,
A candle would be melting away over the sink,
And another one over the table,
And another on the edge of the window,
An incense, cinnamon scent, would be near it's end,
And every light would be off,
Curtains open so my soul would always see the stars at the nightful sky,
One last breath in and breath out,
One last I love you and I'm thankful I met you all.
Really thought 'bout this being my last but truth be told, I don't see myself without writing;
Anna Jan 7
We're fighting wars inside,
Wars we never talk about, even when they ask
"How have you been?", a fine is so way easier to spell,
Than having to explain every single soldier that has been gone,
Every battle that we thought we had the victory, but in the end,
Defeat was all we could hear.
I thought this feeling was gone but now I understand more of it everyday;
Anna Jan 5
The cold that would linger from your last goodbye,
Got me unready to hear.
The numbness that my skin and bones would feel,
Got me uneasy to meet you that day.
But if I dare to go, perhaps, per work of destiny,
A harpoon would fly, straight and pointing to my heart,
Wishing to cross it entirely and **** every cell with the act.
A random bird standing and staring from a random pole cable,
Would sing me a last song, and the lyrics would contain pain,
All the suffering above our heads, and the pressure on my mind.
But then, before you could be able to say such destroying words,
I would leave, without saying and hearing your goodbye.
"We should reschedule our meeting, you know, I've been truly busy"
Anna Jan 4
If love no longer heals, but intoxicates
Is it a sign we should let go?
But do we throw it out or do we need to take something else in?
Anna Jan 1
Well, now we will see new poems,
New people, it is a new year after all
But will we ever change, or our hearts
Will we be less we?
happy new years btw
  Dec 2020 Anna
and when you said
laughter is like a foreign language
i imagined that i was
teaching you how to
speak it
jcl. you said you don’t laugh much just in general, but i sat with you for two and a half hours and that’s all we did. i’ve missed this. i’ve missed you.
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