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For nine months you carried me tirelessly
In pain and agony you raised me helplessly
For ten of us you struggled single-handedly
To make sure we don't live hopelessly

I remember your sweet whisperings in my ears
That kept me strong for months and years
You would say, "son show nobody your tears,
Because you'll give them opportunities for cheers"

Mama I now understand what you tried to explain
That life is full of hardships and pain
But your advices are still fresh in my brain
I confidently fight hard battles in sun and rain

I might have not said goodbye to you
I was in prison for mistakes I didn't do
I remember you once experienced this too
But in all I must find justice for Dad, I promise you.
Till when?
Asominate Feb 2019
I have no mouth and

I must scream

I'm going down

It's all a dream

Losing function,

It's ceaseless


I'm speechless.
"The unending supression leaves no words to be said."
Avaleen Jun 2018
don't waste your silence
on words better spoken
holding your breath will only make you suffocate
Ronney Mar 2018
Praying with anticipation
Hoping the time never appears,
when the mind quits, the heart splits and life is held with a loosened grip.

Be Brave, Be Fearless
Be Strong, Be Bold

Lock hands, take heart and don’t let go
Reach out, speak out and let us know


When your ready
You’ll be guided towards the right road.
-Everyone needs help at some point, but we are reluctant to seek it for a variety of reasons such as pride and shame.

- There is no shame in asking for help.

-The humbling of ones character is the growth of ones character

-The first step to getting help is to help your self. To do this you must reflect and have self awareness. Be completely honest with yourself acknowledge that help is needed.

-Help must then be accepted in order to take effect.
Janie Elizabeth Oct 2017
i was a little girl
you where a grown man
i had no say
you acted upon your own sin
you took my flower
i was too young to know
at the time you had the power
to that i say no more
you are a filthy demon of the night
i am a ****** by heart and its my own right
you rot in your own filth
forever a beast you will be
i have many choices of who i want to be
a writer, a painter, psychologist, or musician
i have a life that is worth living
you may have taken my flower but my words still remain
you thought you had the power
but you're only insane
This poem is about ****. you should be aware of who you trust because i was a victim so many times to family members, but now i am a survivor
Tuffy Mutombo Sep 2017
She let him put his hands on her
She let him control her
She let him abuse her,
She let him misuse her, and mistreat her
She was too weak to say no to love  

So she took in all the pain while she died from within
theeghostwriter Nov 2016
"That is wrong... wait no, that is right "
AGH! stop it society,  let me live life.
let me tell you the definition of society in my eyes
|sə'sāııti|adjective (pl.societies) a giant butcher that cuts freedom and imagination with a knife
To be part of it sometimes feels like you live a lie
and the only time you notice is when you die

Let us who are "different" rise and be the difference
change the mindset for our generation and our children.
because all change in the mindset ,starts within
let the rise of the Minority, begin...

With you.
Kim Yu Sep 2016
From the sounds echoed behind juvenile play-figures
To the vocal vibrations that reflect nothing but wonders,
Her voice deepens with every height she reach’
Sharpened in the spine of every speech.

Her voice gets louder as the vocal cords grow wider,
Penetrating through dimensions like a path finder,
Echoing through space and times
Compelled by ignorant minds.

Her voice awakens the deaf with larger ears
And puts to sleep loud mouths with smaller ears.
Hear her voice as she’s about to speak
And don’t let her silence say that she is weak.

Let her voice out this acquired volume of integrity,
Let her voice pierce through generations with simplicity.
Let her tone be comprehensive
And the melody as impressive.

Your voice has ripened through the ages
You can now soothe pains of all stages
Use your voice to change a nation
And watch as it rejoices from liberation.

Break the silence.
Put what you feel inside into verbal words.
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