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4.1k · Jun 2016
Keyana Brown Jun 2016
Some people say
I'm wide on the hips and my face is thick,
but I think I'm healthy and magnificent .

Some people say
that the girl is chunky and bulky,
but she believes that
she's pretty and very funny.

Some people say
that this boy gained more weight
and needs to be back in shape,
but this boy doesn't care what they say
because he likes being this way.

Some people today,
hates the word 'fat,'
but here's a fact.
If you think you're fat
then replace the 'F'
to a 'PH.'

Your not fat,
unless you mean that.
Therefore believe in yourself
by knowing you're **Phat.
It's a shame that some people today are body shaming others through social media, which is why I want to say to everyone that all body types are beautiful.
Keyana Brown Feb 2017
When there's a will
there is a way
Don't be confuse
it's all in the brain
No, you're not insane!
just keep going...
your life is at stake.

You ask yourself if it's safe
to go through tomorrow
without having any regret
or sorrow...
we should hope for the best
because if you reap
you will sow
and like a plant
you will grow.

How can we go on?
As the flames burn our confidence
and strip away our happiness
its our job to fight through it!
if the devil took our prize pocessions
shouldn't we make our way to go retrieve it?
And if God says he'll make a way
for all your circumtances
to fade away,
shouldn't we give him more chances
than the one's that failed
to keep our promises
that was made?

There is no curse or spell
to prevent our way of living
if we live through this
our problems will be less deceving
As we can all tell
because nobody
should go through
I'm back from my uneased mind. ;-)
2.7k · Mar 2017
Keyana Brown Mar 2017
The world is silent
my mind turns vilolent
there is so much noise
that it can't be quiet!

As the rhythum of words
began humming inside my ear
saying different things
that arent clear.

Was that a rumor?
water engulfs inside my ears
It's that a gossip I ponder?
Oh no,
Not another rumor!

Oh, dear...

All those words clogged inside
I said nothing ,but nod
Those words filled up my ear
and its hard for me to hear...
except these rumors.

*This I fear.
1.9k · Feb 2017
Dried Tears
Keyana Brown Feb 2017
When I was little girl,
I cried so many times
that every teardrop of rain
would fall of my eyes.

When I was an adolescent
I couldn't stop crying at all.
Bodies of water came running
down like the Niagara Falls.

By the time I was an adult
a drought appeared in my eyes
I felt no guilt or shame
but I still feel sad inside.

The cracks beneath my skin
forms a desert upon my face
My emotions are fighting me
there is a part of me that I can't erase.

The waterfall has formed
as the water absorb the soil
That's it I'm done
I'm no longer living in turmoil!

And as I hear the Spirit of the Lord say:
"They that sown tears shall reap in joy."
Even after all these years
why didn't I think this way?
My tears won't  bring me down
as of today.

For there is joy in the morning
after every tear sown
because God does great works
Therefore in this situation
I am never alone.
1.8k · Jan 2016
Don't Overthink it!
Keyana Brown Jan 2016
I have a lot on my mind
but thinking about it
is a waste of time.
Ever since I've been lost inside
I'm trying so hard to be alright.

Did I....make a mistake by running away
from the thought of yesterday?
I never wanted to remember
all I ever wanted was to be okay.

Oh, what's the benefit
what's the point of it?
There's no need to mutter
I need to get better!

I just can't hold onto this  
so I don't overthink it
I should **** it up and quit.
I have had this problem many times before, but it's better to write a poem about it.
Let me know what you think.
1.6k · Jun 2016
I was Once a Worrier
Keyana Brown Jun 2016
One day, I'll pray
to make this pain go away.
Someday, I must say
my past will never drag
me down today.

There will come a day
where everybody knows my name.
They will say to me that
I was once a worrier,
but now I'm a slayer.
I slay every fear and anxiety
that creeps upon me like a serpent.

I held on to my sword
for I will no longer
be a slave no more!
I will travel across
the land to find the cure
for I am a warrior.

I shall fight,
if it's the last thing I'll do!
the devil will never have me
because we're through.
I lift up my hands
to the righteous King,
for he has blessed me so well
that I could sing .

After many years of doubt,
I won't let my fears and emotions
pour anything out.
I must have the courage
enough for me to flourish.
Surrender your flag of doubt, discouragement, fear, and worry.
1.2k · Jun 2017
Keyana Brown Jun 2017
God, I rather not sleep tonight
because I'm going out of my mind
I pray that you will let me stay up all night
it may be dark outside, but these feelings...
they crawl inside my thoughts all the time
and the last thing on my mind is...
that these feelings must die.

I want to put in the fire,
it's my only desire!
I want to shove it in the dirt,
it feels so good that it won't even hurt!
I want to rip it apart,
so I can love God with all of my heart!
I want to shoot it with a bullet,
so I can live my life through the fullest!

Through aggression, depression, obsession, and frustration
my mind keeps making the same equation
on how to prevent my feelings that leads me to temptation.
I just keep trying to keep my feelings inside...

*but still I want them to just...die
If your mind is bottled up with emotions its better to pray to God than to spend all night trying fight these emotions alone.
1000 · Aug 2016
Within Temptation
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
The angel says stop
and the devil says go.

The angel grabs my hand,
but the devil slapped her
and said: No!

The angel says: Don't do this!
as her wings spread out,
she was to smart to not
give up now.

The devil looked upon my face,
that wry smile seems out of place.
Suddenly, the devil grabbed me
and took me away.

As the angel said:
So,that's how you want to play.
The angel flew faster than a
lightning bolt soaring through the clouds.
I start to remember that the angel
promised me to never let me go
until now.

The devil still held on to me.
Why wouldn't she let me down?
She was still smiling, while I frown.

I start to see the angel now,
as she turned around and drop
me into the center of the ground.

They stare at each other
like ferocious stray dogs.
Then the devil looked
straight at me and said:
This won't take long.

The battle begins,
as the devil held onto
her breath and let out
a deadly scream.

The angel blocked her ears
and closed her eyes.
Once she opened them
there was a beam of light.
The angel's powers pierced
the devils side.

The devil fell and died.

I thanked the angel that
she saved my life.
The angel said:

*As long as
you live through Christ,
my child you will be alright.
This is what temptation feels like now and days.
983 · Mar 2016
Keyana Brown Mar 2016
I was a clueless human,
with no sense of direction.
scientists say they cure me,
so they can get rid of my infection;
They were wrong.

Once they injected me,
I was about to have a different sight.
There just something about me
that doesn't feel right.

Suddenly, I became black as the knight
The scientists are after me, so
either I'll run, or fight.

By the time I grow out my fangs,
you better run, or hide.
Because I get furious
when you look at me in the eye.

As I smell upon their fear,
evil scientist beware,
to my brown eyes
and my razor sharp claws,
I must save human society
before things go wrong.

Even though this transformation,
seems to be a mystery,
my goal is to interact with panthers
In order to save humanity.

I'm faster,
I'm stronger,
I'm wiser,
*I am the Panther.
I wrote this poem when I was a middle schooler. I was watching Batman and then I thought to myself what kind of superhero I can be, so I thought why not be a panther. Haha!
Anyway, wrote the poem while watching my show.
If you were superhero what would you be?
873 · Jan 2016
You Know What?
Keyana Brown Jan 2016
You know what?
I'm not ugly,
I'm beautiful!
From head to toe
God knows that
My confidence is key
And it's a part me
So, don't be discouraged
Because that's the way
Is going to be.

You know what?
I'm not stupid,
I'm diligent!
I may not know
Everything in this world
but, I've grown up
as a woman
than a foolish young girl.
I've become bold and wise
from the looks of your eyes.

You know what?
I love my friends
And I never wanted
to hurt them!
It doesn't matter how
Many friends I have
What matters is that
Their good and not bad.

You want to know
Something else?
I'm happy with my life!
It may not be perfect,
but it's worth it
You'll see.
Let the haters walk on by,
While you'll be strunting the aisles
Looking fly.
870 · Jan 2016
Keyana Brown Jan 2016
I use to like being alone
Being free to do things on my own
When I didn't have any friends
I didn't try too hard to pretend
That I didn't need acceptance

I was very introverted
When my past was deserted
There was so much I wanted to do
But, then I look over and saw you
You taught me how to be brave
When I wanted to escape from yesterday
You helped me see another day

Yes, my dear friend you taught me
The things I didn't hear, or see
Thanks to you, I no longer wanted to be alone
I'm getting tired of living inside my zone
You always told me I'm not a child
So, for now on I'm grown.
A poem for a very special friend.
865 · Aug 2016
Self- Control
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
I want to be independent,
but I hate to act so selfish.
I want to be dependent,
but it isn't worth it.

My thoughts aren't clicking in
I've dreamed of success,
Now I really want to win
but the devil is trying to upset me
and I can feel him on my skin.

Oh God,
I want you to to save me from the future.
I don't care if it takes longer,
just remind me to work harder.
When I reach my goal
I'll be good as gold
I will shake off the devil,
so I can protect my soul.
I just need some self-control.
It's independent v.s dependent.
858 · Aug 2016
Speak Out!
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
Come on,
say something.
Are you there?
Is there something
in the atmosphere
for you to not hear?

Are you alright?
I'm talking to you,
have you lost your sight?
I know you have eyes
because I can see them
just fine.

Can you speak English?
If you could,it would be kind
for you to speak, that way
we can finally greet.

Please speak,are you sick?
Is there something wrong
with your throat?
Does it burn, or itch?

No, Then what is it?
Are you afraid of me?
I'm very sweet and humorous,
so don't worry about me.
I won't hurt you, you'll see.

I can totally sense
that you're reclusive,
so you don't see the point
in making any friends.

Honestly, you can't
just tell yourself that
your better off alone...

But your not,
people like you
don't deserve
to be alone.

You need to get out
of that zone because
one day you'll end up
all active and grown
with nobody to share
your adventures with,
but your own.

Therefore, it's time
to build friendships
that is worth known.

So don't be afraid
to say anything
you seem like
a good person

Now tell me, what's your name?


Thanks for speaking out.
I thank God that I've overcome my shyness. When I was in elementary school, I had a hard time talking to people because I feel like people will make fun of me. My mom always tell me that I'm brightest person she ever know and she always told to have faith in God. Until this very day, due to my mothers advice, I had the confidence to talk to people.
857 · Feb 2016
I Still Believe
Keyana Brown Feb 2016
Some people say
Why should I believe in him,
When I could do so much more
He cast away all my sins
Once he opens that door.

They say that
Why should you trust in God,
Your faith is good, until it's gone,
Which is why I held on
It's God's grace is what made me strong.

Whenever I cry, or weep,
Sigh,or scream,
I still believe.

Whenever I blame,
Put myself to shame,
Or even go insane
I still believe.

I'm with God and I'm never leaving
No matter what I'm feeling,
I know he's worth believing
I promise to keep up the faith,
Even if I make a mistake
The Lord will make me over again.
God has blessed me this week, which makes impossible for me to loose my faith in him.
840 · Aug 2016
Keyana Brown Aug 2016
She was the girl that wanted to be
loved so badly and risk it all.

She was the girl that lost herself
to lust as her fragile heart falls.

She was the girl, that was trapped inside
the darkness and couldn't see the light.

She was that girl, who saw herself as a villain:
isolated, depressed,possessed, and pure hatred.

Something wasn't right...

She was also the girl, who caused the storm
to look after her when nobody was around.

She was the girl, who was such a fool
to invite temptation into this town.

The hurricane is coming...

She was then struct by lightning
and the darkness began moving.

She then found her inner peace
and she's finally set free.

She first started out as Ella;
bounded, afflicted, and loss.

Her name is now...
Another superhero that I came up with.
I think this might be better than the "Pather" poem.
Let me know what you guys think. ;)
803 · Mar 2017
Is it me all along?
Keyana Brown Mar 2017
Is it me or
is it the devil?
I think that...
I may be evil.
I have broke
my way into
deep trouble.

Is it me or
am I negative?
The squandering
of my thoughts
lead me into a
nasty situation.

Is it me or
am I selfish?
I'm so attached
to myself to the
point where I
start to hate...

Is it me that
started this
I'm confused
right now
and it's
killing me!

I should
tell my
to leave.
769 · Mar 2017
Basset Hound Eyes
Keyana Brown Mar 2017
What's wrong with you humans?
You have water in your eyes!
Stop that!?
Please don't cry
not with those
basset hound eyes.

Don't look at me like that
with those droopy eyes!
Don't worry about me
I'll be fine just...
don't look at me
with those...
basset hound eyes.

Do you remember
the good old days?
Where I clang my dish bowl
every single day
or the time we took long walks
around the neighborhood
as the neighbors smiled
and began to talk.

Do you remember,
when I was attacked by a hawk
and y'all came to rescue me ?
I was so in pain that I couldn't even talk
I could've died,
but I didn't
Didn't I?

Therefore y'all
shouldn't cry
not with those
basset hound eyes.

These memories will never die
and neither will mine.
God knows that it's time
So please don't cry
not with those
basset hound eyes.

Before I leave
promise me
that all of you
will never forget me.
This is a way of life
and I must go now
It's my...time.

Therefore y'all
shouldn't cry
not with those...

**I love y'all and let God
be your guide.
Don't worry I will always
be by your side
R.I.P Oscar Brown 2004-2017
659 · Jun 2016
Why Sing the Blues?
Keyana Brown Jun 2016
I don't know why I'm singing this song;
do I feel weak,or am I strong?
However, don't get me wrong
the melody always catches my attention,
even though the lyrics are bringing me into
a wrong direction, which leads me
deep down in depression.

Everyday, I think of that song.
Sometimes I want it to be gone
Other times I want to sing along.
All those hurtful memory's,
It puts me out of my misery.
The blues pushes out my emotions,
even when my life isn't in motion.

Why sing the blues?
Whether you are happy or sad,
there is no use for singing the blues,
even if its up for you to choose.
Overall, there are better things to do.
640 · Oct 2016
I Just Mite
Keyana Brown Oct 2016
My enemies are like mites
they crawl inside your skin
and they know where to bite...
My expectations, dreams, faith, or anything.

Those bugs are nothing,
but blood thirsty thugs
they had me this close
It wasn't enough.

I had to fight it out
even if it seems rough.

Every bruise, scrape,and scar
after the attack of the enemies
I'm surprised I got this far...

I can't just quit!

After every time that I get bit
with their hate and arrogance.
I can still fight and have a chance.
Another option would be to use bug spray. Lol! Jk :p
608 · Jul 2016
Leave it to Whom?
Keyana Brown Jul 2016
Leave it to Satan
to fill your thoughts with lies,
or leave it to God to tell you the truth
and he will never say goodbye.

Leave it to Satan
to say your not enough,
or leave it to God to say
to never give up.

Leave it to Satan
to tell you that your emotions
will cause you to die
and believes that it's alright.

Leave it to God
because he hears your cries
when you couldn't sleep at night.
He's a hero and a good friend,
therefore his love will never end.
Who will you choose?
605 · Feb 2018
Hold me Back!
Keyana Brown Feb 2018
My emotions are attacking again
and this time I won't let them win
It's clear to God that the enemy
is waiting for me to sin.

is the enemy's thrill for desire,
it's the enemy's greatest obsession,
is the music to the enemy's ears,
is what brought up the enemy's gain.

I was ready to fight
but God refused
he grasped my hand so tight
that I couldn't move.

He grabbed my other arm
as he pulled me close to him
he told me to stop, yet
I wanted to hit the enemy
with every whim!

The Lord held me back
like an imate in a straitjacket
forbidding me to attack
or allowing me to get the first hit

He dragged me so far away
that the enemy sighed in a bore,
God whispered to me in my ear
he said: "Ignore!"

I kicked, screamed, plead
away from God to fight the enemy,
but it's no use after many attempts
he still won't let me leave.

he said as I began to cry
in a fearful dread
it's no use, so I gave up
and alow the enemy to
beat me up until I'm dead.

Few minutes later...
the enemy looked at me
very disgusted and confused
he screamed: "Get sad! Be angry!"


The enemy was fuming,
fire bursting out of his nose,
sweating through his forehead,
at this rate he was about to explode!

The enemy's heart gave out
he screamed again:
"Be upset! Do it now!"


His arms are disintegrating
His legs are inflated like a balloon
His mouth were turning to ash
He was doomed.

The enemy retreats
as I called him weak
it was funny to think
that I was like him,
because my silence
was surprisingly meek.

I have now learned
and understand that
it's better to say nothing
or lay a hand
on the enemy.

We should all ignore
for what the enemy
has in store because it
makes all the difference.

Therefore I will no longer
be his slave... no more.
Emotions are dangerous, yet again.
597 · Feb 2016
I'm Almost There
Keyana Brown Feb 2016
After all of that running,
even though I'm panting.
I can't stop now,
I have to keep moving!

I can feel my blood pressure rising.
I'm not giving up, I'll continue on climbing.
I catched my breath, and realized that I'm still alive.

Some people say that
I'm out there dying.
Well that didn't stop me from trying.

At first, I started crying;
My mind wasn't right,
There were times when I started to fight.
Thanks to God I began striving.

I made it this far
Even though it was hard
I'm never going to stop,
until I reach the top
because I'm almost there.
"I press toward the mark for the prize for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."
~Phillipians 3:14. I'm striving for excellence and reaching for my goals.
513 · Apr 2016
When I Look at Him
Keyana Brown Apr 2016
He's a small middle schooler,
who loves violent video games
with explositions and railroad trains.
Whenever he sees a train explodes
he threw out his hands and goes insane.
Dashes around the room and screams,
until his whole heart contains.

Some people say he needs help,
but I ignore them and kept quiet because
when I look at him, he reminds me of myself.

I see him in the hallways carrying tons of stuff,
as he walks in a slow and steady pace,
while everybody stampedes
towards the hall like its a big race.
Sometimes he stumbles and falls;
because in his eyes, everybody is tall.

Some people say he needs help,
but I ignore them and kept quiet
because when I look at him,
he reminds me of myself.

What about this kid that makes him tick?
He screams like his head is piled with bricks.
Everyday, the boy gets stressed out at school,
he's like a hot molten rock that never cools.
Sometimes, in his worse days he would whine,
just like how I was when I was nine.

Some people say he needs help,
only this time I volunteered
because he can't do this all by himself .
Now I know what I must do for him
because dealing with autism isn't easy,
it was hard for me to deal with it, believe me.
It was me who saw through him than nobody else
because everytime I look at him,
he reminds me of myself
This poem is to represent Autisum Awareness month. I'm very proud to say that I have come a long way after noticing that I have austisum spectrum and I'll admit it was not easy for me to cope withit at first because I get stressed a lot times.  However, I thank God, my family, and my friends because I no longer have to deal with my emotional phase any longer. Right now, I'm going helping out a middle schooler,  who is in need of guidance and so far he's doing a lot better with me helping him out.
485 · Dec 2017
A Hatred for Music
Keyana Brown Dec 2017
Never have I ever heard
anyone say they hated music
I asked her again and she said
'I hate music!'

She hated music
because it reminded her
of her tragic past after
every lyric in her head
it drowned her thoughts
that filled her with dread.

She hated music
because it reminded her
of love because she
feels that her love
isn't good enough...
for anyone.

She hated music
because it reminded her
of unhappiness
when she tried to listen
to an instrumental tune
she would be gloom
as the beat mimics
the sound of her
fathers beating heart
before he passed away
until then she fell apart
and felt her life was
going to be doomed.

She hated music
because it reminded her
of the good old days
where she was young
and nothing was
stepping in her way
although there were
songs that would say
in life things will change
and you don't always
have it your way.

She hated music
because it reminded her
how people created it
and she said that some artists
don't make songs for
great motivation,
but sadly it's more like
great desperation
she said it must be easy
for them to do all of that
just to get famous
although it doesn't do
everybody any good to
improve their daily

She hated music so much
that it made her jump into
conclusion which made her
so ticked as she look back
at it now it got her sick.
she asked me
why do people listen to music
when all we can do is ignore it?

She listens to every genre
of music from
many different artists
and she still isn't
as she clutch
her hand into a fist.

She realized now
that she is free from the lyrics that weighed her down
and the rhythm that drags her back around
she believes that without music she would feel
safe and sound.
421 · Jun 2016
Keyana Brown Jun 2016
The devil has many ways
to keep you craving for desire.
He's inside your thoughts,
Suducing you in what you admire.

First, your under his spell
Next, he lures you into the fire
Then, your heart burns and ache
Finally, you start to loose your desire.

This is when you realize that it wasn't love....
It was 'LUST'

Lust isn't love
It's temptation,
It's a drug.
It's like ecstasy
that you just
can't get enough.

Lust isn't meant for trust,
it's what we want
until our fantasies are crushed.

Flee youthful lust:
for God has our hearts
even though if temptation
seems tough and our minds
get rough.

Therefore, we must be careful for what we desire
Because it might be lust and keep you down
I'll admit the devil is a filthy liar
and he will try his best to come around.
2 Timothy 2:22
390 · Jul 2016
Look Girl!
Keyana Brown Jul 2016
Look girl,
remind yourself
that you're beautiful
because not everybody
is going to prove it to you.

Look miss elegant,
you're so intelligent
that nobody else
could believe it.
Now quit acting
dumb then you just
might learn some.

Look sister,
get yourself together,
forget about your mistakes,
after all the risks you take.
Move on with your life
and everything will be alright.

Look girly,
You're stronger and smarter
than your ex boyfriend.
Never let a man tell you that
you're worthless, weak, and simple.

Listen girl,
nobody said it was
going to be easy I know
it's hard to avoid mistakes,
temptation, and depression.
It's about time you change
your ways after what you've
learned your lesson today.
358 · Jan 2016
Keyana Brown Jan 2016
Sometimes, a laugh
can also be a cry.

Sometimes people want to live and some of them want to die.

Sometimes we have to lie in order to survive, even though it's not right.

Sometimes, a beautiful person can be ugly if their attitude worsens.

Sometimes, getting advice isn't going to affect you right.

Sometimes, we gotta learn from whats right and what's wrong.

Sometimes, we didn't know that we're brave and strong.
Othertimes, we managed to hold on,  but throughout life, we should  carry on.
My first poem ever to be submitted!  ;)
346 · Apr 2017
Keyana Brown Apr 2017
I can't help it
I can't take it...

Who's looking
at me now?

I am sobbing
I am throbbing

Who can stop the
rain from falling?

I just...can't stop

Tears, Tears
go away!
I want to be
with the Lord

Tears, Tears
back away
please let me
be happy again.

I don't want
to cry anymore
because I cause
such a storm.

Where's my hope
Where's my faith?

I can't let my
emotions take
me away!

It's time for
the survival
so I shall get
my bible.

No more shackles,
I'm ready to tackle
the enemy!

*Tears, Tears
back away
please let me
be happy again.
328 · Feb 2017
The Townhouse
Keyana Brown Feb 2017
Here you go again
getting on about
Talking about
that townhouse.

I felt like a caged mouse
there's a way in, but...
no way out.

Blood stained walls
Cracked floors
Should I say more!?
Creepy neighbors
Meddling bugs
Enough, now hush!

Why the townhouse?!
Why the townhouse?!

Just why?

Thinking about that house
gives me nightmares
don't you want our family safe?
Do you even care?

A townhouse where
a husband and wife
wish for more money
and not enjoying life
where the children
are spoiled rotten
and they cry
all the time.

So stop mentioning
that townhouse
one more word
and you are out
Where we are now
is perfectly fine
don't say it again
don't waste my time.

*I'll stay and live here
because I'm nourished
You can go out there
as I watch you...
flourish...back into
the townhouse.
There is a lot things that says about you and it's not just your personality. It's your house and if you don't like where your at don't hesitate to leave.
254 · Sep 2017
Why I Fear God?
Keyana Brown Sep 2017
I am soo afraid**
of getting hurt by
the people I trust
which can be the worst.

I am soo afraid
of being lured into the culture
as it eats and strips away every
part of me like a vulture.

I am soo afraid
of being...
and used.

But these fears are not
compared to what I have
in God.

I fear God
because of his power
I fear God
because he's a mighty tower
I fear God
because I give him respect
I fear God
because he saved me
from the depths of
the flesh
I fear God
because I owe him
my love for
he is the best!
In life, we can't be afraid of rough situations that drag us down or be afraid of trusting God. When it comes to fearing God it's time to surrender all our fears unto him and let trust in God begin to grow.
207 · May 2018
Rain Dance
Keyana Brown May 2018
As I saw the rain
I said to myself...
No more guilt
No more misery
Or how bad I felt
And no more feeling
Sorry for myself.
It is time to let go.

I stepped outside
and I feel alive
I told myself
I don't want
to hide.

God has showered me
From the goodness of
his grace and I'll never
turn away.

I'm dancing, dancing,
dancing in the rain
and there is nothing
standing in my way
People might say
I have gone insane
But it doesn't matter
Because my blessing
Is on its way.

I will give it my all
just like David,
As he dance around
in public bare naked
to declare victory in God
My heart beats rapidly
as I begin to shout:

Because he is a mighty God
As I rain dance against
all the odds.
This is a true story and I never felt free.
207 · Apr 2018
Keyana Brown Apr 2018
We have a lot in common
we love to serve God
and we try hard to fight
to fight our sins,
but only this time...
I gave in.

My sin became so strong
that my feelings for you
began to be weak and thin
Don't ask me how,
it just happened!

I honestly don't despise you
if you never wanted to see me again
my future for us has come to an end
because my future for my addiction
had just began.

Please don't take this personal
I still love you so,
but do me favor for your sake
to just...go.
Instead of looking for the right person for you, the first step is to be the right person.
106 · Mar 25
You got me
Keyana Brown Mar 25
You got me feeling
in a sort of way,
the way you look at me
feels good everyday.

You got me feeling
in a sort of way,
when you smile at me
it shows that I'll be ok.

I don't know what to do,
or know what to say,
it's your precious love
that is getting in the way.

Dear God, please control
my wandering emotions,
his love is like a rollercoaster
moving me in rapid motions.

You are the best thing in my life,
for you love me as you may
because all I know is that,
you got feeling in a sort of way.

— The End —