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Cliff Perkins Jan 17
You asked what was missing
“Is it the ***?” you said.
As though love were just kissing
And thrashing in our bed

It hurt to hear you say it
Did you not understand?
That I must pray-- not play it
My love be real, not rand

The body’s temple to the soul
So do not test God’s wrath
By mistaking as the goal
The thing that’s just a path

And there are many paths to tread
As you and I have shown
Charkras aligned made a true sign
That we two were God’s own

The bed’s a place you may embrace
In honest conversation
And feel the force of *******
That’s more than mere sensation

So when I say I’m missing
And when it makes me cry
Please know it’s more than kissing
And more than some *** high

Please know it’s about touching souls
and not just getting kicks
Please know it’s only heaven’s drug
That gives my Suzie fix
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
You wish to hear the languages you do not understand
The ones you knew before you learned to speak

To see and hear and taste and touch; to dumbly walk the land
To empty out, to make your mind more meek

And so you wander wild in woods, unmade unmasked unplanned
With rock and rain and bark and bloom and beak

You own surprise with babe’s new eyes, you know now why you came:
To know each thing just as it is; to never know the name
To **** the flower, to lose the power, to **** as you unlearn
To smell the earth, to die in birth, to drown in sweet return
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
Wonder in the forest lost
Feel plants fear the killing frost
Gasp, not grasp the all-around
Browse the forest’s lost and found

Try to lose the monkey mind
You must lose before you find
Brother bear and sister tree
I art though and thou art me

Moving slow is not enough
To lose the lie that all is stuff
Wonder just how small you be
Staring up that trunk of tree

Life is death. Death is birth
Worm return to Mother Earth
None is better none is worse
Each a blessing, both a curse

The truth comes close could I but wait
And yet the time is getting late
I see the clearing up ahead
Where all the living live as dead

Things to do-must take my leave
Return to walls- goals to achieve
Miles to go before I sleep
My bidding bye makes Jesus weep

He touches me with that one tear
I walk back in and disappear
You ask how long must I sit here?
It took Mahatma seven year
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
you cannot love
from the safety of a distance
you cannot know
what you cannot touch

You cannot taste
full joys of her attention
She cannot love  
if you fear too much

so the time has come
to abandon desperado
to take the plunge
to loose the widening gyre

to trust her love
to hand her heart your ego
to make the lunge
into her frightening fire
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
What have you brought?
No more than I need.
What I have sought?
To let my heart bleed.

What have you done
But let me be wild?
Trust in a woman
Joy in a child.
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
You say you’ll love me always
but can that love express?
Inexplicably connected
we connect without success.

Play dates, texts and evening swims
You hurt to hear me now,
so one must find the reasons,
then things can fix somehow.

You suggest you see what’s best
by having stopped to think
of reasons why we must not try.
You sent me them in ink.

Head says I need less neediness.
Head says you need more trust.
Head says contact is much too soon.
Cold turkey is the best.

But after saying all you think
you ask twice for response.
and signify a little wink.
that takes my breath and sense.

And since you’ve left me senseless
and broken me apart
perhaps our love I can express
without my head but heart.

Now I know not of reasons-
things we can control.
I know love has its seasons.
I know I feel your soul.

I know naught that can be taught.
I know just what I feel.
I know there are no rules for us.
I beg borrow and steal.

And what is real and what is dream?
And how can one decide?
And when to stop and when to start?
And when to end the ride?

There are no answers in the mind
They harbor in the soul
How do I feel about time to heal?
The word “heal” comes from “whole”.

The soul knows naught of “either or”
It sings the song “both and”
It knows naught of right or wrong
It forfeits for The Friend

I see two trees twined in the wood
have rubbed raw one another.
I see them healing one on one
each giving each their cover

So if I ignore what you implore-
to give you time to heal
and instead of time I give this rhyme
that rings like your bell’s peal.

That fills the room like our first Ohhm
that stabs you to your core.
Let us forgive and let love live,
and row toward the roar.
Cliff Perkins Jan 17
The teenaged brown eyed seeker
Reads Elizabethan verse
Like an ancient incantation
To slake her ***** thirst
For her own Beloved
But the words seem more a curse

Why is it “Lord” and “Father”?
Where has Abba gone?
All that Kingdom, will and power
Turns the daily bread to stone
And the evil and the glory
Leaves her so alone

Lovers know temptation
And deliverance!
But must hold equal station
If they are to dance.

Your talk of my trespasses
And Heaven where Thou art
Your “hallows” feel like gallows
Around my trembling heart

Your words have left me broken
To shed my tears alone
For I can never love you
While you sit upon a throne
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