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Cliff Perkins Jun 27
Step outside
Walking slow

Cloud above
Sun below

Sky on fire

Heat relieved
Forest drenched

Dripping leaves
Thirst quenched

Almost dark

Caught in hand
Letting go

Bursting joy

Poem lines
No pen to write

Hurry home
So memory might

Capture all
I've seen tonight
Cliff Perkins Jun 20
Roaring breeze approaches
Freeing leaves of their raindrops
Left by morning shower
Cliff Perkins May 25
Too totally complete
Too perfectly whole
Needing nothing
No wonder you were cruel
Each king needs a fool

You do not lack
You cannot pine
You have no needs
Like he who intercedes

All Present,
You can never know
Absence of a lover or a friend
Or joy at their return

All Knowing
You cannot experience
Epiphany or
Bliss of ignorance

Most High
You can never climb
A mountain or a Tree
Or hill of Calvary

What could you want,
Having all there is?
An olive mount,
A traitor’s kiss?

No wonder you came down
To wear that thorny crown
Cliff Perkins Apr 27
Waves on water
Hard north wind
Causing trees to bend
Driving **** across the lake
Then down into the mud

There mayfly nymphs do feed
On pollen seed
To fuel their transmigration

Seeking their ablation
Responding to the pull
When mother moon is full
Cliff Perkins Apr 27
Last week one could see
Across the valley
Through the trees
The sky was crystal blue
The air/light clear

Now the GREEN has come
Suffocating sight and sound
******* up the water
Drying out the ground

Warm air loving me to death
With its sweet breath

Cows chew on their cud
Sweet green grass
Entering their gut
Full of ancient worms
Fulfilling their cycle
This too shall pass

Just a week ago
Moisture in the ground
Footfalls fell so soft, so quiet
As we walked in churchly light

Mother earth was full
Until she felt the pull
That tidal call
Pulled into the canopy
By roots unfound, unseen
All to make the GREEN

Now the soil is bitter
As we make our way
We are betrayed
By crunching leaf litter
Cliff Perkins Apr 16
In the cool of the First morning
Wand’ring my own Eden
I am

The finger of God
Straightening a Trillium
While my cancer grows
Cliff Perkins Apr 14
Ever wonder
Why the broken bloom?
I heard the hole
Lets the light in
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